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on December 26, 2012
I saw this watch advertised in a sporting magazine and immediately fell in love with it. As other raters have commented, the watch looks great, and has usefull bells and whistles, albit perhaps not the most accurate, according to some of the reviews posted here. One GLARING erroneous marking that I noticed right off has me rather puzzled, and I'm thinking that there is perhaps an explanation for it that I'm not aware of. The watch has a non rotating, fixed bezel, which has the usual 360 degree compass markings, ie: 00 indicating North, is at the top 12:00 position, 180 indicating South, is at the bottom, 6:00 position. So far so good. Where it goes weird is all the other markings are on the wrong side of the bezel! Just to the RIGHT of 00 (North), are the markings 330, 300, and 270...indicating North-NW, West-NW, and West, at what should be 90 for East. To the LEFT of 00, are the markings 30, 60 90, indicating North-NE, East-NE, and 90 for East. It's easier to see if you just click on the picture of the watch for the enlarged view. See the 270 at 3:00? Should'nt that be 90? And so on. It's the same in the magazine pic. I never noticed it in the pics, only when I had the watch in my hand did it jump out at me. I apolgise in advance if I'm missing something here regarding electronic compasses...I tend to beleive that this has to be the case as something this glaring would have been addressed by now. Otherwise, appears to be a solid watch, and I would have given it at least 1 additional star had it not been for this quirk.

UPDATE: 1/4/2013...I'm giving the watch an add'l star (to 4 from 3)as the issue with the compass markings has been resolved. See post from Victor Diaz in the comments section for the explanation. As to the accuracy of the compass readings, in my experiences I've found them to be spot on(save for the inital confusion with the bezel markings). Same with the barometer/temperature readings...although in the temp mode it's best to remove the watch from your wrist for a minute or two, then take the reading, otherwise your body temperture will affect it by 5-10 degres. If left in the temperture mode, the watch will continue taking multiple readings, eventually displaying the actual air temperture after a few minutes. In South Fla the terrain is pretty much at sea level, with the watch consistently displaying readings of 100-125' below sea level, which would be erroneous, but then again for my purposes, I don't need it to be more precise than that.
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on November 8, 2013
I have owned this watch for a solid period of time (over 8 months); it has functioned flawless. I have never owned a Casio watch, but decided to take a chance based on brand reputation. I believe that decision was solid as I am very impressed with the quality and functionality of the timepiece. The features that drew my attention above others was the ability to recharge the battery via sunlight and the atomic clock synchronization (I do not like having to wonder the accuracy of the time or having to keep switching between DST or EST). Countless times I have run a watch dead and then it took forever to get the time to replace the battery; no more. The strength of the crystal is high; I have slammed this watch into multiple hard surfaces and the lens has not cracked or scratched. The black anodized surfaces have stood up to the abuse I tend to put my watches through during everyday wear. The only aspect of the watch that is non reliable is the temperature reading; while a nifty feature, it is inaccurate as the value can be skewed by ones body temperature at the wrist. The stopwatch, timers, barometer, world time, date, atomic clock syncing, and compass have worked as advertised and have been accurate. The band has held up to daily use and has not broken, but has exhibited above average wear in such a short period. I would recommend replacing it from the rubber/plastic composite, to either a black anodized aluminum or a solid leather. At the end of the day you will not be disappointed in spending top dollar for the watch if you need all the features provided.
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on April 7, 2014
I have owned several Casio triple sensor watches, a Suunto and multiple Timex also. My most recent being the 2500 series Pathfinder. I must say, THIS is the best one in many ways. My wife bought this for our wedding anniversary (Thanks Honey!) It looks great! I have never been much for aesthetics, but this is honestly the only watch I have ever gotten compliments on. The back- light is unreal!! It is like having an actual flashlight, it is the most used feature. The glowing hands lose the bright "Glow" fairly quickly, but once your eyes adjust to the dark, you can see the fainter glow of the hands all night long. When using the "flashlight" feature, it is difficult to see the small lower LED display and sometimes the hands block the LED screen. A little nitpick really. I love the way the hands maneuver around quickly and with such precision when using the compass/altimeter/barometer/world time, etc. Not only is it very functional, but it is very tough. I used it while stump-grinding, running a chainsaw, swimming, snowplowing, whatever. I highly recommend this timepiece.
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on February 7, 2015
Love this watch, measures time perfect. I set it with my other Seiko watch more then a month ago and it synchronizes perfect with seconds ticking the same. Compass shows exactly and is very clear, can't figure out the the barometer yet, but temperature shows right when you take watch off your wrist for few minutes, on wrist it reads combination of air temp. and body heat (I think most watches do that). Altimeter did not show exact height when I was in Colorado mountains, but i newer synchronized it to any known altitude. It was off by about a 100 feet than what the sign showed at 12,840 feet. Style and appearance just the way I like it. I often use stopper that's easy to operate. Synchronizing analog arms with digital clock was "a pain in a butt" but I slowly followed the manual and was able to set it right. If you buy it, you won't be disappointed, Thanks...
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on January 22, 2016
While I initially liked the look of this watch, once I received it I realized I didnt like it nearly as much as the older styles casio made. The watch itself is not made for a larger wrist. It took a few weeks of wearing it to get used to the feel and even then the two spacers under the band are uncomfortable. After one year of wear the hands stopped keeping time. This is actually the second watch I have had. The first one had this same problem when I received it. Amazon kindly replaced the first. Now the second one has been sent off to casio to be fixed. Given the style, I wont buy another pathfinder or protrek until casio redesigns the band. I dont think I will buy another casio with the analog hands/digital combination either. Sorry to say this because I am a huge fan of my old protrek but casio did a poor job with the new design in my opinion.
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on June 19, 2015
The more I use this watch/instrument, the more I like it. The many functions require reading the manual to operate. But once you get the gist of what it takes to run each function, put the manual away and learn to operate through trial and error. I like the fact that it has a secondhand.
This is a fairly large watch, but not over the top big. But I guess that's subjective. The light will kind of eerily light up the watch face, and it works to tell the time only. You can't read the digital window with that light. The compass is quite accurate and is quite handy at my workplace. Temperature will be inaccurate if worn on wrist, but if you really must know the temp, take it off and place in the shade. I find the pliable rubber/plastic? wrisband to be comfortable with decent spacing between holes. All in all I would buy this watch again.
It's a nice time keeping piece and can withstand some punishment and submersion.

8/17/15 update
Went digging for quahogs yesterday, watch was submerged in saltwater for an hour or so. At first I was really hesitant to put this watch in the water because I just didn't believe it was really waterproof.
It is.
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on January 28, 2014
I have always been a watch geek. I had one of the first Casio thermometer watches in the 80s, a databank watch and then two Casio barometer watches when they came out (BM100W and BM200W). More recently I had a Suunto X9i. It was a decent watch with ABC functions (and GPS) but the face broke numerous times under warranty (to the point where they gave me instructions on how to fix myself with provided replacement) to finally breaking out of warranty. I like traditional analog faces and I also have a Citizen Navihawk ecodrive which I like, but it doesn't have any extras. I like the solar charging aspect and the luminous dials on the face-at night they are quite bright. I thought the light would be more electroluminescent, but it is an "old school" bright LED which works, but isn't as consistent across the watch face. I like to watch the barometric trends and took the watch skiing last week and was able to see the height difference between the tops and bottoms of the hills. As with most watches the thermometer isn't very accurate on your wrist. The first Casio watch I had in the 80s had a "wrist mode" which took body heat into account. I wonder why this feature wasn't continued with this or my Suunto watch. However, this isn't crucial. This watch may not be as hardcore useful for more extreme hiking as some of the Suunto and other brands, but I like its look and its ability to offer ABC functions on a watch that could be worn in more formal situations. But for daily wear and hiking every now and then I think offers a really good blend of function and form.
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on January 22, 2016
Love this watch. Like the features and I have to disagree with those that say it is hard to figure how everything works. If you are a die hard hiker, than you would need a bit more reading into instructions. But if you are a regular user, than you will get used to all the features in few minutes. The hand are luminous enough in the night time. Also, the LED light is quite bright to even see the LCD display. Those who complain about the temp and reading, read the instructions more carefully. The only annoying thing is that I do get hair caught up in the little plastic plates that are supposed to make the watch sit more comfortable on your wrist. That is not a big deal. I got used to it. After all, there is only so much hair to be pulled :)
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on August 13, 2017
If you don't mind screwing around with buttons and menus, this watch might be okay for you. If you just want something that looks cool, find another watch. The hands of my watch will not stay in sync with the digital time, despite resetting several times. I REALLY regret spending any money on this piece of crap.
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on January 25, 2014
I bought this watch when I began doing a lot of international travel. I bought it for these reasons:
- The Dial is uncluttered black and white, I can see it without glasses in low light
- It is really easy to set it to any timezone in the world. Big plus and primary reason I bought it
- The light is good and works (so many lights don't shine where they need to)

I almost never use the compass or altimeter.

So here is the rub, the strap has a particular design where it connects with the watch that causes it to grab hold of your arm hair and rip it out. Over and over again... day in and day out, amazingly painful and anoying. I have considered shaving my left wrist to cope with this, but I think that the watch is gradually accomplishing the same end.
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