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on September 23, 2015
The printing works well, but the interface for managing the printer is antiquated. It also has a problem that once it goes into power save mode, the only way to get it to wake up is to turn it off and on. Very frustrating that you have to reboot it every time you want to print!

The quality of printing and speed of printing work are the one thing that I do like.
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on December 30, 2014
So far it seems to be working well. We got about 500 pages before the inks ran out. They all ran out at virtually the same time, though, so I'm curious about that. Ink refills are expensive but we found a cheaper brand on Amazon. We just put them in so I can't tell yet how well they're work or for how long. It does make nice copies and printouts.
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on August 29, 2013
We have three networks linked together in our home to serve six people using ipads & a variety of computers... this printer was easily installed and readily available to all devices on all the networks. Dell's mobile app makes quick work of printing from our iphones. Black & gray-scale printing is crisp. Color is correct and beautiful. I cannot tell enough people how pleased we are with this printer. The only advice to be offered is to ditch the installation cd that comes in the box. It has a load of business software that is cumbersome and useless in a home environment. Download the installation file from the Dell website using the service tag. The scanner works great using Paint and the OCR is spot on using Microsoft Document Imaging. The toner seems to last forever. We're on our fifth ream of paper and still going strong - a vast improvement over buying inkjet cartridges twice a month. Excellent printer!
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on April 20, 2013
Bought this multifunction laser printer a few weeks ago. Granted I haven't had to print much in that time, it does seem to work and do what I need of it. The setup for this thing is extremely easy and basically dummy-proof. I will say that the graphics and colors are pretty darn good. I printed a full 8 1/2 X 11 picture of my wife and I and it looked great! I also copied a new dollar bill I had in my wallet just to test the scanning and printing abilities (dollars are so extremely intricate). It turned out looking like the real thing, it was crazy. It went straight to the shredder of course!
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on July 14, 2015
This is a TERRIBLE printer! The quality of the printed pages is good, but the quality of the printer itself is awful. We have had this printer for just over a year. During that time, my husband, who is an IT guy, has never been able to get it to print off of his computer. When I initially set it up on my laptop, it took me the better part of a day for it to print wirelessly for me, but I was finally able to get it to print. It has never allowed me to connect to email to send things. The USB port is super temperamental, sometimes requiring me to wiggle the USB in the port to get it to recognize that it's there, which is really something you never want to be doing with your USB stick! It is picky about what format of files it will print from USB, so if you have a picture on there, too bad for you, it's not going to print it! The buttons don't always work when you press them. They will sometimes do what their function is, but there is often a long delay or you have to press it again as it didn't recognize that you pressed it. A couple days ago we had to replace our router. Well, again it's been like requiring an act of Congress to get the printer to recognize anything to print. This morning, I finally got it to print a couple pages from a couple different documents as a test. It then got hung up on one document and continued to say it was processing. I shut it down and since starting it up, it will not go past the "Dell" screen to do ANYTHING. None of the buttons work at all to get it out of this frozen state. All the information I read about it pretty much states the same thing, that Dell will not do anything except for tell you that you need a new printer. Wow, GREAT printer that you put out if it lasts just one year, with very little use, and not even greatly during that year. If I could give it 0 stars, I would have. SO disappointed. I was really excited to get this printer and happy to have gotten a Dell. Not sure where their quality went, but definitely do NOT buy this printer!
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on October 22, 2014
Disposable printer, only good for maybe 12-24 months of service, as indicated by the warranty. Only guaranteed for 12 months, after this the printer is out of warranty, and, according to Dell customer service, not worth repairing. You must print thousands of pages within the first year to make the per page cost even close to worth it. For us, each page cost well over $1-$2 each! I can order online for 50 cents a page, with higher quality, full photo prints, this is a terrible deal! Even with the few hundred pages of black and white printed text was $1-$2 each, considering our printer was bricked in less than 24 months, with $240 worth of new toner cartridges now wasted!

The wifi on ours went out at month 18, very subtly. Large print jobs would hang the front panel, the dots would stop moving across the panel screen and Windows 8.1 would report lost connectivity to the printer. The only solution was to restart the printer, and print from USB. Only then could full page images or flyers with design elements on the edges be printed. Over faulty wifi we could only print a quarter of the page worth of images before locking up the front panel, necessitating a restart of the printer. Before month 18, printing full page photos at 8.5x11 were brilliant, fast, and easy, all using the same computers, router, and networking setup, all over wifi. All that changed was that large print jobs over wifi started failing 90% of the time at month 18, from 3 different computers.

Each official Dell toner cartridge is about $60. We had $240 worth of new toner in the printer before the failed wifi made it a nightmare to use, with 90% of all print jobs making the printer unresponsive until the next restart. With how few months service you'll get, this printer is extremely expensive, considering the cost per print, don't be fooled by it's cheap price. We spent about $600 since 2013 to print out, maybe, 1,000 pages for it's total life, and that's a real stretch. The toner is amazing compared to inkjet cartridges as it is guaranteed to work without use for up to three years, this was the main reason we switched to laser, for extended time between prints!

I am giving this printer 2 stars due to how highly unreliable not only the wifi adapter is, but how irreversible firmware update failures are on this model printer. Unless your printer has features going out on it like ours did, diminishing it's value, I would never consider updating the firmware, ever, do not attempt to fix what is not broken. The only fix for a failed attempt is a motherboard replacement, which cost more than the printer retails for, according to Dell customer service. On an HP LaserJet, all you need to do is move a jumper on the board inside the printer to recover the factory provided firmware! Lexmark has USB recovery mode for their firmware failures. With Dell, no recovery is possible, only an expensive motherboard replacement. Due to these flaws, only 2 stars, it just isn't useful for long enough to justify it's high toner and per page printing costs, waste of money. Go get an HP LaserJet, parts are abundant, HP has the most units sold, so repair is an option after 24 months of service, and many computer shops and techs can service them.

Our C1765nfw died with error code 024-360, aka, new motherboard required.
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on May 13, 2014
Works great, you can purchase for just about the cost of a full set of toners for my old 2130cn, which is still working great, it just need all new toners. This MFC is actually smaller and lighter than the 2130CN. It doesn't hold as much paper as the 2130 but for my small office that I run out of my home it is perfect.
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on October 19, 2013
I enjoy this printer,it is almost exactly do what I was expecting from a printer;the colors are very good and the printing is very clean and clear. What I am a little disapointed is that the two sides of a sheet is not automatic,But the 2 sides are printed very well and the pièces of paper are exactly on the good sheet.
Raymond Beaudoin.
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on February 27, 2014
Fast efficient easy to operate. I would recommend it highly to all my family and friends that need a printer.
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on December 3, 2014
Installed easily, networked easily, and has a very high print quality. Scan to email, computer, or USB with ease. Use PC Fax to send faxes without a land line using your internet connection. Thanks to other reviewers I already knew about the lack of a true paper drawer... it is an open, flip out, tray type paper feed. The reviewers that dinged it for that cited dust getting into the printer but obviously didn't actually look at the feed. There is as much of a gap as would be seen even if you had a traditional drawer type tray. Will update if there are any problems that pop up that shouldn't. I would recommend this printer to small business clients with 10 or fewer workstations.
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