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VINE VOICEon February 27, 2017
I started video-gaming back in the 80's, and then through the present. Back in the day when the Neo-Geo came out, it was WAY out of my price range, but it was certainly very desirable: literally arcade-quality (since the very machines were used in arcades). Now all these years later, this retro game system also distinguishes itself from similar systems (I also have an NES classic and the At-games Sega Genesis system). The quality of the NeoGeoX handheld is really nice, surprisingly high quality for the (sticker) price. The joystick is pretty cheap, very plasticey, and kind of a debacle relative to the higher quality sticks. But that said it is perfectly usable.

It comes with a pretty nice collection of games. As is true of the Neo Geo games library as a whole, the selection is pretty "fighter game" heavy, but there are some nice shooters and other games in there too. Also the ability to buy a card that includes another 15 great games (the "Mega Pack", a must buy) certainly makes the Neo Geo retro system game library much better than the competitors.

It plays great on my modern tv (through hdmi). The picture and sound are respectable (considering when the games were made). I'm really happy with the system, but sad that they discontinued it. There are still a lot of great games that we'll never see on this system (without getting hacks). Get it while you still can! My guess is that these systems will be very expensive in a few years.
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on April 13, 2017
I love this thing. PLEASE NOTE: this is a console for fans of nostalgia. I never got to play these games as a kid and I'm very happy to be able to play them as an adult. They are not emulated perfectly but they are pretty close. I noticed only a couple of stinkers with the games included. Do your research on this thing and know what you are buying. This thing is not cheap and the price only seems to be climbing. The upgrade pack is very pricey and this system seems to be getting more expensive and rare as time goes on. I'll never forget the first time I gawked at how cool Magician Lord looked and now to have it at my fingertips it's pretty unreal. The games are decent and there is an overwhelming assortment of Street Fighter-esque games to get lost in. I like the system, but with no updates or support for this, people need to understand exactly what they are buying.
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on July 20, 2015
This Neo Geo X is a fantastic system with an excellent library of Neo Geo arcade games, as well as the ability to be upgraded to play even more classic video games. It comes with 1 joystick, so you'll need to buy a 2nd stick for that awesome 2 player Neo Geo co-operative experience!

It has great graphics and sound, just like the arcade games! You won't find a better 90's classic video game system for the price. There is a nice selection of 20 classic Neo Geo games included with the system (built in to the hardware). There are a wide variety of game to play, including one of the best Neo Geo games...King of the Monsters! I love playing King of the Monsters and I hope that you will, too!

The Neo Geo X also doubles as a handheld system for classic 90's video gaming on the go! This feature makes it seem like 2 systems for the price of one. It can even play additional game card bundles or you can go for the ultimate upgrade that opens up the entire library to you.

I really love my Neo Geo X and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't already have the Neo Geo AES in their possession.
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on February 19, 2015
It is what it is - an inexpensive way to play reasonably well-emulated Neo Geo roms. The Handheld is nice, it is not top-shelf build quality but it is serviceable. The screen is a little faint, but again - it works. The dock is a nice bonus, and the controller is a nice facsimile of the original. The main gripe most people have is that there is a lack of build quality continuity. I was fortunate and got a decent one, the only issue is a faint (and I mean faint) pixel out in the handheld, but you can only see it from an extreme angle - not a big problem here. Overall I am pleased, I knew what to expect going in - I waited two years from the initial release and could way the pros and cons. My heart goes out to those who got severely boned w/ bricked systems I would have been aggravated too. So in closing, decent niche system - fun collection of games at a reasonable price. Don't go into this expecting the world and you should be fine.
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on November 13, 2014
Its obvious that its not 100% up to SNK's standards... However it is a really cool system to have. Not many people had a NeoGeo when i was growing up and some really cool games were on the system. Its fun to be able to play them now, and the handheld is surprisingly well made. I havent had any mechanical or electrical problems with mine and its played all the games just fine. I do wish the handheld was a bit larger, as my hands kind of cramp up after 30-40 min of playing.

i really love how they made a real effort to not forget about what the system originally looked like, and the flip up "case" for the handheld is really neat. It always throws people off when they ask "What system is that?!" haha Pretty neat to see their reaction when the lid pops up and they realize they have been playing a handheld the whole time.

I hope they eventually come to terms with SNK and every game that was on the NeoGeo gets put on the NeoGeo X.
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on June 30, 2013
upon reading around the net you'll see this deviice has many issues. Some, its claimed , can be overcome with a firmware upgrade with Mega Pack 1. Now here comes a problem as all Neogeo X with the firmware 337 (and some later 357, 370), as sold here as late as April 2013 and possibly later still, the device will either be bricked or just won't update. i.e. you will either need to send the Neogeo X back to the USA or just settle for the games it came with and no more. If the thing is fixed, you'll need to buy these games of the 90s from the manufacture only, though 300 odd are freely available to download here and there. Shame though, as those games are not usable as is on the Neogeo X and you'll need to wait for them to become available from the manufacture or otherwise for some solution to be addressed by a third party.
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on April 30, 2015
Love this thing. I had an original AES back in the day but that is long gone. I got the gamecard from OMG SNK and have every single Neo Geo game ever made on one card. Arcade lovers dream. Nice little system, great build quality and the dock is awesome when my nephew comes over. plug in two controllers and away you go.
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on December 19, 2012
Well, I have had the better part of the afternoon and evening to play around with my New Geo X Gold System and here are my impressions. I will try not to go over too much of what was mentioned before in the other reviews. In short, if you like old Jean-Claude Van Damme, Tom Selleck, Kurt Russell, and Arnold Schwarzenegger films or old cheesy action films like American Ninja, The Last Dragon and American Cyborg, then chances are this system is for you. If not, you will likely be happier with a DS/3DS or a PSP/Vita.

Handheld Hardware
The screen looks to be a TFT and the viewing angles are pretty bad. Tilting the NGX even slightly, be it up/down or side/side causes the picture to become either overly saturated or extremely dark. There is definitely a sweet spot that it has to be viewed at to see the games at their maximum visual splendor. This isn't too noticable however when actually playing the games. The screen also isn't very bright. Though perfectly fine indoors, you can pretty much forget about playing it outside. Overall it feels more like the screen of an older Gameboy Advance than a more modern DS/3DS or PSP/Vita. Same goes for the speakers, which do a commendable job reproducing sounds. I'd definitely recommend a good pair of headphones however as they really do help flesh out the more subtle sound effects and ambient music that you may not notice otherwise.

The system itself feels solid and sturdy if not a bit hollow inside. The joystick, 4 face buttons and L1 and R1 buttons all have just the right amount of travel along with very satisfying clicks. The L2 and R2 buttons on the on top however feel spongy and have too far a travel for my liking. The volume and brightness buttons, located on the bottom of the unit, are well-designed and well-placed. They are large enough to press comfortably and set just low enough not to get in the way while playing. Ditto for the power toggle on the side. It requires a good amount of pressure to switch, which ensures that the chance of accidentally toggling the system off while playing is slim to nil.

One thing to note is that the battery does not seem to be easily accessable, which is a bit unfortunate for those who plan to own the system for a while. It would have been nice to include a way to open the case to replace the battery when it is no long able to hold a decent charge.

The system takes roughly 30 seconds to boot and the games load in about 5 to 10 seconds. Software wise, the emulation is great. I'm not a NG afficianado so I can't vouch for how closely the peformance mirrors its AES/MVS counterparts, but they do feel good. Games like Samurai Shodown 2 and Metal Slug have slow down just like they do the arcade. The frequency at which they occur as well as the extent to which they last in comparison however, I am not sure. There is no way to save games or high scores which is a bummer. Granted these are arcade games and not meant to be played for very long, it would have been nice save the progress in the action games and continue where you left off at a later time. The NGX's OS is basic but functional. The games automatically pause as the volume or brightness is adjusted which is a very welcome feature. Quitting a game and returning back to the main menu is quick and easy.

The library of games included has something for everyone. Standout games for me include Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown 2, King of Fighters '95, World Heros Perfect and Real Bout Fatal Fury. There are lots of great Neo Geo games out there that weren't included in this package and I am really hoping that they will be released before Tommo decides to end support for this system.

System Dock
Like the NGX, the dock looks great and feels solid. The lid does not open all the way when the button is pressed, but it does stay up when you lift it. Closing the lid is easy and it locks in place with a gentle click. The NGX slides into the dock relatively easily. Once docked, it feels pretty secure. One thing I don't really like is that, once docked inside, it is near impossible to remove and replace game cards. To do so, the system must first has to be powered off and taken out. It feels like a needless hassle that could have been avoided had there been more space on the right side. Another issue that bugs me is that the menu button on the dock physically presses the menu button on the NGX. The bit from the dock that makes contact with the NGX looks hard and unrefined which may scratch or possibly damage the button on the NGX itself. Making that contact point softer with a felt or rubber tip would have been nice.

The video quality when using the standard composite cables on an HD TV is pretty bad. Like others have mentioned there is a bit of rainbowing on whites and such. The colors look overly saturated and blurry. The picture quality is dramatically improved however when connecting via the included HDMI cable. Everything just appears so much more clear and crisp. There is a bit of screen tearing when connecting via HDMI however, but it does not get in the way of gameplay. The sound quality seemed to be similar across both connections, which is to say great!

The joysick itself is loud, the buttons are a little loose and the shell feels hollow. From what I've been reading from various message boards however, that is just how the original joysticks felt so these are likely spot on replicas. Like the NGX, the clicks of the joystick and buttons feel satisfying, there is just the right amount of travel, and overall it feels very responsive. I should also mention that the joystick is USB and works on the PC as well. The only real issue I have with it is that the ball on the joystick (according to the manual) is glued on and cannot be removed. If this is indeed built like the old AES joystick, using similar parts, then there is a good chance that the ball may eventually crack and will be impossible to replace if and when it does.

Overall I would rate this system a 4 out of 5. The package is a great value, but it is the little things that keep it from receiving a perfect score. With that said, I'd highly recommend this for Neo Geo fans. More casual fans would do better to invest in a more established console and purchasing Neo Geo games via its online shops or game compilation discs instead.
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on August 11, 2013
I'm a big fan of the Neo Geo, I own an AES home console and plan to add other Neo hardware to my collection in the future. The Neo Geo X is not made by the same company that made the original but it is still a near spot on facsimile of the original system. It adds a twist in that the system itself is handheld (the original was not), and there is a dock which apes the look of the classic AES console. It is a very cool and inventive package, and the system plays well even though it's only running emulated versions of the original games. There is some lag when using the arcade stick the Gold Edition comes with on the dock, though I've heard the system update that has been released corrects this, though I have not tested it. All is all, it's a nice system for those who don't want to go through the hassle and expense of owning a vintage Neo console but would like a dedicated system to run Neo games.
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on June 4, 2013
I purchased this for $129.99 and for that value, it is incredible; but for the normal retail price, which is what I am basing the review on, it is decent. I never owned a Neo Geo and was always intrigued to play the system but could not afford the ridculous high price ($599) when the system was released. This is not the cheapest way to play Neo Geo games (you can purchase anthologies on various systems), however, this is the best way to play Neo Geo games on the system it was originally released for.

The main reason why I bought this was for nostalgia. I am not fond of the controller (others might like it). The stick is not responsive as it is quite difficult to pull off certain moves (I am pointing at you Fatal Fury). The handheld control is better, but it is a fingerprint/smudge magnet so that makes it an eyesore (at least for me, others might not care). The collection of games are fairly decent but it is mostly fighthing games so if you are looking for variety, this is not the system you want to get.

Overall, I would only recommend this for collectors or if you can purchase this below the retail price (below $140).
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