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on December 26, 2014
When buying boots, I used to go for exotic leather, hand crafted blah, blah... and spent $800 and up. I got what I paid for. Now I opt for more trendy, less expensive boots because I don't have any expectation that I will wear them more than a few seasons, and don't need them to survive weather. In other words, I don't need boots that are work boots, and I don't live on the horse ranch any longer. My boots are dressy hight top shoes, really.

These boots are cool. My wife loves them, I enjoy them and they are comfortable, fit well, and look good. The leather is thin compared to high dollar boots, but that is part of why they are comfortable right out of the box. For the price paid, these are great boots.

PS I ordered a similar pair (ladies style) for my wife, but I ordered the wrong size. Thankfully Amazon makes it painless to return them.
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on January 15, 2014
So I really enjoy this boot, I really do. HOWEVER, they are extremely narrow. I do not by any means have wide or thick feet but it is a squeeze in to these boots. The length fits as expected and normal, it's just the width. I'm hoping that after breaking these in (this process will continue after my blisters have disappeared) they fit a little more comfortably.

The other problem I had that the FIRST time I wore these boots, there were already worn marks after the first few steps where the dark brown color was faded, the dye they used must suck. I don't mind the slightly used look but I was a little annoyed that on the first wear they were already looking so worn.

I do enjoy the look and coloring of the boot (minus the worn fading) and the part of the boot above your ankle isn't uncomfortable which is usually pretty hit or miss with any sort of high top shoe or boot.
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on July 30, 2014
Let me start this by saying that I live in south Georgia. You're only going to find 2 kinds of boots living down here: construction boots and cowboy boots. I do not fit into either of those categories. The boots I've been able to find that somewhat fit my style have either been fake leather or have fallen apart just by looking at them wrong.

These boots are perfect. They have the slim, non-bulky, minimalist look I prefer. I don't want my feet to feel like they're encased in concrete. These are light, comfortable, and dont' get hot in the georgia summer heat. These are actually my second pair of Steve Madden boots. The first pair, the Trackker, are still going strong after almost continually wearing them 5+ days a week.

As for size, I go with a half size below my normal shoe size (from a 12 to an 11.5). This also allows the leather on the boots more room to expand as time goes on. The insole doesn't bother me too much, but i have flat feet. If you don't have flat feet, I would suggest buying some insoles for comfort. I'm perfectly comfortable, however.

A lot of people have complained about the fact that they aren't put together very well or they wear out after wearing them. Well, to be fair, all shoes do this. The key to longevity and keeping your boots looking like new is a decent boot shop. I get my boots polished once every few months, get separating edges glued back together, or get new heels put on, if needed. If you don't take care of your boots, they won't last. The upkeep is very minimal and a good local boot repair shop won't charge you much for a shine and repair. It's better than buying a whole new pair of boots. That's why you're buying real leather and not some faux leather that'll wear out in a week and a half.

All in all, these boots are fantastic. I won't be buying a different brand of boot until I've given a reason otherwise. They're high quality and they look great. I'm still getting compliments!
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on May 24, 2015
When I got these they were $59.00 I think. For that price, I couldn't resist. The leather is thin so if you're looking for a rugged boot pass on these. They do look good, but a boot's primary function should be comfort and wear. The soles are almost non existent on these, extended walks are a NO. I wore them in florida on vacation for a week and the leather in the cap caved in. There are visible dents in the front now. I'm not sure how this could happen since I've worn boots for 20 years and have never had a shoe do that. Good old fashioned doc martens have never let me down. I will NOT be reordering this boot...
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on January 26, 2014
I asked my wife to watch me unbox the shoes because of some of the comments about there being a bad smell. My wife has a sensitive nose. There was absolutely no unusual or horrible smells. The shoes were packaged well and shipped quickly.

I love the quality. Sure, I would've preferred a true uber hard leather sole that was weathered but this man-made soul and its artificial weathering looks good and is very durable. The quality of the leather is good too and a good value. Sure, I've had better but also at a much higher cost.
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on July 1, 2014
I bought these boots because I liked the looks based on the pics and they had pretty solid reviews. I had not heard of the Steve Madden brand before. I was happy with the fit and comfort. I had no issues with the smells that many seemed to complain about. I was however immediately concerned about the leather. I liked the weight of the boot but the leather was so thin I was worried about tearing. Within six months of the purchase my fears were realized. I found a small tear developing where the sole and the leather meet just behind the big toe. It quickly became a long tear in spite of trying to baby it. I continued to wear the boots. Even though the tear was pretty unsightly. I had to throw them away a few months later when one of the zippers broke. May be a good shoe for someone who just wants to take them out on the town from time to time. Not a daily driver.
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on September 6, 2014
These have a nice appearance that you can dress up or down. The quality of the leather seems poor to fair. Feels like hard plastic on sides near zipper and way too thin on the too short tongue which will likely tear very easily. I wanted medium brown like the photo depicted, but they look black. They are slick on the soles and I fear slipping can be an issue for me. I wanted good ankle support and it gives me that while looking cute...yes I'm female but wear above size 10 which is where the size ends for the exact boot in a womens. Considered returning but paid for 2day delivery. I will keep as it's less of a hassle. But I am disappointed in leather quality. It even smells odd. Quite overpriced at expensive $108.00 for such poor "leather". But again fit and comfort great and I like the appearance.
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on March 9, 2014
The boots arrived in a box covered by a bag inside a box. It was safe, upon opening the package and seeing the boots I wasn't disappointed. They did smell unusual, but that didn't affect me as much as other people I've noticed here, it smelled like the little green army men I use to play with as a kid, so if anything the smell made me joyful. Besides that I noticed the neck or sides ankles whatever you want to call it was bent and sort of trashed, not ripped, just like a shirt when you pull it out of the washing machine. Again, this didn't bother me as much as it would've bothered other people on this site but it's something to keep in mind about the handling of the boots themselves. Besides those things the boots were very comfortable, and if you're looking for something that's both classy and menacingly good to wear then these are a good option. I wear them with some relatively skinny jeans and I feel about a billion times more confident than I did before, on top of that if you combine it with a leather jacket you feel like some grunge douche bag so that's another thing to try out. Anyways whatever great boots.
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on December 8, 2013
I'm that guy who saw these on sale around Black Friday, and thought "Those look like my old Corcoran jumper boots!" I very well knew they were more of a fashion boot than a utilitarian one, and had it not been for the price drop, I wouldn't have given them a second thought. In the week that I've had them, I have no big complaints... I don't expect to use these as every day walkers, and I don't think I'd take them out in inclement weather, but they're good for parties, or around the house.

The only small complaint I had was the size zipper. I'd laced these like I laced my real boots, and then tried to take one of the shoes off by unzipping and slipping out the side - and the interior leather (which, admittedly, has the consistency of cardboard) tore. It's not a big deal, I zipped it back up, and I'll just lace & de-lace like normal boots.
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on July 21, 2014
The boots arrived and looked great as the pictures depicted, but, I was not prepared for how thin the material was. I sent them back, could not imagine them lasting through the abuse that I put my clothes through very long. May be ok for the city dweller or man with more shoes than the, average man. Actually now that I think about it, they were a little tight too, narrow at the toes.
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