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on March 17, 2016
Apple can be praised for a lot of innovation and boldness. But in a market where Product is "idolized" but the labor to MAKE a product is usually cheapened and sourced out way too much… even an Apple product can suffer from a percentage of quality-control disappointment.

If Apple finds out that "X" % of its cables are shipped defective or become defective in 5 days of use, they may consider it acceptable for the Chinese labor they are sourcing. On the other hand, if it's YOUR S50.00 thunderbolt cable that ends up one of the "X" percent, it feels UNACCEPTABLE.

And whether you know it or not, a "Thunderbolt Cable" is NOT just a "cable". It's a wire with a computer circuit board hidden under the plastic casing at either end of the cable. That makes it computer hardware. Not really a rugged, hardy accessory cable.

Many owners have complained and gotten frustrated by their computer equipment not working properly with their prized Apple computer, sometimes never to deduce that the problem was in this Thunderbolt Cable they bought. A surprising number of Thunderbolt cables DO come defective right out of the package.
Apple's acceptance of this surprising fact, is in their willingness to take back your bad Thunderbolt cable with no arguments at all, and replace/refund it. So in the end, you only have to suffer the shock and frustration of buying a DUD cable.

Please follow this advice, in order to be prepared for and identify a defective Thunderbolt Cable:

1. Stay away from earlier model numbers of this cable. In fact YES, the MD861ZM/A cable in this ad should be avoided too. The MD861ZM/A I bought was defective. The model MD861LL/A is the later generation version from Apple (Apple won't say what id different or changed or corrected in the 1LL/A model, but for Pete's sake, buy it before you buy a MD86ZM/A model. The MD86ZM/A comes wound up in a tight spool and stuffed in an eco-freindly bag. The MD861LL/A comes in a retail box, wrapped in a looser spool, which users recommend is less pull and strain on the cable (remember, this is a piece of computer circuit-board that just LOOKS like an ordinary kick-me cable).

2. Once connected to your MAC, have the MAC run an Identity check on the cable. Go to "About this MAC" in the upper left corner of your screen, click "more info", then "system report", then "Thunderbolt". Your menu should then fill up with nearly 100 word description of the cable, its ID, it's firmware, a ton of computer-geek words you won't understand… All those words tell you you've got a healthy Thuderbolt cable. If all you see in the menu window are 15 words of "cable connected" or "status link 0X7 x XYZ"… then your MAC and this cable are not talking to each other properly---- you've got a defective Thunderbolt.

3. A circuit board, no matter how small, generated heat as it works. Often the Thunderbolt cable is asked to supply electrical power to your device, not just signal information. So you can expect it to get warm after 20 minutes of use. But keep checking the plastic shell at each end of your Thunderbolt. If it is VERY hot, like touching a hot cup of coffee… something is wrong and creating a dangerous amount of Heat (a circuit board's worst enemy)--- you've got a defective Thunderbolt. My 1ZM/A cable got hot at one end only, and was as hot as the car cigarette lighter when I pulled it out of the MAC.

4. Make sure you have a Warranty card in (or on) the package. Apple usually warranties its hardware for a year, and remember, this "cable" is hardware, not a 90-day warranty accessory cable. Keep monitoring your Thunderbolt for any of the symptoms I listed here, and contact Apple at the first sign of trouble.

$50 bucks is too high a price to pay unless your Thunderbolt fully talks to your MAC when you plug in, and never tries to melt itself or your $1500.00 computer. Do the responsible thing, and thoroughly TEST your cable first.

A great "cable" when it's fully functioning. But when it's one of the defective ones, you'll practically have a heart attack. Brand new out of the package, and defective? AAARRGHH!!
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on March 9, 2015
After using Micro Soft based PC's since MS-DOS began, I finally switched in retirement to Apple. NO regrets. But, I saw no use for Apple's unique Thunderbolt cable.

However, I use a Macbook Pro (and manage a fleet of iPhones) and I recently bought an iMac Mini for a desk computer. It was so much easier than the dozens of PC's I have bought and replaced over the years. I just put in my Apple ID and password and the mini downloaded all my Macbook apps, my music, etc. But, I had a couple hundred gigs of data I wanted to copy from my Macbook. I decided to try the Thunderbolt, fully expecting it would probably be no faster than wifi, bluetooth, or a USB3. Wrong! The cable was so fast (took about 6 minutes, I think). I will keep using it to sync some data between the two computers. Its speed is unbeatable!
Down side: only useful for Macs.
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on March 15, 2015
Up front, there's two things I have to ding this cable for:
1) It's price (obviously) -- really necessary.
2) With my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013), the cable will sometimes come loose & loose connection somewhat easily -- if just nudged, for instance. This occurs sometimes when I am plugging in / unplugging a USB 3.0 hard drive or the power adapter, for instance. This could be a huge issue with hard drives & data. In short: you just have to be very careful.

There's really not a huge demand for these cables for the regular consumer, but if you do know what they are & their usefulness...then you also obviously know in what scenarios you'll absolutely need one.
For my purposes, I use one plugged into a Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera, and it provides a *huge* amount of useful data -- along with actually capture straight to the computer.
Do I feel like the price of the cable is completely justified? No...not really -- they're extremely expensive.
The above being said...if you have a need for one -- the performance is indeed delivered.
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on May 9, 2015
The best thing about Apple Cables that I can say is that although they are expensive, they ARE WORTH IT! I have an 8 month old cable that was failing (connector issue suspect) and called Apple about it. After some fussing with completing the call into them, they happily replaced it, even though it was outside the Amazon 90 day return and it was way newer than the machine it was being used with. Apple's warranty is for 1 year as it turns out. Good luck with generic cables in that regard. And the price difference at retail or below retail clearly makes no difference to Apple. I bought this one for less than the Apple Store sells it, they still support it if you have proof of purchase. Amazon's proof was all I needed. Awesome. Thanks.
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on September 20, 2013
I had to have this cable to connect my Macbook Air to my wifes Macbook Pro as a Target Disk because the Air wouldn't book, and I wanted to see if I could get my data off.

Worked perfect for that use, and it copies from Mac-Mac REALLY fast.

So it does what it's supposed to do, so 4 stars for that. I can't give it 5 stars because, seriously, $40 for a 6 foot cable? Apple "accessory" prices are just insane. But there's not a lot of other options, at least not good ones.

I also noticed today that there is a $2 discount on the cable price. When I ordered it, it was at list. Argh.
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on May 18, 2014
It does not summon dread eldritch beasts from the great beyond. This is an important feature in a computer cable.

If you, like me, were plauged by the Thunderbolt display bug where hooking up a MacBook Pro using the cable that came in the box would cause the display to fuzz out five times a day and not work again until the cable was unplugged and replugged: using this cable (run into the auxiliary Thunderbolt port on the back of the monitor) instead of the cable that came in the box has mostly eliminated the problem for me, or at least reduced it to only happening once every few weeks instead of multiple times a day. (Running theory is that Apple is pushing the Thunderbolt carrying capacity to absolute maximum, and small manufacturing defects in the main cable can cause the channel to be overloaded and fuzz out.)
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on June 16, 2017
Works..... so long as it's laying flat on the table and you don't move. Very loose connection and easily falls out of plugs. Wish I had just bought a new one. :/
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on May 22, 2017
Lasted less than a year. Just stopped working one day. I used it to connect my macbook air to an external display.
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on May 7, 2016
When I connected my device to my computer using this cable, it wasn't recognized. I went to the Apple store and bought one of their cables and everything worked fine. Upon closer inspection of the two cables, I noticed that the logo on this cable was slightly different than the one I bought from the Apple store. The cable from the Apple store is also lighter and more flexible. There is no way to say for sure, but I suspect that I received a counterfeit cable.
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on April 16, 2015
Dead on arrival. I bought this to transfer everything from my old MacBook Pro to a new one, didn't want to spend 20 hours or so doing it via time capsule backup. Unfortunately, the cable was erratic and noisy, corrupted the files, so I got to reformat and do it over as a time capsule restore, all 20 + hours worth.. This is not the first "genuine" Apple cable I've got from Amazon, I wonder if counterfeits are slipping in?
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