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on September 1, 2017
Great deal for the money .
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on September 22, 2013
I USED THIS FOR A HTPC BUILD MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR THAT PURPOSE, WITH STAND ALONE VIDEO CARD.I DID NOT GIVE IT A 5 STAR BECAUSE I HAVE SYSTEM WITH AN I5 3570K. THAT BEING SAID I DO HAVE TO ADMIT IT IS QUITE FAST FOR DESKTOP STUFF VERY IMPRESSED. Sorry about the cap lock to lazy.Just wanted to add for the Die hard AMD fans I do like AMD products and all my video cards (5 builds) all have Amd video cards But, intel cores are equal to 1.5+ cores of Amd. family fight my I5 4 core only 2% less than my Brother in-laws AMD 8350 8 core yes less money but also less efficent cores.Tried AMD A10 6800k With fm2 board Returned for I3 thats all I have to say about that.
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on September 6, 2013
I bought this CPU for my first build ever and man does it do work. When coupled with my HD 7850 graphics card I could run games like never before on higher settings and with smoother frame-rates. I am very happy with it because it was so much better than what I had before in my old desktop. (AMD Athlon X2 250) Simply a great product that is a work horse and will make your comp feel like your own personal gaming machine. Or whatever machine you want it to be. A processor that is fast and affordable, you can't go wrong.
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on August 3, 2013
Intel has ALWAYS been my brand of choice for processor, hands down. This processor continues the reliability and power that all processors from Intel boast. I almost went for the i5, but didn't need a quad core processor. However, I felt a little regret with not spending $90 more to get it, but after installing this i3 into my desktop build, I am happy to have saved the money because the dual-core i3 does everything I want and more.
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on December 31, 2012
I have been building a gaming rig and choose this processor as a start. What is excellent about this processor is the power comsumption and the hyper threading feature.
- The hyper threading feature allows you simulate two more cores at fast speeds, is being recognized for some programs as a 4 core cpu.. The 3.3 ghz on this baby make it very fast!!
- The temperature is not high at all but I have it with an aftermarket NZXT respire T20 and it idles at 28-31 C and while gaming it reaches 48C as a maximun that I have recorded. (Awesome) The stock fan was at 31-33C in idle and reached 54C while gaming. So you can compare.
- It does not bottleneck my AMD Radeon XFX 7850, I have played games like Hitman absolution, Dishonored, Torchlight 2, COD black OPS 1 and 2, Dirt 3, Mass effect 3, all of them at the highest settings without lag.
- If you do not have a dedicated video card, the Intel Hd graphics 2500 perform very good. I was able to play movies at 1080p and to stream them to my PS3 using the PS3 media server, and all the movies played fine.
- The integrated 2500 graphics are for casual gaming, but I played before DMC 4, dishonored, dirt 2 and medium to high settings but in 1280x600. You need to tweak a little bit the settings.
- Excellent processor for multitasking and daily basis computer programs.
- It scores 7.2 in windows experience in Windows 7 ultimate.

- Not a good processor if your stuff is video editing. Although this processor is good and fast at it, you might need an i5 or i7.
- It might give you lag while playing Battlefield 3 multiplayer, since that game is very processor demanding. But the single player story runs fine.

I highly recommend this processor for anyone building a gaming rig and for daily basis tasks.
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on June 23, 2014
I bought this to upgrade my daughter's old core 2 duo computer. This thing has no problem pushing a geforce gtx580. She mainly uses her computer to watch YouTube videos, plays Star Wars Galaxies and miscellaneous browser based games. She edits videos and movies (with windows movie maker) with ease. She also does Microsoft PowerPoint for school...thus is a top notch processes that more than fulfills the above needs.
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on December 20, 2012
Well, first of all the CPU is great, i used to have the Celeron G530 paired with the HD6850 from AMD, and it was ok at gaming but sometimes the bottleneck from the CPU was annoying so i decide tu upgrade to the i3..(not enough money for the i5).

The "problem" that i have is with the temperature of the cores, i read reviews here and on another sites and it seems that the idle temps are between 28 and 33, my cores are at 38c on core0 and 14c on core1 with a room temp of 15-17c....at full load the temps are more close, 56c on core0 and 48c on core1, i thought that maybe the motherboard wasn't reading the heat sensor right so i try the i3 on another board and the result is the same, it kind of worries me that i received a faulty chip, and that at some point it may fail on me, because right now is very cool where i live, and it idles at almost 40c, so i don't know what is going to happen when the ambient temperature rise to 30-35.

I still think that the CPU deserves a 5 stars rating because the performance/price is great, and i do understand that when you buy electronics, something can be defective...it happens.

Any ideas about the high temperatures?


P.S. I apologize if my English is not right.

UPDATE 01-21-2013

I decided to return the CPU to amazon after the user M.Zaurov told me on the comments of this review that it was possible (i didn't know that) and i have to say that i'm very impressed.

I sent an email to amazon support at 12 pm on January 7th and in less than 5 hours i received an email telling me that a new order was placed for me at no charge and with the prepaid labels from UPS for the return of the defective CPU. Amazing.

The new i3 i recieved is working as it should, the idle temperatures are between 26-28c on both cores and on a very cold night it goes down to 18c using the Hyper 212+ and 43-45 at full load. With the stock cooler i didn't notice a big difference at idle, 27-29c but on full load it goes up to 51-54c so i decide to use the Hyper 212+ although the stock fan is quieter.

Yes, i'm happy now :)
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on July 7, 2013
Bought it for my first build. Superbiiz.com had it a little cheaper but I had some Amazon credit so purchased it from here. I mainly surf the web, play a little Diablo III/SC2, some word processing from time to time. It does what I need it to do stays at 36 degrees unlike some AMD CPU's I have had in the past that would get as hot as the sun. Great for entry level computer builds.
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on December 31, 2012
The Processor has been installed for around a month now and has been running great. Solid upgrade from my old 3.0Ghz Athlon x2. My only complaint is that the fan is noticeably loud. I've checked the install multiple times and it seems to be set in there solidly. But the entire thing is plastic which is probably part of the problem combined with the non screw in mounting. I will probably get an aftermarket fan at some point. Only reason this isn't 5 stars. I miss my whisper quiet AMD fan.
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on January 11, 2013
Finally upgraded my old Pentium 4?? home built PC to something a little more current without breaking the bank. I settled for this after looking at some reviews online for budget gaming CPUs. This fit the bill perfectly. Now, my son can play his minecraft and world of warcraft games on the PC without being bogged down by the old equipment that I had. The onboard graphics work just fine but we're still going to put a dedicated video card down the road when the funds catch up to the need.
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