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on September 25, 2013
Best Buy had everything else in stock EXCEPT the Jabra SoleMate. (This was my first clue that the SoleMate was the one to get.) However, they did still have a demo unit on the shelf, so I decided to audition the competing products side-by-side – most notably, the Jawbone JamBox and Bose SoundLink Mini.

Hands down, the SoleMate sounded best -- it seemed to have the best overall range. The Bose SoundLink, $50 more, had a bit more low-end, but lacked definition in the mid and high frequencies. I have found that this is characteristic of Bose products which are mostly over-rated. They always sound muddy to me.

The Jawbone JamBox stakes claim to the opposite end of the spectrum – shrill at the top, and nothing on the bottom. The JamBox did nothing for me.

Picking up the SoleMate in my hands supported what my ears were hearing. This thing is a little brick. By comparison, both the Bose and Jawbone products felt feather light – probably because the speaker magnets are wimpy little things.

Admittedly, everyone's tastes are different. When possible, it's always best to audition audio components with your own ears and music. That being said, at this price-point, I believe you'll find the Jabra SoleMate gives you the best bang for the buck.
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on December 26, 2012
I love the packaging of this unit and it both looks and feels like a high quality product. The sound quality itself is actually excellent - but volume isn't at all consistent from one device to the next (the reason for four stars instead of five). We're an Apple household and so far I've connected it to two iPod Touches, two iPhone 4's, a 4S, a 5, a MacBook Pro and a Mac Mini. On the Mac Mini and the MacBook Pro the volume was fantastic - it got quite loud. With the mobile devices (iPods and iPhones), the volume was simply way too low. Since I bought this primarily to use outside when I have company over and am grilling, volume is important to me. I had planned to use it with my phone in that situation but I simply don't think it will be loud enough. I may have to take my Mac outside (or see if the Bluetooth will connect while it's in the house) since it simply won't be loud enough with the phone.

If the volume was the same from the portable devices as it is from the MacBook, I would have given it five stars but since I purchased it specifically to use with the phone and the volume (with the phone) is so poor I can't justify five so have only given it four. I do want to stress however that the sound quality truly is incredible and the volume coming from the laptop is plenty loud enough. Depending on the devices you're planning to use it with (and how loud you need it to be) I'm certain you will be happy with the quality of sound from this little unit.

UPDATE; When I was first testing this (specifically the volume) I was using the iTunes app which is what I will typically use. I just used the iHeartRadio app for the first time and it made a HUGE difference in volume. Directly from my phone the volume from this app was incredibly loud - literally probably four times as loud as what came from the iTunes app.

So, my previous statements are absolutely true from using my iPhones (and iTouches) with the iTunes app - but not necessarily from other apps. I never thought this would make a difference and I'm now guessing that other apps may make a volume difference as well. I'm every bit as impressed with the sound now as I was when I initially wrote the review and as long as I want to use something other than iTunes, the volume will be fine as well.
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on December 30, 2012
Don't expect premium wired speaker richness or clarity out of this thing, but for its size and wireless nature it does a nice job of reproducing music at good clarity and volume big enough to fill a large room. As context, this is my first wireless speaker purchase so I was excited to try the technology.

So on to sound quality. I've tried both the bluetooth connection and direct connection via 3.5mm cable. Bluetooth connection is amazingly simple across devices. The sound is however, just OK for an audiophile and seemed muffled at times. I realized this was a lot to do because of the bluetooth transmission itself. If you want to hear the best sound out of these speakers, you need to use the direct connection and with that setup it's pretty decent! My wife and kids are fine with the bluetooth quality and its convenient, however I prefer to let my playlist run on the direct connection for increased clarity. Another thing about bluetooth clarity, it seems to vary depending on device (our iPhone 5 for some reason produced the best clarity vs. my iPad 1 or my dedicated Samsung P2 MP3 player).

We have the Solemate sitting on a table in about a ~700sq foot room and the sound fills it up just fine without the volume even being close to max. I understand some others are complaining about the volume - must be living in mansions?!? :) Note, the connecting device volume also needs to be up, not just the Solemates! Stable and sturdy, the thing won't vibrate across your table even with high volume/bass.

Not having tried the other wireless systems out there (and there seems to be lots!), I can say for the Gold box price I paid it's a pretty good value and good sound, especially when connecting directly.

The one thing I haven't figured out is standby mode. This thing is supposed to have 6-10 days battery life on standby?!? Leaving the Solemate on the 'on' position seemed to drain it in about 24 hrs, despite no music playing. The on/off button seems like it could be fragile in the longrun, so I'd like to avoid flicking it off and on daily. If anyone has figured out how standby works exactly, please leave me a comment.
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on December 7, 2014
Kinda funny looking, but unique. Sounded great for the first 6 or so months, then surprise.....,I turned it on and it sounded horrible!!!! I was careful not to pump up the volume, but it sounded as though one or more of the speakers had blown. Luckily it was still under warranty AND, luckily I had bought it through Amazon so being the disorganized person I am, was able to print out my receipt. With a little perseverance, I got my unit replaced with a brand new one. So far, so good!!
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on August 25, 2013
It's truly lovely and the sound is great. My son makes fun of the voice (yes, I know you can turn it down) but then that would require energy to turn back up. lol. I haven't had it a week yet, but couldn't be more delighted. The pairing is such a breeze, especially considering I put up with a cruddy ihome bluetooth for 2 yrs or so.
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on July 21, 2014
I used it for a couple years. Decent battery life. If you can tinker you might be able to add a second battery for higher capacity. Ultimately it is very "bass heavy" and has a lot of tinny sounds in the higher end. Never really found a use that was exceptional for performance.

I really liked this at first, but the middle range is seriously suppressed on this without strong definition. There might be better options out there but I've really soured on this category of device. Not because they're awful, but because I know we can expect better and the industry knows they have better available to them, they just don't want to offer it because they make less money and they want to sell new devices.

Come on guys, get with the program, you know these are just v.05 devices. Get to the good stuff.
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on June 9, 2013
Well I agree with most all of the 4 or 5 star reviews. It could use a little more volume but overall it is plenty loud for what I wanted it for. I did take a chance on amazon warehouse deals bought the good condition one. If it was not for the seal broken on the container I would have not known it was used. Looks Brand new!!!If I have any problems I will update. But for now Very Happy.
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on July 23, 2013
Great little Bluetooth speaker. Sounds great with really nice bass for a speaker its size. I also have a Big Jambox - the Solemate doesn't sound as big, detailed, or have as much bass, but it's half the cost - and almost as important is it's less than half the size. The Big Jambox isn't really portable (that's the only knock - otherwise the Big Jambox is awesome) but the Solemate is really compact. I start out every day reading by the pool, and this will sound kind of stupid, but I love the little carry loop - when you have your hands full of drinks, an iPad, and a Kindle, it's nice to be able to grab the Solemate with the little carry loop around a finger. Hint - if you want to kick up the bass and sound level put it in a corner or close to a wall so the sound will reflect out. The only thing I'm not sure about is the speakerphone - I can hear fine but have had a couple of people say they have a hard time hearing me.
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on June 25, 2014
Good overall, good sound for a little speaker, decent battery life, easy to use, looks super.
but I have 2 complaints

1. There seems to be no way to know if the blue tooth is ever off. I assume that means it's on whenever the device is on.

2. (main complaint) The device has a mans voice that tells you if the batter is low. It will automatically announce at full volume, in a white-guy's voice "Battery Low, Recharge Now". This can happen at 4am when you're trying to sleep. That is a major design flaw. Otherwise a good device.
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on December 18, 2013
This speaker performs moderately well but considering the amount I paid for it, I don't feel like I got much value. There is so much they could improved on with just the interface, I feel kind of like I bought a Pentium 3 computer when Core i5's and 7's have been out for over a year. I would expect a fully functional battery charge indicator rather than just a light that blinks 15 minutes before the speaker dies. It isn't the worst thing I have bought in my life but it definitely doesn't come close for its cost meeting the value. Neat concept, but leaves much to be improved upon.
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