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on June 25, 2015
This tomahawk is great! I love it!

Much smaller than I expected, but it is heavy and solidly built. This is definitely a compact fighting axe, I don't think you can really use this for extensive wood processing, but it will be the perfect axe to carry on a hiking trip. This axe probably weighs as much as my combat bowie, but I think a small axe will be less scary than a large bowie knife.

The cutting edge was sharp but not razor sharp, but I was able to remedy that by using my fine grit ceramic rod.

The wraps are good, but they are currently too rough right now. I expect that the wraps will smoothen out once I start to use it regularly. There appears to be some sort of faux leather underneath the nylon wrappings. I'm not really sure how the wraps will react to moisture and humidity, but good thing it's really dry here in CA, so that is not an issue for me.

The sheath is nice and it locks securely. I did snap it on my belt, on my right side and I did some jumping jacks and some sprints, and I was actually nervous that the axe will fall off because it was too heavy. Fortunately the sheath held. There is a bit of rattle, but it is negligible. One thing to note, if you wear the axe on your right side, you will not be able to sit down comfortable because the axe handle will jab down on your seat and will push your belt up. I am thinking of removing the belt straps and just carrying this axe on a regular hammer belt ring.
Also, you will definitely need to practice drawing and re-sheathing this axe. If you do it too fast, or if you do it wrong, you might cut your self, or worse drop the axe on your foot.

Great buy for me! A compact combat axe that I can carry on my hikes, or just keep in my emergency kit in my car. Hope this helps!
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on March 31, 2016
I got this "used" off Amazon for $49. Saved me $10. (That's why I shot the "box" pics as well)
This is a good little buddy to have along. Light but deadly, small but powerful.
It says "Taiwan" on it, but this thing is not breaking. NOT breaking. Period.
I bought this primarily for CQC because I'd rather have this against an enemy than just my knife. I could go with simply a big knife, but I'm not into carrying "swords" around. I'd rather have this + my normal knife which is more usable anyway. And the small axe/medium knife combo is my preference to just carrying one big blade. But that's personal, go whichever way you want.
It's small, but I wanted it to be small. See pics for size. If it was a big, it'd obviously be more capable (they did come out with a larger version) but I'd not carry it with me and end up not having it when I needed it. This thing can be put on my carrier. It doesn't exactly "disappear" on it, but at least it's discreet. I will use camo wrap on it to make it blend when I get around to it.
I'm not gonna talk about its cutting/chopping/whatever abilities, nor its blade. You're really better off going off to Youtube and watching it in action. You'll get more than what I could ever say. I know that's what I did.
The grip felt weird at first, and it is not the most comfortable, but I didn't get this to terrorize trees all day. I would like to say I got used to it quickly, but that would be a lie. It does provide for a good grip but it also "cuts" into your hand. No, I don't have soft hands; it's just not its purpose to hack away all day long. With gloves this problem disappears, but be mindful if you're gonna planning to use this without. Just ... better don't.
As you can see in the pics, I'm still figuring out how to put this on my carrier and having it quickly accessible. No point in CQC if you can't have it in your hand in a flash. The current configuration would work, but I'd have to find a way to secure it, as the kydex safety (sheath is good btw) would not be in the position of the pics. It would have to be "safety off", which means I have to find a way to secure it so that it doesn't fall but also have it accessible when I draw it. Turning it upside-down does not work for me, unless it sticks up way over my head (like I said, it's small), and that's not an option. Also, the kydex sheath does not go diagonally, for anyone contemplating such a thing.
The Kydex sheath, now that I mentioned it, is not the "safety off", "pull down" and "it's out" type. There is a small part on the inside upon which the heavy blade rests, so you have to pull it with the spike out first, in a somewhat circular motion. Like I would pull the spike to my left and down, using my right hand (where I am grabbing it in the pic). So I am not overly concerned with the weight and it dropping out accidentally. Yes, it does bump somewhat on the plate but a little velcro juuuuuust closed a bit can solve that and keeping from striking the plate -which besides annoying gives my position away.
I hope all this was useful and I am open to suggestions :-)
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on April 18, 2017
It is perfect for what I wanted it for! The size and weight is perfect! It's very easy to handle and use. The cutting edge is a nice length as well. The spike is great! It will punch through whatever you need it to.
All these are great aspects, but why this tomahawk is the best is that it's all ONE PIECE of 1055 steel. It's a great quality steel and you won't have to worry about screws, bolts, what have you like on other (cheaper) tomahawks. It will last a lifetime.
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on July 21, 2015
It's got some serious weight and the kydex sheath with M.O.L.L.E. clips is a great accessory that's included. I take this one with me when I go hiking, walking the dog at the local dog park (heavily wooded with a lake), kayaking and camping. Also makes a good thrower. Very simple design. The nylon wrap around the handle is super tight but I wish it were a bit more comfortable in the palm. Makes for good grip, especially when used in a gloved hand. A paracord wrap might be a bit more forgiving on the hands as well as prove more useful in a camping or survival situation. This was a good addition to my collection and probably the one that sees the most use.
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on May 16, 2017
Great hatchet. I used it to cut down a hardwood tree in my yard, It took about 5 minutes for a 6-inch wide tree which seemed pretty good speed wise. The handle is fantastic, the rope is absolutely solid not even the smallest movement in it and the sub-grip seems really good as well. It's solid metal and doesn't have any bends. After cutting down the tree the edge was still razor sharp, just like it was to begin with. I hit the edge on a concrete floor and it had small divots about a quarter of a millimeter deep which was corrected with 4 passes on a whetstone on either side.

The spike seems a little dull but it pierces things fairly well. The edge came razor sharp and took almost no damage.
The finish is very sturdy it has a few small bubbles in it but it was purely cosmetic. After using the spike to stab cans has scratched off small amounts of the finish.
Overall I have no complaints about it, especially for the price point. WAY BETTER THAN THE COLD STEEL PRODUCTS durability wise because it is a solid piece of steel.
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on April 13, 2014
This is an awesome little hawk. I only own the Smith and Wesson Extraction and Evasion tomahawk, which is double this size, but the Browning is big on design, looks and feel. The sheath, which is the updated version (even though the instructions included aren't) is awesome in itself. I can't say I've used it yet, but I can instantly tell it won't disappoint. The paracord wrapped handle, if it can even be called paracord now, is almost as stiff as the hawk itself. I don't know how they got it to be so, but I highly doubt it can be taken off and used if one ever needed the paracord. I'm not worried about it, I carry some myself. It also doesn't deter the grip, balance or feel of the handle. I'm not sure if they want the buyer to think it can be used or what. But, at least, mine cannot. The spiked pommel will be perfect for emergency glass breaking...if ever needed. Not only did the S&W E&E tool turn me on to this little brother, this has turned me on to a whole new world of hawks. In fact, I'm anticipating the arrival of the Boker Plus Vox T-Hawk in a couple days. Like another buyer said, if you've been contemplating this purchase, no more thinking is needed.
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on April 12, 2015
I'm a huge fan of RMJ Tactical hawks but not everyone can afford or justify the cost. The Browning Shock N Awe is what I recommend for a personal defense hawk that is solid, practical, and affordable. Shorter than others, this hawk is fast, scary, and perfect for EDC. Folks don't even notice it strapped to my 5.11 RUSH 10 that I carry everywhere.

This is a CQC tactical hawk, not a camping tool. If I had to face a knife without my S&W 40, this is what I want. Wickedly fast, scary from every direction, and reverses as quick as my Bram Frank designed Abanikos. Putting it through the CSSD/SC modular drills, this hawk flows beautifully.

If you want an affordable, solid piece of kit, the Shock N Awe is hard to beat.
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on August 24, 2014
Great axe! I purchased this item for a camping trip in anticipation of being able to use it for gathering wood only to find out that gathering is against camp policy. Oh well.

However, this axe is great for throwing. It sticks particularly well to redwoods as my friends and I quickly found out. We ended up spending a large portion of our camping trip throwing this axe at trees. We all had such a great time with it that some of my friends began to consider purchasing an axe of their own.

I found that it's easier to land the throw with this axe with the pointed end facing the target, though the head will also stick if thrown correctly. The grip on the handle also helps ensure that it doesn't slip and that axe-idents don't happen.
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on December 3, 2013
This is a great little device to have in your car in case of emergency. It's small but hefty. It feels serious. Comes with an awesome Kydex sheath. The cord that's partially wrapped around the handle makes it extremely impractical to use though. The cord has been treated with some kind of resin so it's is no longer flexible but stiff and brittle and unusable. I removed the cord from the handle and wrapped it in non-slip grip tape....WAAAY better. Just add a short, tough lanyard to the end of the handle and you're ready to go.
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on June 30, 2015
I must admit, I like edged tools and have quite a collection of them. This is one that could be a useful camp tool, but is really designed as a nice survivalist weapon. I have used it for splitting kindling and the spike is useful for bashing holes in things, as long as they don't have to be neat! Good for starting tent pegs in the awful, packed ground you get at public campgrounds. I have several reproduction hawks (Fur Trade vintage) They are nice for target throwing, but useless for camp use. This one will be a really useful, lightweight camp tool. The paracord-wrapped handle is comfortable and good for a grip, and the cord could be useful in an emergency situation.
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