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on November 4, 2013
I was looking for a waterproof slipper I could slip on to shovel the coming snow off of the deck so I could take the dogs out. Something warm and comfortable, I really didn't such a thing existed until I found these. As for being waterproof, I have worn them in the grass after a day of rain and my feet stayed warm and dry. As for fit and comfort I couldn't ask for better. I have a wide foot so I was concerned since they only came in regular width but the fit is spot on. So I have found a warm, dry, comfortable slipper that perfectly fits my needs. I don't usually like wearing anything on my feet around the house but these feel so good I leave them on all the time. I highly recommend these for around the house and that occasional trip outside, now if I could only wear them to work! Thank you
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on November 6, 2012
Best "insulated" slipper I've had the pleasure to own. Total comfort in both cool and warm weather. I wear it with or without socks during warm times, and it does not overheat the foot. Can be worn with or without socks in cooler times, and it keeps the foot warm but not too hot. I would recommend the slipper to anyone and everyone. The color is almost always a conversation starter.

Hardy enough for walking on pavement. Comfortable enough for sleeping.

I like this shoe.
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on February 18, 2014
The size 13 sizing info measured just a bit shorter than the length of my foot, so I went with size 14, which I usually wear. Turned out to be too big - too loose to feel comfortable walking around, like they might slip off my heel. Apart from being too big, they didn't seem to breathe very well (a vague assessment, I know, but I was hoping for something more), so I'm sending them back and looking into other options. Also, I thought I'd like the material more - I like the waterproofness idea, and the lower half seems robust, but the upper feels like it could snag and tear too easily if I would happen to get into some light work while wearing them. Probably will look into leather again - Minnetonka makes some quality stuff, and is local.
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on April 6, 2015
The product is good quality and I like the design, however, I should have not listened to all the reviewer's who said that these ran big. I bought a size smaller, and they were too tight, my husband couldn't even get his foot in. We had to send them back. But my main frustration about this product and thus such low rating is really with Amazon. When I was checking out it said that the estimated shipping was "$5.95" and it had zero information that this product was being shipped from Canada, which I thought wasn't bad at all and purchased them as these were the lowest price out there. However, since this was coming from Canada they charged me shipping $17.00. I was pissed when I saw the bill, but now it gets even worse. Since we had to send them back I had to pay $20.00 for shipping as this is an international package! So, after spending $34.00 on shipping I was left with nothing. This is the second time this has happened to me with amazon with shoes, and now I'm never buying shoes or any clothes here again. So, if you live in US, don't buy this product. You can go directly on Columbia's website and pay a few bucks more for a product, but you will get free shipping and less hassle to return them. One note: the seller was very nice, responsive and reimbursed us no problem, again just mad at Amazon for false information.
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on February 19, 2014
I love these slippers!

Last year, I bought a pair of the Omni-Heat gloves, so I knew the reflective lining works by reflecting (duh) your body heat. One thing I like is that these don't have the furry lining many slippers do, so you can wear a heavy sock with them. I am a woman, but I have D-width feet, so I often have to buy men's shoes and slippers. The fit is comfortably snug with a heavy sock. Sometimes I take the time to pull the heel part up over my heels, but usually I just wear them like slides. The rubber sole and leather(?) make them water resistant enough and non-skid enough to make a fast dash out into snow/slush. I am prone to plantar fasciitis, and these give just a touch of arch support. I wouldn't want to do any serious walking in them, but for walking around the house, and of course for doing stuff sitting down, they're great!

My one issue is that for the first couple of weeks I had them, if my feet were damp -- barefoot after my shower or wearing socks that got wet outside -- the dye from the rim around the foot opening transferred to my feet or the socks. The slippers are black, but the dye is more of a navy blue. Hmm. Now that I've had them for 3 weeks, the dye has stopped transferring, or isn't as dark if it does.

Whenever I'm ready to replace these, I need to remember to get them early enough that I can have other color choices.
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on March 15, 2014
They fit great, they keep my feet warm, and they wick perspiration away better than any other slippers I've had. They are quite durable on the bottom. I loved them so much I bought pairs for Christmas for my sister and her husband. She told me she loves them, too. No complaints and I can see myself buying these again when these wear out, which I anticipate will be a long time from now.

Edit 2018. I've had these same slippers over 4 years now. They are my absolute favorite shoes around the house and I literally wear them all the time at home. I took one off and I'm looking at it. The back top edge is just starting to wear out on both feet. There is paint and stain all over both of them. The treads on the bottom are still going strong.

This is a no brainer. Buy em. I would easily buy them again. Awesome shoes!
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on January 19, 2014
Best pair of slippers i've ever owned! Build quality is very good, they are comfortable. rugged and most importantly... Warm!
I brought these over to my fathers for christmas and i had him try them on. He asked me 20 minutes later to get him a pair. My father now owns the exact same ones i have.
The size fit exactly as it should, order what you size shoe you wear and use the slipper with socks.

The pros!
These things are... Awesome! I have bad circulation in my feet (not from any medical reason) so a warm pair of slippers is a huge deal to me. These are it! These slippers keep my feet feeling amazing. My hands are jealous!
They breath enough so my feat dont sweat even tho they are quite warm. You must wear socks when using them tho or your feet will sweat.

There are a few cons but none of these effect what the product was designed to do, keep your feet warm.
The insoles will wear out with heavy use but luckily you can buy new ones as they come out of the slipper!
The material used inside the slipper stink. It shouldn't be an issue for anyone unless you actively smell your socks or slippers but it is something i've noticed.
The material on top of the slipper is very soft and could easy be cut by something. I would take special care to insure no damage is done to the top part of the slipper as it might effect its ability to keep your feet warm.
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on January 15, 2013
as someone with chronically cold feet who can be a little spacey in the morning when heading out to grab the paper I was looking for a versatile indoor/outdoor slipper that would stand up to quick dashes outside as well as being comfortable enough to wear for long periods in the house...

These definitely fit the bill...look to be very well built, true to size, toasty and comfortable while having a nice rubber sole with enough traction to get down our icy stairs to the paperbox

Only problem I have (had) is that they are built so low in the back they had a tendency to slip off the heel...a small piece of rubber friction tape along the top edge of the back quickly fixed that...
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on November 29, 2013
You wake up bright and early, your house is freezing, and you have hard flooring (perhaps wood, or stone). There are worse things in life than cold feet, but this is a great solution to your everyday scenario.

These slippers have the same Omni-Heat reflective lining as featured on lots of the latest cold weather Columbia products. There is no question, whether in bare feet or socks, these are going to warm you up very quickly.

If you've ever found yourself uncomfortable because your feet are too warm, or because your feet are sweating excessively, I believe this may not be the product for you. As the lining reflects the heat you produce back towards your skin, bare feet actually seem to heat up a whole load quicker, and you will really notice your feet are hot. However, feet in socks stay at a more constant warm temperature.

I have a nasty habit of needing to run out into the yard to collect firewood/kindling, and I rarely stop to switch into my outdoor shoes. That means these soft slippers are getting trampled in mud/dirt/damp grass constantly, and they're still holding up very well. I've been outside, with no socks, in these slippers, with the temperature in the mid twenties, and I was registering a freezing cold face far more than cold feet.

Don't do that with your slippers please, they're clearly not made for outdoor use, but they will survive it, and they actually seem to be very well made, which is contrary to... just about every product we buy.
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on January 23, 2013
I was attracted to this as I have other Columbia products with "Omni-heat" and I think it is a great product innovation for pants, jackets, etc.

I loved the color choice too as they would be really visible and not hide in dark corners.

I take 9 1/2 or 10 m in my shoes - depending on brand & style. I ordered a 10 here, but right away in the 1st couple of steps it was clear this design would not stay on my feet when I walked.

So they quickly went back - sorry, not a sizing issue I think a design issue.

I replaced with a pair from Cabela's of a different style (which are great).
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