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on January 14, 2015
Good transmitter, but opt instead for a Bluetooth 4.0 transmitter for better range and multiple pairings

My goal was simple: wireless audio from TV to bluetooth speaker or 2 headsets, so wife and I can watch a movie together on TV while the babies are sleeping. Open floor plan house with 2-floor family room is nice visually, but horrible aurally for keeping noise down. Subtitles are helpful, but sound is still crucial.

I've tried many bluetooth audio transmitters:

Monoprice 109722 Bluetooth Transmitter and Splitter - Other Bluetooth - Retail Packaging
I bought 2 of these to use with a 3.5mm audio splitter, but having 2 side-by-side interfered with each other, causing sound to cut in and out. Just using one at distances over 10' caused sound to also cut in and out.

KOKKIA A10m MULTI-STREAM 3.5mm Universal EDR Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter/Splitter
This had the best potential since it can stream audio simultaneously to 2 bluetooth devices, but maintaining both connections was very hit-or-miss, and caused audio sync issues (sound was behind video). 1 of the 2 headsets simultaneously connected also had much lower volume than the other, although that can be compensated by boosting volume on that particular headset.

GOgroove BlueSense TRM Wireless A2DP Bluetooth Transmitter
Audio sync issues.

ClearSounds QLink Stereo TV Transmitter / Bluetooth Dongle
Audio sync issues.

Miccus Mini-jack TX4: Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Music Transmitter Featuring APT-X Low Latency Codec, Supports Two Connections at Once
FINALLY, a device that transmits sound perfectly (maybe a split-second audio delay from video, but barely noticeable) at a distance of 20 FEET from bedroom TV to the bluetooth speaker on our bed. There's also no interference from our Motorola RF baby monitor, which many of the other bluetooth transmitters seemed to suffer from. I'm so happy with this transmitter, I've purchased a second one for use in the family room.

For reference, the bluetooth receivers I use are:
Logitech Mobile Boombox Bluetooth
2 Motorola S805 bluetooth headphones (old)
LG Tone+ Bluetooth Headsets
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on July 31, 2016
My first review could not be posted due to not being specific enough. I hope this second review meets Amazon's criteria. The item I received was not as advertised. Specifically the item pictured is a rectangle shape with a wire extending approximately 2.5 " which inserts into a headphone jack such a TV. Then by pressing the only button on the device and holding it for approximately 5 seconds it flash blue and red and then let go of the button and wait until it makes a Bluetooth connection to a wireless headset. After it connects to a Bluetooth device it just flashes blue approximately every five seconds while it is connected.

That is what is supposes to happen for the device pictured. Unfortunately the two items I received were not as pictured above. They were circular, not rectangular. They had wires extending approximately 10 " instead of 2.5" and they came with adhesive surfaces which the item pictured does not. Overall I am not happy with this purchase and this has been a negative customer experience for me. Thank you for your time.
In addition, I attached a picture of what was sent to me which shows a circle and not a rectangular shape. Furthermore, this circular item has two buttons to press instead of one, which in my opinion makes it more difficult to use.
review image
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on January 13, 2013
I bought this to watch TV sometimes at late night without disturbing my better half.
The product performs flawlessly and has a very tiny form factor. Others have written in detail about it so will spare the pairing etc details which are simple.

The few points to note for someone who plans to hard-wire it to their TV sets and leave it plugged in.

1. The unit works while its charging - so thats a great thing. You can leave it permanently connected to the TV
2. The charging cable is standard USB on one side and pin type on the other end - so you cant use just any usb cable to charge - don't lose the cable that came with the unit.
3. The little headphone pin cable is permanently attached to this unit - so you can stick that into the headphone socket of your TV - however for most TV's if you connect anything into their headphone socket - you lose the sound in the main speakers - so a better solution is to get a 3.5mm female headphone socket to RCA cable adapter ( ) and plug this into the Audio In sockets at the back of your TV - so you have a choice to either listen through BT via this device or just listen normally on TV.
4. THE MOST IMPORTANT "quirk" that I found with this device is that even though it works when charging, if for some reason the power is cut off from the charge, the unit turns itself off - and has to be restarted via the small button located on the device. Originally I had connected it to charge via my TV's built in USB port and hidden it behind the TV , but as soon as I would turn the TV off, the device would switch itself off, and the next time I had to reach behind the TV to turn it back on again. The solution was to connect the charger to the mains and have the device behind the TV in such a way that if needed I could easily reach it to turn it back on again.

The device has functioned flawlessly since I bought it, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat. Hope this review helps you.
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on June 19, 2013
If you need quiet time in bed while watching TV so the wife can sleep? This is your ticket. The transmission is clean and crisp. The sound is clear (depending on your headphones). And it's easy to use. The R/W 'Y' cable it comes with plugs easily into the audio output in the back of panel screen TVs.

Plug the adapter in, sync up by holding down the devices power for like 7 sec to get the oscillating R/B light flashing and when it turns solid red, you're good.

Others here have complained about a delay referring to how their TV transmits sound earlier than what they hear in their earphones. My experience was the same but it was so close that when you silence the speakers of the TV the lips match the sound well enough to quickly become indescernable. The .3-.5 sec delay will not ruin your experience.

Only downside I have found is that if you use the USB wire to plug into the TV itself for power, when you turn off the TV, the power to the unit is also lost and with it your earphones recognition forcing you to resync each time you wish to use it. This is why only 4 stars. For $50, I would expect a device like this to remember the last device linked to it and offer immediate connection upon turning on the headphones.

Using the included power adapter cures this by supplying 24/7 power. Thus no resync is necessary.

The wife thanks me...and I in turn, thank you.
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on July 22, 2013
I use this device to transmit a DirecTV satellite receiver output to my earbuds (plugged into a cheap $24.00 Bluetooth audio adapater from Wally World), about 15' across the room. The manual says to keep the transmitter within 5 feet of the receiving device, which, if that were the case, I would have returned it. At 15' there is no breakup or background noise. The audio quality is far superior to what I had been using: an FM transmitter (common for car stereo setups) to a Sony Walkman am/fm radio on FM. While the latter setup works, there is a lot of background noise and cross/same channel interference because the Sony FM portable receives so many FM stations that there is always interference. Also, moving around (like rolling over), causes the signal to come and go on FM, hence my desire to try a Bluetooth solution)

This is where Bluetooth comes in. No interference whatsoever, No problem pairing this transmitter with the el cheapo Wally World Bluetooth receive adapter (which also works very, very well). I am taking the line level out of the DirecTV receiver and using the supplied adapter cable that came with the transmitter to get the audio from the sat receivre to the transmit adapter. I leave the transmit adapter plugged in all the time to the provided charging cable (a simple USB wall charger). On the receive side, the Wally World receive adapter is also powered all the time. Both devices appear to have an internal Li-ion battery, but they can both be left on charge power during normal use without risk to the batteries.

The transmit adapter is about 1" square and 1/8" thick, weighs next to nothing. The cheap Wally World receive adapter is very similar in size and weight, and it has the standard 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo jack output)

If you want to duplicate this setup, keep in mind we are using "line level" audio, so there is no volume control. As it turns out, the audio level is perfect for night time listening with just a common set of "Frogz" ear buds. If I felt I needed volume control, I could find a set a ear buds with built in volume control, but so far, there is no need. The line levels are quiet enough to not "keep me awake", but certainly loud enough for clearly understandable dialog.

N.B. Concerning the "delay" referenced in other reviews: Using it on the DirecTV sat receiver, there is a perceptible delay, but it is very, very slight. If I look really hard to spot this "issue", I can see it now and then...and to be honest, that problem manifests all on its own from DirecTV without any bluetooth transmitter. Nevertheless, there is "some" delay, however slight, but not enough to confuse or even mildly annoy me. Further, I got it to "fall asleep" to, so most of the time I have the TV off when listening to this setup. I did make a point, however, of evaluating the delay carefully before writing this review. It is possible that each device may show differing delays, but I don't see the kind of delays that some have written about. Maybe I will in the future, but so far, there just isn't any issue. Maybe the pairing of this transmitter with the el cheapo Wally World receiver adapter is just a happy marriage. Who knows?

Highly recommended (both transmitter and receiver).
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on May 11, 2013
People on Amazon are so good about reviewing items, so I want to help too. My husband's hearing is not great, factored with the language on the "Sopranos" equaled we needed a wireless headset for the television. A solution for listening to your television is combining a
CLEAR SOUNDS CS-QLINK Stereo TV Transmitter/Bluetooth Dongle available here on Amazon (around $45) with a pair of Bluetooth stereo headphones. You will want the "two ear" type not the "one ear" type. You plug the clear sounds into the television and then pair with your Bluetooth headphone, I can't recommend a particular pair of headphones, as I have two different ones and they both work quite well. The sound quality is great and the thing is easy to work with one "snafu", you will have to remember to charge your Bluetooth headset before you want to use it. Both of my sets take sometime to charge, so one solution it to own two sets if you think you'll forget.
Well... I hope this helps someone.... Best wishes "Amazonians" UPDATE: JAN 2014 - It's interesting. The you results achieved must depend upon the Television you have, etc. Because I see these poor reviews and yet I love this thing! We have a Phillips flat screen on the wall... and the Stereo TV Transmitter/Bluetooth Dongle by Clear Sounds is plugged directly into the Television using the jack attached. It transmits beautifully to my ARCTIC P253BT Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, Built-in Mic, A2DP/AVRCP, iOS/Android/Windows - Silver/Black . The sound quality is beautiful and I can either mute the volume on the TV or I could let it play thought the TV speakers and Bluetooth head set simultaneously if I wanted to. You do have to hold in a small button on the unit to link with your headset. However this is a small price to pay, if you wish, like me, to listen to the TV when everyone else has gone to bed, and be able to crank the "Lord of the Rings" up as loud as you like!!! I have owned this devise over one year, (purchase on Amazon) it is never "cut off" and it still works perfectly. If there is a lag... I don't notice it, however I am 48, so I may be too old and tired to notice. Know that I do watch movies over and over again, so I think I would have noticed a lag by now. I highly recommend this product, but with the poor reviews I have seen, the product's success may have to do with the device / TV you are "hooking it" up to. Good Luck! : )
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on December 25, 2012
I bought 3 sets of harman/kardon wireless BT Headphones with plans to give 2 as gifts. One was to be used with an iPhone and the other with a TV. It wasn't until a few days before Christmas that I realized I needed a BT transmitter for the gift that was intended for the headphones to be used with a TV. This item worked exactly as described. The Bluetooth pairing took less than 10 seconds and I was listening to TV audio using my stereo headphone jack for this item. The one thing I didn't realize was that I needed an adapter for a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter that plugs into the receiver. Luckily, I already had one so I need to buy 2 more for the gifts. Great product! If you have any 'fuzzy audio' issues from this device, then you've got interference or a low battery. Be sure the battery is fully charged before you try this item and leave it plugged in while you're using it if you want to extend the usage without worries about the battery dying while in use.
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on July 13, 2013
I bought this auxiliary Bluetooth transmitter dongle to be able to listen to my TV wirelessly through the Jabra REVO headphones that I purchased at the same time (reviewed separately). My Sony Bravia TV doesn't have Bluetooth capability built in. It also doesn't have a jack for external headphones, so I had to buy a connector from Radio Shack that plugs into the standard red and white audio out jacks on the TV and accepts a male micro jack, the only connection from the dongle (which is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5).

The dongle itself is small and light, but has plenty of transmitting power to give me full audio 15 feet away, even though it sits behind the TV. It has a small button on one edge that you press and hold to turn it on or off, and an LED that glows blue when it comes on, and continues to flash blue every couple of seconds as long as it stays on, and briefly glows red when it turns off. Having it behind the TV as I do means I don't have to see the flashing blue light, which might be annoying if I did see it. It has a battery, and comes with an AC charger, which per the manufacturer's instructions I leave plugged in permanently.

At least in my setup, the TV volume controls don't affect the Bluetooth transmission. You have to control the volume at the receiving end (the headphones).

I had some initial problems pairing the transmitter and the headphones, as I always do with Bluetooth devices, but finally got it figured out and working, and it hasn't presented any problems since.

The Clear Sounds CS-QLINK is reasonably priced. I can recommend it to anyone who needs to add Bluetooth transmission capability to an audio or video device.
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on December 28, 2013
My wife has hearing problems so we have a conflict watching TV. If it's loud enough for her, the rest of us are getting our ears blasted. But, if it's just right or even a little loud for us, it's not loud enough for her to make anything out.

I came up with the great idea of a portable blue tooth speaker that she could have next to her with the volume turned up for her while the TV is at a lower volume for the rest of us. Her favorite seat is in a reading corner in our living room so this would work perfectly. Or so I thought.

There is a slight lag in the signal so there is a serious echoing going on. You hear the TV and a split second later, the sound from the portable speaker. Works for her since she can't hear the TV but for the rest of us we can hear both sources and the echo is unbearable.

I'll be trying another transmitter and hope I get better performance.

Also, it isn't working from my TV microphone jack. It does come with the red and white audio jacks though and that is working perfectly.

On the plus side, it synched immediately with the portable speaker and I have the usb line plugged in to my TV and it is running while plugged in. I assume it is charging but haven't actually checked to make sure. .
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on January 23, 2014
Very easy to use and pair. I have this connected to a FIOS box RCA Output in one room and broadcasting to a speaker in another room (bathroom). There is also a TV in the bathroom connected to the FIOS box via RF/Coaxial. We wanted a separate speaker so we could hear the TV in a shower without having to turn the TV up and wake others up. There is no lag between the video and the sound. Only thing that is negative so far is that the product includes a 3.5mm to RCA adapter cable. That was not listed in the description or spec information about the product and I ended up ordering one when I did not need to.
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