Customer Reviews: Casio Men's PRG550-1A1CR Pro Trek Triple Sensor Tough Solar Analog-Digital Watch
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on December 26, 2012
I saw this watch advertised in a sporting magazine and immediately fell in love with it. As other raters have commented, the watch looks great, and has usefull bells and whistles, albit perhaps not the most accurate, according to some of the reviews posted here. One GLARING erroneous marking that I noticed right off has me rather puzzled, and I'm thinking that there is perhaps an explanation for it that I'm not aware of. The watch has a non rotating, fixed bezel, which has the usual 360 degree compass markings, ie: 00 indicating North, is at the top 12:00 position, 180 indicating South, is at the bottom, 6:00 position. So far so good. Where it goes weird is all the other markings are on the wrong side of the bezel! Just to the RIGHT of 00 (North), are the markings 330, 300, and 270...indicating North-NW, West-NW, and West, at what should be 90 for East. To the LEFT of 00, are the markings 30, 60 90, indicating North-NE, East-NE, and 90 for East. It's easier to see if you just click on the picture of the watch for the enlarged view. See the 270 at 3:00? Should'nt that be 90? And so on. It's the same in the magazine pic. I never noticed it in the pics, only when I had the watch in my hand did it jump out at me. I apolgise in advance if I'm missing something here regarding electronic compasses...I tend to beleive that this has to be the case as something this glaring would have been addressed by now. Otherwise, appears to be a solid watch, and I would have given it at least 1 additional star had it not been for this quirk.

UPDATE: 1/4/2013...I'm giving the watch an add'l star (to 4 from 3)as the issue with the compass markings has been resolved. See post from Victor Diaz in the comments section for the explanation. As to the accuracy of the compass readings, in my experiences I've found them to be spot on(save for the inital confusion with the bezel markings). Same with the barometer/temperature readings...although in the temp mode it's best to remove the watch from your wrist for a minute or two, then take the reading, otherwise your body temperture will affect it by 5-10 degres. If left in the temperture mode, the watch will continue taking multiple readings, eventually displaying the actual air temperture after a few minutes. In South Fla the terrain is pretty much at sea level, with the watch consistently displaying readings of 100-125' below sea level, which would be erroneous, but then again for my purposes, I don't need it to be more precise than that.
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on January 16, 2014
First of all, the watch is easy to use, lightweight yet looks and feels solid, well built, keeps time pretty well, all the functions are usable, and is at a pretty reasonable price-range, which makes this product a great bargain. Oh, and it is easy to read - but only in daytime. And here is the reason why I gave it only 3 stars: I bought it for military use as a primary watch, since it has all the feature I would need while being deployed, and I liked it a lot when arrived, but when the sun set, and we had to go out to the "wilderness", I realised that the sole LED on the bottom of the display provided barely enough illum to light up the hands (on which the luminous light fades out very quickly), but the display was unreadable, even though I would have needed all the information on it as well. And while wearing gloves, the "baro" button was being pushed against my glove, so it "pressed itself" while moving around or using my rifle.

So in short:

- light, yet durable
- easy to use all the functions
- easy to read in a well-lit environment
- not too bulky, looks okay on an average sized wrist
- not expensive considering the features it provides

- without an exterior light source, it is unable to use all the functions at night
- the buttons are too easy to push imo

So I recommend this product to anybody, who wants a well-priced watch for everyday/outdoor use, but does not need to use it covertly at night.

(sorry for my English)
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on January 15, 2013
I've owned several Casio pathfinder watches but this one is easily the most functional. Although not particularly luminescent, there is a light button which illuminates the watch face well. I also Like the analog functions for time, altitude, barometric pressure and compas. I am somewhat visually challenged so I appreciate the analog readings. The only shortfall that I see is that the digital window for the stopwatch and alarm functions is not lit but that is of little consequence. Although I've only owned the watch for a week, I am most satisfied and recommend it highly. Solar powere and atomic timekeeping should keep it accurate for many years.
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on August 28, 2012
I've had the watch for about a week now, and I am loving it. The altimeter works alright, the barometer and compass seem spot on. My only complaint (a small one) is that the watch does pinch arm hairs every so often, but thats something I can get used to. Overall, great piece, seems pretty sturdy and well constructed!
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on March 6, 2013
Plus: Made in Japan, simple to operate, lightweight, lots of great features, accurate sensor.
Minus: LCD is not back lit.

This is going to be my favorite watch from now on, all my automatic Swiss watches are too heavy to be worn daily.
review image
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on April 7, 2014
I have owned several Casio triple sensor watches, a Suunto and multiple Timex also. My most recent being the 2500 series Pathfinder. I must say, THIS is the best one in many ways. My wife bought this for our wedding anniversary (Thanks Honey!) It looks great! I have never been much for aesthetics, but this is honestly the only watch I have ever gotten compliments on. The back- light is unreal!! It is like having an actual flashlight, it is the most used feature. The glowing hands lose the bright "Glow" fairly quickly, but once your eyes adjust to the dark, you can see the fainter glow of the hands all night long. When using the "flashlight" feature, it is difficult to see the small lower LED display and sometimes the hands block the LED screen. A little nitpick really. I love the way the hands maneuver around quickly and with such precision when using the compass/altimeter/barometer/world time, etc. Not only is it very functional, but it is very tough. I used it while stump-grinding, running a chainsaw, swimming, snowplowing, whatever. I highly recommend this timepiece.
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on November 8, 2013
I have owned this watch for a solid period of time (over 8 months); it has functioned flawless. I have never owned a Casio watch, but decided to take a chance based on brand reputation. I believe that decision was solid as I am very impressed with the quality and functionality of the timepiece. The features that drew my attention above others was the ability to recharge the battery via sunlight and the atomic clock synchronization (I do not like having to wonder the accuracy of the time or having to keep switching between DST or EST). Countless times I have run a watch dead and then it took forever to get the time to replace the battery; no more. The strength of the crystal is high; I have slammed this watch into multiple hard surfaces and the lens has not cracked or scratched. The black anodized surfaces have stood up to the abuse I tend to put my watches through during everyday wear. The only aspect of the watch that is non reliable is the temperature reading; while a nifty feature, it is inaccurate as the value can be skewed by ones body temperature at the wrist. The stopwatch, timers, barometer, world time, date, atomic clock syncing, and compass have worked as advertised and have been accurate. The band has held up to daily use and has not broken, but has exhibited above average wear in such a short period. I would recommend replacing it from the rubber/plastic composite, to either a black anodized aluminum or a solid leather. At the end of the day you will not be disappointed in spending top dollar for the watch if you need all the features provided.
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on February 24, 2015
I received this watch for Christmas from my wife, and I was impressed at the quality of it. I have other Casio watches but this one has a much better and thicker band, and heavy duty buckle on it. I took some time to read the manual, and got it set up in my time zone, etc. It is very easy to read the time and date and day of the week on it. I have two atomic clocks in my house, and I see that when they digitally tick off 30 seconds into a minute, my sweep-second hand on my watch crosses over the 6 exactly at the same time as both clocks, thus denoting they have all three been set by the atomic clock signal in Fort Collins, Colorado. I live in Minnesota, and have no problem getting the signal here. I love the accuracy of the watch, and have only looked at the other features of the watch a few times. The crystal remains scratchless and clear, and I am very happy with the watch so far. See my photos.
review image review image review image
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on May 20, 2013
It's large, but not clown, goofy looking large. Very hearty in appearance. Not as heavy as my last one and is a bit larger. I have a 7 inch wrist and it still fits good. All the sensors are accurate.
It has a rugged look to it. But with the silver accents on the hands and time markers makes it look a little classy. It doesn't look as chintzy as some of the other Casio large watches.
I had my last solar Casio watch for over 6 years before it puttered out. So I'm hoping I get the same out of this one.
The down sides are few. The illumination is LED, and not backlit. It doesn't affect reading the time, just a style preference. I wish the indicators would glow longer. I went to check the time in the middle of the night and needed to use the LED. Which is fine in a non-tactical situation. But not being familiar with the button configuration I had to hunt for the light button through a process of trial and error. The running-end of the strap has a lip on the tab to keep the loop from slipping off so you don't have the watch band flopping around. However, it's a bit too big makes it wee bit difficult to slide the loop off, to unbuckle it.

The grey-scale picture of the arm is pretty much the same size as my arm. I took a picture to post to give a sense of the diameter, and it's the same as the one in product description.
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