Customer Reviews: Frigidaire FFCM1134LS 1.1 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven
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on December 26, 2011
I went through three or four microwaves before settling on this one. All I want is a countertop microwave that has:
* A +30-second button (or minute-plus)
* Instant-on buttons, where you press "1" to start for a minute, or "2" for two minutes, etc.

Surprisingly, the other microwaves that I looked at did not have these features. Instead, they were loaded with features for recipes (press 4-2-1-8 and do a dance to heat your lasagna to perfection!). I'm not sure how anyone could possibly need a feature like this.

I have waited a few months before reviewing this item, to make sure that it works well and that there aren't any first-time use issues that often lead to bad reviews. We are enjoying everything about this, including its look, functionality, and power.

One minor complaint is that the button pad takes just a little more "push" to activate buttons than on my previous microwave. I'm not sure how to compare this to newer microwaves, though. This is a minor complaint though, and not big enough to reduce this five-star rating. Very happy with this purchase.
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on October 4, 2013
I bought this and an equivalent sized/priced Kenmore model (0.9 cu) at the same time to run side by side. I might add that both brands have virtually the same features in both the 0.9 vs the 1.1 models, so comparing 1.1 to 0.9 is simply a matter of size difference. I wanted a microwave in my pantry. So I have space constraints. Kenmore's next size up, 1.2, is WAY too big. Frigidaire offers the most compact footprint of amost all the brands. You can get far more wattage in a smaller base. But I still wanted quality. GE is far too big, I love GE but it hogs counter/shelf space. Magic Chef is a deceptively re-branded plastic EZ Bake Oven -and just as cheaply made- so I returned it immediately. Oster was not much better and just as tin-canny. Couldn't find Danby in any store and I don't want to order a virtually unheard of brand sight unseen, but it seemed like a worthy opponent based on universal reviews. So the only real two contenders in the same price/size range was Kenmore and Frigidaire. Here are my findings:

-Both will fit on a shelf which is at least 13.5" deep. The front edge of the feet come out to 13" so if you have 0.5" to spare on the shelf, you'll be ok. Both are under 12" which is often standard shelf spacing. Frigidaire lists height as 12" but it's slightly under that. Kenmore is around 11.5"
-Footprint: Frigidaire takes up less space
-Auto Cook Options - Frigidaire has far more autocook options (instructions provided on inside of door), but both have the fairly standard single-touch buttons such as popcorn, beverage yada yada
-Timed cooking (where you want to key in explicit time such as 1:42 for 1 min 42 sec. This one is interesting and likely comes down to user preference. Both offer the feature but in different ways. On Kenmore, you hit "Time Cook" and then the numbers and then start. A little more straightforward but more buttons to push. On Frigidaire, you simply press the 1 - 4 - 2 buttons and then Start. But you need to do it without delay between buttons or the autotimer function will kick in. So if you hit 1 - and then 4 and then wait too long, it will start cooking on 4 minutes. But it gives you very ample time to complete that sequence so this may not even be an issue. Unless you're reeeaaaalllly slow. Those with poor eyesight or ADHD - go with the Kenmore. ;-)
-Reminder beep, Neither one gives you a reminder beep if you forget to retrieve your item. I only mention that because my previous one did that every 5 min until you opened the door or hit cancel. Some don't like that - I did.
-Reminder Message - Frigidaire wins this one because it reads "END" after the timer is up, which is handy. No more waking up to last night's green beans I forgot to set out on the table. Kenmore resets to "0:00" after the time is done so it's not as clear if you forget to retrieve something.
-Door release button. I didn't think this would matter to me - but I find it does. And I find it's bugging me more than I thought. Kenmore is VERY tough door release button. Frigidaire door release is quite smoothe and considerably quieter. One finger is enough. Even your pinky. I didn't even fool with Magic Chef or Oster because their door release was so ridiculously cheap I was afraid the door would fall off after a couple uses. This matters because if you're holding a large bowl of liquid with both hands and trying to poke out a spare finger to open the door - one finger won't be enough for the Kenmore. Several fingers with considerable force are required to open the Kenmore door. I'm rather disappointed there. My other Kenmore was so easy.
-Interior Light:
1) Brightness: Frigidaire light far brighter than Kenmore and it is quite bright and easy to see food inside
2) When not in operation: Kenmore's light comes on as soon as you open the door. handy. Frigidaire only comes on when in operation
1) Number: Kenmore emits 5 long beeps when timer is done. Frigidaire emits 3 short beeps
2) Loudness: Kenmore is softer, but verrry lonnng beeps. Frigidaire is much louder, but very stuccato and quick. Overall Frididaire is louder - but takes much shorter time in alerting you.
-Turntable: both have same size of 10.6"
-Time Defrost or Weight Defrost - both have these dual features but you access it differently. Kenmore offers dedicated buttons to either. This makes Kenmore easier-- but it also does so by compromising button space
-Button space: Frigidaire buttons are much bigger and easier to see. Kenmore's is smaller - because they dedicate more buttons to features on the panel - but more buttons means each button is smaller
-Operation Noise: this was tough to compare. I think it comes down to personal audible sensory tolerances. The Kenmore is marginally quieter but louder if you are prone to focusing in on motor noises. It operates on a deeper motorized hum kind of sound. So if the buzzing hum gets to you, don't get Kenmore. However, the Frigidaire emits less audible "tone" meaning there's no real tonal sound that comes from it -- but it seems to blow the fan louder during use. So overall it operates on a higher sound frequency if you count the fan blower as a sound. You hear this loud rush of air from the fan blower. But no motor noise, no hum/buzz. So you decide. I could live with either one. It's going in my pantry so noice isn't as big an issue.

Hope this is helpful.I have no idea how long Frigidaire will last. That is my only concern, based on the reviews here. However reviews on Best Buy and Lowes rate it very highly so I don't know why there is such disparity. Maybe a bad batch of units sold by different vendors? I originally was sold on the Kenmore brand but wooed by the more robust features of the Frigidaire. So I spent the extra $11 for the 2 yr replacement warranty coverage.

I've learned you get what you pay for. You want something that lasts 14 yrs, gotta pony up more $$$. I'm okay if this lasts a few years. By then my needs may be different and technology will be offering even better features.
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on January 15, 2013
I've only had this microwave for a short while to replace my old microwave which stopped working. This microwave works for our small space needs and had the nice stainless steel finish all the way around the microwave. The microwave has easy controls to understand including the quick set function, e.g. you can press the number 1 (wait 2 seconds) and the microwave will heat for 1 minute. Defrost works well too. The microwave noise is a little louder then my previous microwave, but nothing to complain about.

I would recommend, based on the price and convenience of Amazon Prime.

Bought this in Jan 2013 and recently blew a fuse. Looks like a lot of others are facing a similar issue. I've had a $40 microwave that lasted me 8 years. So this is pretty disappointing. Hopefully the fuse is easy to replace, but I would have to investigate.
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on January 30, 2014
The first time I plugged this microwave in, it blew a fuse and refused to operate. Frigidaire determined it wasn't worth repairing so the dealer sent me a new one. Great. However, within a month or two, the new microwave began acting up. It would periodically turn on for 1 minute or 4 minutes and could not be shut-off without being unplugged - a fire hazard. Now the number panel doesn't function whatsoever and the microwave cannot be used.

Worse than the microwave itself is Frigidaire's service. Despite being under warranty, they refuse to ship me a new one because "they can't find a local dealer who will deliver it to me." After I fought the "no local dealer" excuse, they initially came back and said they now miraculously found a local dealer, but I had to drive there (40 minutes away) to deliver my malfunctioning microwave and pickup a new one. If I wanted to have it delivered, I would have to contact the local dealer and arrange shipping and pay for it myself. After weeks of fighting this poor solution, I now have to mail the label from the inside of the microwave to Frigidaire at which point they will issue me a debit card that I can use to purchase a new one online. I requested a check instead and they refused. The service representatives I spoke to on the phone were at times rude and unhelpful.
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on January 15, 2015
Just as others have experienced, this microwaved stopped working in less than 2 years of ownership, but after the warranty is up. It just stopped in the middle of re-heating and then started again when I OPENED the door! I closed it immediately and tried to clear the remainder of the time but it wouldn't clear and it would just start running again every time I opened the door. Very dangerous! I unplugged it and tried to use it again and it just stopped working again in the middle of re-heating. It's too bad its functioning doesn't match its good looks. DO NOT BUY! FRIGIDAIRE SHOULD STOP MAKING THIS MACHINE!
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on January 15, 2014
I purchased this microwave 8/13 and it worked well for about 4 months and then it would freeze up and the key pad would not work to start the microwave. Since it was still under warranty I took it to a Frigidaire service center who said it could not be repaired but could be replaced but I would have to call the company directly which I did. The Frigidaire customer service has been poor so far. I am still trying to get the replacement unit. I would not recommend a Frigidaire product based on this experience.
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on March 15, 2013
I've had mine now for 3 months, no problems, cooks well, and both the manual's and instrument panel instructions are easy to follow. I got this one after reading Consumer Reports and seeing what other people commented via Amazon... and am lovin' it!
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on June 22, 2015
I'll start by noting that most of my appliances come from Frigidaire. My refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer have all been working for years without any problems. So Frigidaire is a brand I have come to trust.

My last microwave was a Samsung and it worked for over 7 years. When the time came to buy a new one, I saw this Frigidaire at the store and brought it home without thinking twice.

The microwave heats and defrosts food just fine. BUT....

The annoying:

This microwave is "beep-happy". Most microwaves when they have finished their heating cycle will beep a couple of times and shut up. This one won't.
Once it's finished, this microwave will beep 5 times every 10 seconds until eternity or until it drives you mad and you press the cancel button or open the microwave door. A nuance I have come to call the "R2-D2 Inferiority Complex"

This "feature" is incredibly annoying!! Most of the times you are busy in the kitchen cooking something else, or feeding your toddlers or talking on the phone and this thing won't stop beeping!!

Also the "genius" who thought up this non-stop-beeping feature, endowed the microwave with a very LOUD speaker. You can hear the beeping from a mile away.

The defective:

After only 11 months of service ( and beeping), a couple of days ago it powered on by itself making a very loud "power generator" noise and it smelled like it was burning. I had to unplug it to make it stop.

I took it back to the shop where I bought it since it was still under warranty. The sales rep told me it was a good thing the malfunction happened while someone was there to unplug it since it could have heated to the point of combustion. (that means it could have burned my house... )

Luckily for me, the store where I bought it offers excellent customer service. They apologized for the inconvenience and allowed me to choose any other microwave from the store free of charge.

Needless to say, I got one from a different brand.
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on January 1, 2013
We have a below counter are for our microwave and this is one of the few that meet our space requirements and that we can find in a ss finish. It has a lock which is nice since we have little ones, but the door sticks sometimes, which is a little annoying. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.
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on August 20, 2014
stopped working after 24 months of use...I would expect more from this product. one day it began flashing/sparks inside the microwave (just heating up some coffee in a ceramic mug). stop button would not work...I had to push the door release to open the microwave door to stop it from "cooking". scairy stuff!
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