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on February 8, 2015
YBA-11 works great (RX-V373 receiver). Used an phone adapter to power it. Easy to connect. Bluetooth signal/connection is strong (brick walls and all). Sound quality is clear and crisp (streamed from a Note 3)
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on December 7, 2015
This little device is small and amazing. I just recently bought the Yamaha V377 series receiver and realized really quickly that I needed a wireless means to play music from my Bluetooth devices. I hooked this up in literally 30 seconds and I was streaming Adele's new 25 album from my phone. The clarity is great, and there is no lagging. I spent a lot of time debating on getting the actual Yamaha brand compared to the other Bluetooth devices that were half the price. After looking at the other reviews I decided to pay the extra money and get this one and I am not disappointed. It is small, discrete, and came with the cords to hook it into the receiver. I was honestly amazed at how smooth the process was, ven the pairing took roughly 5 seconds once it was hooked up.
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on August 30, 2016
I am NOT a paid or compensated reviewer, I have currently in use (2) Amazon Basics Bluetooth receivers, (1) NFC receiver (1) Belkin Songstream BT HD bluetooth receiver and a very expensive Arcam IBlink receiver for my man cave 2 channel stereo rig. I have the Belkin Songstream on my patio and the patio area is where I A-B'd the Belkin and Yamaha.

I bought the Yamaha to test against the Belkin, mainly because I had just replaced a lightning struck Onkyo, that I was never really happy with, with a new Yamaha A-S301 integrated amp and wanted to see if there was any improvement in tone and range using all Yamaha gear. I also have (4) Yamaha NS AW390 outdoor speakers plus (2) subwoofers.

The bottom line is this; The Yamaha has an amazing range and an amazing tone, the Belkin is a fine bluetooth receiver but truthfully, the Yamaha is in another league and bests the Belkin in both tone and range significantly, your mileage may vary but I am pleased. I can't recommend this product high enough, good job Yamaha.
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on November 21, 2014
I bought this to add bluetooth audio connectivity to my older high-end Sony ES surround sound receiver. I consider myself somewhat of an audiophile so I am picky when It comes to sound quality. I chose the Yamaha YBA-11 because it features a coax digital output which huge selling point because because it allows me to keep the the signal completely digital from my phone or laptop to my receiver's built-in high-quality DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) which ensures the highest sound quality. I also bought this to take advantage of the aptX protocol for improved sound quality when used with an aptX transmitter. For connectivity with my laptop, I used this with an Azio USB Micro Bluetooth Adapter model # BTD-V401 and the sound quality was incredible from my receiver and Paradigm tower speakers, quality only being limited by the source file. I was able to set it up to stream 48 kHZ sampling rate from my laptop to my receiver's DAC! Sound quality was also excellent when using my Samsung Galaxy S3 as the source. If you're not that picky about sound and plan on using this a bookshelf stereo, or lesser sound system, there are cheaper good sounding Bluetooth adapters (Logitech, etc.) that use standard RCA stereo connectors; but it you want the best sound and you have a coaxial digital input--this is the way to go!
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on July 20, 2015
Connected to a Yamaha A-S301 Integrated amp (review on that coming soon) The installation was very simple, plugged in the included Coaxial cable from the adapter to the Amplifier and the proprietary power connector into the provided USB power connector on the amp. once powered up it was simple to pair, showed up on my phone a Nexus 5, Android 5.1.1 as "YBA-11 Yamaha". It paired immediately. Even though my phone does not support the better sounding aptX, the sound is still crystal clear and full, honestly better than bluetooth has ever sounded on my many other BT devices. Disconnecting is also a snap, one can either press the button on the device or, in the case of my setup, the link is cut when you power off the amplifier. Re-pairing is a simple matter of going into the bluetooth settings and selecting it again.

If I could say anything negative, I'd wish the device was a bit heavier, or included a rubber base or velcro. Even the weight of the included cables can pull it down. I also am not a fan of the proprietary power cable. Good luck if one were to lose it. This device was obviously designed for an amp like mine as I have a USB port (only for power) right next to the coax input. While great for me, if your receiver lacks such a port, it would require the additional purchase of a USB power adapter (such as whats included with a phone charger) pretty annoying for the price given that competing models usually throw this in.

To sum it up, works as advertised, simple to setup, great sound, reasonably good looking if not a bit on the lightweight side. Strongly recommended and I'll probably be purchasing another for my other sound system.
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on January 6, 2016
I have a Yamaha amp without bluetooth feature. Recently I felt the need to play Amazon prime music on that system. This little guy fits right in.
Now that Yamaha amp/tuner is equipped with bluetooth.
My expectations for it are quite simple: decent range and decent sound. This one works flawlessly.
I never try any other bt receivers, therefore I cannot make any comparisons at this time.

Update: Quite often somebody ask a question whether this one works on a specific Yamaha Amp. I'll try to give out more information here.
1, It comes with one digital coaxial cable for output and one usb cable for power, therefore it will work on any amp with a digital coaxial input. An amp with a usb port can be more convenient since there is no more equipment required, otherwise you'll need to get a usb power port for it.
2, It streams in 2-channel stereo sound from the audio suorce. Bluetooth does not support any more channel of sound, ie 5.1.
3, Any sound (like a movie or youtube, etc) played by a paired smart phone or tablet will be played on amp system, with great audio quality.
I found it is most useful while you play music with smart phone or i-pad and the like. I've been playing Amazon prime music a lot. Pandora sounds great as well.
As to anyone who asks a specific model of amp if it works, I would say yes to any amp that takes digital coaxial input. There's a way for an ancient model that takes only RCA input or 3.5mm input check this:, however I personally don't think it worth to try-upgrading to a newer system might be a better choice.
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on July 15, 2015
Don't have a traditional receiver system but I do have a computer with a SPDIF input and XLR outputs (studio sound card). Plugged this baby into the SPDIF input, paired with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Note 2 and bam, instant perfect quality music. You cannot do better for the price or sound quality for bluetooth.
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on December 6, 2015
I bought this unsure if it would work on my older RX-V2600. I knew I Coax inputs available but wasn't sure about power. The unit needs to be powered but only comes with a USB cable. Thanks to one of the posts above I plugged the cable into one of my phone chargers and plugged that into the AC outlet on the back of the receiver. Had to switch my input for DVD from Optical to Coax, but once I did, it fired right up!

The unit has excellent reception, remains connected wherever I am in the house, and most importantly, conveys full fidelity to my Yamaha. I typically listen to stereo in 7 channel mode and now my Windows phone has joined the more expensive audio inputs available. It feels like I have a band sitting in the family room playing a show for me ;) I highly recommend this unit if you don't have Bluetooth capability built in to your system so you can use your Bluetooth devices.

Also, if you don't have 7 channel stereo, most Yamaha units support it and you can use the rest of your speakers for music instead of letting them gather dust until you watch THX\DTS\Dolby Digital EX/ Dolby Pro Logic IIx video content. No, I don't work for Yamaha - just a sound guy from back in the day sharing my opinion.
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on November 24, 2016
This thing lasted a month and a half and then it would not turn on. I had to return it to Yamaha because it was under warranty. I will see how that goes and maybe I will give it another star if they don't screw or try to screw me. It didn't work as well as any of the three other bluetooth receivers I have. 2 Belkin - work great = a better unit than the Yamaha at half the price. A Yesinkin unit - a cheap one - that works better than the Yamaha ever did. Maybe they will send me a new that works. One can only hope, but with these big companies doing whatever they feel like doing, I'm not really optimistic.
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on December 1, 2015
Returned it. Signal cut out from 10 feet away, with full line of site. Tried everything; different devices, unplugging my nearby router, etc. No luck.
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