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on October 9, 2009
...without the buttons. If you're looking to bolster your jean wardrobe with some slimmer fit low rise styles but afraid you're gonna come off looking like some Goth-punk rock-star wannabe who's so skinny they disappear when turning sideways ...relax ...those would be the "Skinny Fit" 517's not these. **Since this review was written the 517 is defunct, replaced by the Levis 511 Skinny and 510 super skinny fit jeans.** And if you're looking for some jeans that *don't* have "Relaxed", "Loose" or "Baggy" as part of their style moniker then these are the ones to get.

I would call these "sensibly-stylish-low-rise-jeans-for-the-more-mature-taste-crowd" ..."mature" in this case definitely *not* referring to beer belly and severe love handle embellished body types; consider these a goal for that weight loss or exercise program. They are also not the strict domain of the anorexic male model body type either; regular, non-gut bearing guys in halfway decent condition can wear these no problemo ...and look good. The waist sits lower than regular fit jeans but not radically so, they're sort of a mid rise ...no one's gonna be graced with viewing your choice of undergear or given a rendition of SNL's "Norge Man" routine when you bend over.

No matter your views regarding the modern day Levi Strauss Company, they *do* know how to make blue jeans that fit, are stylish and reasonably priced; the quality is still there. The 514's are called "Slim Straight fit" ...forget the "slim" part of it; they fit like Levi's 501's in the seat, thigh and legs with the leg openings the same size as 501's."Straight" refers to the fact the legs are not tapered. I purchased a pair of 501's at the same time I bought the two pair of 514's so I had real time comparisons. The crotch on the 514 feels slightly higher than the 501's, but nothing radical or uncomfortable, and the cut of the jeans does help flatter the male anatomy ...your results may vary. If ya look good in 501's you'll probably look just as good, maybe better, in 514's.

Sizing of the jeans is a bit different; my usual 33x32 501 size translated into a 33x30 for the 514's because they sit lower ...more on the hips than waist. Shrinkage was not a problem in the waist (these were pre-washed) and the legs shrunk just a bit making them perfect in length for my taste. The only thing making these jeans better would be knowing they were proudly made here in the US of A ...like they used to be. My 514's were made in Egypt and Bangladesh ...hooray for the global economy. Okay, so much for the soapbox.

Do not fear the 514. In short, they fit great, feel comfortable and look good. Just like 501's without buttons.
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on September 24, 2016
As far as I'm concern, these are counterfeit. I own 6 pairs of black 514 Jeans that I purchased at the department store. I figured, I may save my self of trouble going to the mall/department store, and will purchase 2 pairs here. What I received with this order is nothing like those 6 pairs of 514s I already own. Not a denim used, not the size. I don't care about stickers inside and out that would make it look like the original, like, 99% cotton and 1% elastine. These have no elasticity in them whatsoever, droopy crotch and are way beyond 30 length. Leggings are nowhere near of being as snug to the leg as the other 6 I own. And the denim? Well, looks like the regular one, there are no perforations on them (you cannot miss that one once you run your hand over them, but you can easily see that on my pix as well), whatsoever. I sent this back in a heartbeat, back to KY where these are seemingly being shipped from. I included the pix for peeps to judge for themselves. Sure thing, mine are older and the color is washed out a little. But trust me, this is not the only difference between these 514s.....
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on September 22, 2016
I've been a Prime member since DAY ONE. And in the last 2 months I have had nothing but problems and contempt for Amazon.

I have 3 pairs of these jeans. None of them are the same size. I ordered a 33/30 for everything.

The first pair I ordered, a dark blue, fit GREAT. Slim and a nice stretch, comfortable like they should be.
The second pair is longer and has a wider, boot cut leg. It's tagged as a 33/30, it is definitely longer and wider in the waist. Measured at 34/32, tagged at 33/30.
The third pair I didn't even bother trying on. The printed tag says 33/32, when I ordered a 33/30.. which is what the other tags say. I measured the inseam to a 32.

Amazon CONTINUES to fail me. I've had so many issues with them in the last 2 months between their shipping service, receiving broken products in the mail, packages left in broad daylight for people to swipe, non-receipt of packages, and now no QC on clothing? Look at the image. The tags on printed on the jeans don't line up with the tags on the jeans. Unbelievable.

Do your Christmas shopping EARLY this year, because Amazon will probably screw it up so much that you'll have to order items 3-4 times.
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VINE VOICEon September 24, 2016
I have always worn Levi's 501 jeans and they have suited my needs just fine. But I also always had a bit of a belly and needed the waist level fit. So for a very long time I have been a 40x32. Well I have lost a lot of weight and slimmed down and the waist level did not fit me well anymore. So much research I did and over and over I read that the 514 jeans were most people's go to jeans. I gave them a try and I am in love with them!! Honestly the material is softer than the 501s and the fit is much more fashionable. I am now a 36x32 and these jeans add not only style but great comfort. They fit nicely to my body without being too snug and I am able to effortlessly move around as I need. There is a very slight stretch to the fabric but I am not so sure I would actually call it "stretch" rather than a less rigid material then the heaver 501s. The below the waist fit is so comfortable to wear and the fit in the rear and crotch is great. These jeans look fantastic for a very casual look all the up to a dressier look that I often wear with a nicer shirt and some colored flannel running shoes. For me the l501s were just basic jeans and not very fashionable. The opposite here. I love these jeans. I must say that if you have an excessive belly or gut these do indeed sit below the waist so you need to decide what you are comfortable with. I will not take a star off for this but I did buy 2 pair of the exact same 514 jeans and found one pair fit great while the other was a little too snug. I have learned to do this whenever ordering Levi's now. You can have pairs of the exact same jean, exact same size and the fit will differ. But do what you need to to get the right fit and it will be well worth it. Now I am honestly so happy to just get up and toss on my jeans and know I will look good and be very comfortable. Now I will only wear the 514s!
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on January 5, 2014
If you are looking for good dark jeans without all the obvious fake wear or added dyes to give a faux worn quality, try the "Tumbled Rigid" color.
The 514 is a good fit, and for about $40 it is a good value compared to more expensive jeans. While not as heavy as some, you may prefer the less bulky fabric. This pair (my 2 pairs were made in Mexico) is one of my favorite jeans, even compared to the much more expensive ones I have.

The big problem with Levi's is the huge variability in quality from style to style, color to color, and from origin of manufacture. You can get a pair from Mexico, or a pair from Egypt, or a pair from Bangladesh (which seems to make a lot of the cheapest clothes) and they all are different. Even within the same color, different countries of manufacture are different from pair to pair... the fabric is different, the dye is a little different, the threads are a different color, the pattern is a little different like on the pocket, the rivets are different... I don't doubt that some fit different or shrink different which may be why you get so many different reviews positive or negative. I really can't remember when American made stuff that was "good", so I can't compare, but Levi's should at least have some higher standards of consistency from their suppliers, but cost cutting for profit is considered good business.

Amazon lets you return jeans for free, so order a few without risk... send them back if they are not what you want.
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on November 24, 2014
Good evening, this day received in Venezuela bought levi`s jeans , and even if the requested size was the jeans is very large, jeans compare with another of the same model and the difference is great.
review imagereview image
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on July 3, 2013
I wear 514s exclusively. I bought a new pair yesterday and tried them on today. I could immediately tell the material was cheaper and more flimsy than the pairs I bought a year or two ago. I think Levi is cutting back on the amount and the quality of the material. Sad. They were really good jeans. I'll have to start looking for other brands now.
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on March 11, 2015
I hate shopping for pants. Depending on the brand, I’m either a 30, 31 or 32 in waist sizes. For the last 6 years, I’ve pretty much stuck with the same brand, going with a low, bootcut style but I’ve finally gotten sick of the bootcut part. I tried a straight cut recently and found it to be really comfortable. Levi’s 514 straight jeans are my new favorite, especially in the Rigid Grey color. They’re this great dark grey that look a little like the Dickies work pants. I can move around with no problems, stretch, do my usual stuff at work, everything with these on. They’re durable, have the usual pockets you’d expect, and the label on the back is black to match them better.

There’s only one reason I’m not giving these 5 stars, as much as I love them.


I suggest you DON’T order these, but bite the bullet and buy them at a store for full price. I only have two pairs of these jeans, and the reason is because I can take 5 pairs of the exact same style, in the exact same size, and all of them will fit differently. It’s frustrating going to a store and trying on 5 pairs of the same pants, only to come out with one that fits, and I can’t imagine the hassle of ordering them online when there’s a high chance of it happening, making you play the try again game. I’m not exaggerating either- out of 5 pairs when I tried them on last, one was too long, one was too short, one was too tight in the waist, and guess what? The other was way too loose. I felt like Goldie Locks when I got one that fit perfectly.

I really do love my two pairs that fit me, and hope other people have better luck finding a pair that fits.
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on June 13, 2016
Note: did not buy these from Amazon -- but as to these jeans, they are not made like they used to be -- I bought my husband 3 pair,correct size. Had them starched, all 3 pair ripped first time on. Never again.
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on January 13, 2015
It's been a while since I bought any new Levi's. I recently got a couple new pairs of Levi's 514 jeans for Christmas. The first thing I noticed was that the end of my belt was hanging in mid air. There was no belt loop to keep it in place. I didn't remember that happening in the past so I compared the new jeans with some old and found that they have reduced the belt loops from 7 to only 5. On top of that the material seems thinner and the construction kind of shoddy. The zipper looks like cheap China junk, no brand stamped on it. Was this a cost cutting measure? If it was, I think it stinks. What do I do now, have my belt shortened? It's very uncomfortable to constantly have the belt end slap my arm. Thing is, I also received a new pair of Wrangler jeans and found that they still have 7 belt loops and seem to be constructed well. With those, my belt fits fine. I'll be taking the Levis back and swapping them for Wranglers. I think their cost cutting measure has backfired because I bet you can guess which brand I'll be asking for next Christmas...
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