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on December 4, 2010
I religiously read every single review before purchasing this product 3 months ago. I am very reluctant to buy anything that has even one bad review, but I purchased it anyway. I am so glad I did! I love it! I use it on my bathroom (tiled) floors and on the Pergo throughout the rest of my house. Let me address concerns that others have:

1. The vacuum doesn't have suction-I'm not sure why people say this. I have had absolutely no problem with the suction on this product. It picks up everything from hair to cheerios to dried clumps of mud.

2. The product is impossible to maneuver in steam mode-Some reviewers have stated that one must be a body builder in order to use the steam mop aspect of this product, but I haven't had that problem. I do concede that it doesn't quite glide across the floor the same way it does while in vacuum mode, but it is by no means difficult. Sticky stains come up cleanly off the floor, although extra-sticky patches may take several passes with the steam mop.

3. The floor doesn't look or feel clean after being steamed-I can't really explain this one. My floors look amazing after being steamed! It may depend on the type of I said, it works great on my Pergo and tile floors.

I hope this helps!
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on January 24, 2014
I tried several models and brands, and this is the best for vacuum hard floors. I have three pets that shed a lot, and this model is easy to use and easy to empty. A couple of problems: I don't know why they make the part that is actually on the floor so big; it is too tall to get under furniture, etc., and there is no reason for it that I know of. Also, the wheels are ridiculously small. This is actually the second one of this vacuum that I have owned; with the first one the wheels completely disintegrated within a couple of months of buying it. That meant I was running the hard plastic bottom over my hardwood floors. On this second one that I purchased, the cord is noticeably shorter than the previous one, and the canister is difficult to open to empty it.
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on January 21, 2013
I purchased the Shark Vac-then-Steam mop in the hopes of a more convenient way to clean. The vacuum just adds cost and bulkiness without contributing to the effectiveness of the product.

The vacuum: Yes, it does vacuum, but you may have to pass over the same area several times to get a good clean. The vacuum head is really bulky so it is almost impossible to clean under sofas or cabinets. There is also no other attachment to get corners or those places already mentioned. The vacuum may be okay if you're in a jam, but this would not be a good substitute for a separate vacuum.

The steam mop: Once it gets going, it's pretty good. I like the fact that it's just water, but I never felt like it fully cleaned my floors. I needed to change the pad a few times just to cover two rooms other than that the mop left streaks on my wood floors. If there are spills that have dried, you will probably need to scrub that separately. The problem though is that after 25 minutes, the steamer stopped working. I emptied and refilled the water tank, I tried another outlet, I waited longer for it to warm up and nothing happened. Also, I've used this product about 10 times now, and five of those times caused a fuse to blow in my house. My house isn't old and this hasn't happened with any other product, but customer service wasn't any better assistance.

Contacting Euro-Shark: On Euro-Shark's website, I was looking for a contact number to ask about the steamer not working and causing blown fuses. The first thing I did was live chat with a representative. After expressing my concern, she just gave me the 1-800 number to call. I called it and the only thing the representative said was that the steam mop was so powerful some of those things could happen. I've used carpet cleaners which more voltage and watts than this steam mop, and neither of these problems happened. The representative never tried to find a solution to the problem and never once questioned if it was the mop, his only answer was that it was so powerful. After using the vac then steam mop, I have to disagree.
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on November 15, 2013
It took me 10 days to receive this item and 10 minutes to be disappointed with it. I think that it works fine if you are starting with clean floors to begin with and are just using it to dust and sanitize. The notion that this would clean anything after seeing it at work is perposterous. Also, I agree with other reviews that say it is hard to push. I did a 10 x 12 area and my arm was aleady achy. Admittedly, my floor was dirty in the area I tried it out on. But, not nearly as dirty as what they show on TV. I have a huge dog that is in and out all day so he tracks in plenty. Last but not least was that the description says there is a regular and heavy duty pad in the box. Mine had two regular pads. I bought a separate heavy duty pad but I could only find it in a pair with another regular pad. Now I have 3 regular pads which will not work well on my tile and only one heavy duty. Gave product a 3 because I think it really does sanitize the floor. However, I can't remember a time that I or anyone else that came to my house picked up a dread disease from walking on my floors. If germs freak you out, though, this might be the product for you.
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on March 24, 2012
This is great at first. It vacuums then steams, saving you lots of time and having clean floor without a lot of hassle. I have 2 kids and 2 dogs so my floor is dirty all the time. Then about 6 months later it stops steaming!!! I vacuumed my floor today, filled it with water, and NOTHING. It is just making a noise. So I looked on Shark's website for some information hoping to fix the problem. All they had to offer was to check and make sure it was plugged in and had water in it. Thanks for all the help. I have that part under control, I want to know why it is broken after 6 months of use!!

So although it is a great product at first, it will die on you. Just google it, you will find reviews and you tube videos all over the place.

So save your money, and unfortunately we will have to spend more time (and energy) cleaning our floor until we find a product that works!

Let me know if anyone finds on that stands the test of time!
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on March 30, 2012
After reading the reviews of this product, I did not expect a miracle. I did expect something to make cleaning my hardwood floors faster and more convenient. I just tried it out today and I would say it does a decent job for a $129 product. It was less annoying to vacuum with this than to use the broom and dustpan. It has a good profile and was able to fit under my cupboards to pick up dirt. It is easy to push in the vacuum mode and isn't any louder than a regular vacuum cleaner. It was a little more difficult to push in the steam mode because it is no longer on rollers. However, I carried my 18 pound baby boy the entire time I was vacuuming and steaming and it wasn't too hard. The steam heated up quickly and produced a good amount of steam. I steam cleaned my kitchen and formal living room and had to refill the tank one time. It did leave a film on the floor, possibly because I used regular water and not distilled. Or it kicked up film from the floor polish that I normally use. It did a pretty good job of getting up dirty spots on the floor and overall left it looking clean. Does it replace the kind of clean you would get from washing it on your hands and knees with a rag/bucket of water? Probably not. But I do not want to spend my time cleaning a floor that way so for me this is a convenient alternative. It definitely works better than a Swiffer or a sponge mop. I did use a hardwood floor polish with a microfiber mop after cleaning, to shine and condition the wood. I haven't tried it on my bathroom floors yet but I think it will do a good job on those. So, overall, I am satisfied with this product. It is not amazing but it works well enough.
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on August 22, 2011
I bought this because I wanted something to eliminate my need to mop our tile floors and get rid of the old bucket and mop. This product has a lot of improvements that could be made. First of all the vacuum part of the product is pretty much worthless. The suction comes from a small rectangular part in the MIDDLE of the bottom of the vac. so any thing you want to vacuum up within 6 inches of either side can't even be touched. I gave up using the vac immediately and used my regular vac before I steam cleaned the floor. The steaming is pretty good. The plus is that the floors dry pretty quick. The cons are that its very slow. You pour about 6oz of water into it and then it quickly heats up. You can get about 6 full strokes of the steamer before it stops and re-adjusts to get more steam. That means every 2 minutes or so you have to stop the sweeping motion and let it steam up again before going on. It takes me twice a long as mopping, although my hands don't have to get wet from mopping. It obviously doesn't get anything clean that you can't fit the whole bottom around. So getting around toilets or other smaller spaces is not available. I'm going to have to still mop once a month or so to get all the places that it misses. It does seem to clean pretty good, though which is why I'll still use it, it just didn't meet my expecations. I'd recommend ditching this model with the vaacum since it doesn't work and just getting a steamer and if it had some sort of attachments to get into smaller spots it would be even better.
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on February 22, 2011
I am going to start with the positive features on this unit. First, the best feature on this vacuum is the canister that allows you to empty the dirt and debris that you just vacuumed up without having to touch it or inhale it. Even better though, for those of you with long hair and pets that shed, is that within the canister is the cone shaped device that the hair just wraps around and comes off easily without having to fight the spinning brishes found in traditional vacuums. Gone are the days of having to wrestle and cut hair away from the vacuum cleaner. Next is the long cord that allows me to vacuum even my largest room without having to constantly unplug and replug the vacuum.

Negative features include the inability of the vacuum to really get the edges, such as next to the kitchen cabinets and baseboards. I have had to sweep dirt away from the cabinets manually. However, with that being said, it has really great suction as long as the dirt is right in fron of the vacuum and not on the side. A really big negative is that this vacuum cannot be used on carpets. Most people who have hardwood floors and tile usually have area rugs. This vacuum will not help you with those. You can use this vacuum on carpets but it is really difficult. I bought a Shark VX3 Cordless Floor-and-Carpet Cleaner, V1950 and it works wonderful on carpets.

On to the steamer portion. Positives of the steamer mop is the ease in connecting the steam pad to the bottom of the unit. The magnetic connection makes it simple and easy. The steamer cleans the floors very well. The only negative is that you have to go over stubborn spots numerous times. Maybe I'm being picky, but I have to go over some spots repeatedly before the stain will be lifted. The pads are easy to clean in the washing machine. The unit does leave streaks if you go over an area once. I have found that if I go over an area several times then the floor will not streak.

Overall, I wanted to give the Shark Vac then Steam mop a 4 1/2 star rating but could only give a 4 star. If the vacuum could handle area rugs then I would have given it a 5 star rating. I still recommend the Vac then Steam to anyone who has hardwood and tile floors.
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on January 9, 2012
Amazon is the best! My wife has been wanting a shark MV2010 vac then steam for a few months now so I got her one for Christmas. I ordered one on amazon on the 8th of December 2011. They said my order would be here no later than December the 14th. I received it on December the 10th. And i didnt even have to pay for shipping "Now that's what I call service"!
My wife was so shocked she had no clue that I was getting it lol it was great!
Now as for the shark vac then steam, my wife couldn't wait to try out her new toy.
She opened it up, I took it out of the box and got it all ready and at last she finally got to play.
The vacuum worked great ( better than she had hoped it would and the suction was awesome. And when she went to empty out the canaster she noticed that the filter was surrounded by a plastic wall all the way around it which protects it from getting anything caked in there.and that was a plus because we have a timber wolf hybrid who has long hair that gets all over everything. No more problems vacuuming that up!
And as for the steam part of the vacuum it was awesome too. Easy to switch from vac to steam, no mess filling the water reservoir,and it gets stains off the floor like they were never there in the first place. All in all it is an awesome buy and I think the best part is that it kills 99.9% of unhealthy and unwanted germs!
So the moral of this story is this....
Go to Amazon and get one of these shark vac then steams for your wife or mother or even yourself. You won't be disappointed,
I promise!
I give this product and Amazon for their honest and speedy service 10 stars on a 5 star scale!!!
Thanks again Amazon for making my wides Christmas the best one yet!
Christopher L. Jones
Prescott, Arkansas
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on December 18, 2010
Product is great at vacuuming the floors and makes quick work of cleaning. The steam mop is good for minor things (juice splatter/drips that have dried on the floor) but anything more requires a lot of work to clean and most times I just carry a dish towel to clean the hard messes and follow thru with the mop. If your floors are typically clean without splatter etc this mop does help a lot by providing a quick clean. Note the mop leaves streaks on wood floors and is probably best on tile.

Overall, working with these limitations, our floors are much cleaner than before since it is easier than using the broom followed by the swifter (can't remember when we last used the swifter now) and there are no chemicals involved.

Lastly, when the first shark arrived, it did not work. The company sent UPS out, picked up the shark, and shipped us a new one within the week. We've had no issues since.
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