Customer Reviews: Syma S108G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro
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on June 1, 2011
I own four SYMA helos and they all have different characteristics.

First, I purchased a red S107G for 22$ and was blown away. However, after a multitude of crashes related to hitting the ceiling my first one was beginning to show wear (rotor blades dented/chiped, broken canopy brace, led not centered, vertical stabilizer cracked awaiting it next crash to come off) within one week.

Second, I purchased a second 107G and it came as yellow. The first thing I noticed was the yellow one, while completely identical other than color, was much more powerful and battery lasted longer. As a result, it was more fun and more difficult to fly than red.

Third, being that I am former active duty helocopter mechanic (CH-53a,d,e, T64-GE-416) for the Marines, I bought the S108G (Cobra). Folks, the Cobra is a completely different helo all together. The collective (vertical control) is not spring loaded like the S107G. Not only that, the Cobra is much more robust in its response and power and can be difficult to manage. This is troublesome to me as the Cobra's body and frame appears to be completely plastic (as apposed to the S107 having a metal frame). Also, the Cobra has one solid white light which I prefer to the flashing blue and red o the S107G. Because the collective is not spring loaded you can make it hover and set the controls down on a table it still flies. Sometimes I forget to return the collective to zero when I crash. The Cobra has lost reception several times and when it does it falls from the air and crashes. The Cobra appears to "Pop and Click" like a Marine should--no kidding. It can speed around room much faster than the others and turns much more quickly. In fact, the other seems sluggish in comparison and it is easy to "oversteer."

Forth, I also needed to satisfy my curiousity related to S109 (Apache). I have found the S109 is easier than all to fly. It also has two white leds rather than the flashing blue and red of the S107G. The controller is the same as the S107. Overall, I really find it enjoyable to reliably fly around the room with complete and utter control. I think they did this to keep the Army from crashing out of control--just kidding solders!

Bottom line, I give the S109 top rating over the others. I do find the responsivness and speed of the Cobra stimulating and of interest so I rate it second. If I fly with someone else I will choose the Cobra for its speed and responsivenees. In the end, I don't think the metal frame of the S107G will add much value as the rest of the helo is plastic and does break. The cost of replacement parts cannot be justified as a new S107G currently goes for 22$.
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on August 10, 2015
I must have about 200 flights under my belt on the Syma s107g and now about 20 or so with my new s108g. You really can’t go wrong with the Syma micro helis. They are easy to fly, durable and at the $20 mark you can’t complain.

I would say most of the bad reviews on here are from people who have gotten unlucky with their particular unit. All pilots crash but I think some get lucky and avoid damage whilst others get unlucky and do damage to the motors. I’ve been lucky, so I can’t complain and I’ve really nailed my s107 hard into walls, rooves and even the TV, oops.

This heli gets the thumbs up from me. I also bundled a helipad with the heli which has got LED lights built into it for night time flying. Definitely a cool accessory. You can check it here:

Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad by Eagle Pro

A couple of things I’ve figured out over the years with the Syma choppers:
1. Expect to crash if you are near airconditioners or open windows. Any small breeze will get hold of these micro helis.
2. The remote is infrared, so you can not fly outdoors as the sun will interfere with the connection between remote and helicopter.
3. The wheel on the remote is a trim wheel, adjust this to stop the heli from spinning in circles.
4. On some of the remotes you will see a switch for A, B, C. This means the helicopter has 3 bands, so you can potentially fly 3 of the helis in the same space. But if 2 of the helis are on the same band, you will get interference and start flying the other persons heli. This is absolute mayhem when it happens, so try to avoid it.
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on April 4, 2011
The helicopter I bought is the best I've ever had although I haven't had many. It flies perfectly and is very stable. It took a couple of tries to get it down but now it is very easy. Probably the best part about this helicopter is its durability. I have crashed this helicopter countless amounts of times and it is still holding strong! The battery time is about 10 minutes (which is actually pretty good for this size helicopter). It is just about perfect and highly advised!
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on December 12, 2011
This helicopter flew very well - for a while.

Syma makes a number of very slick little helicopters - I have bought several different models for the nephews and relatives, and everyone loves them. This helicopter, the cobra, looks good and flew very well. All of the Symas we tried so far fly extremely well out of the box. The Blackhawk and Chinook flew very well. The challenge with this particular (Cobra) helicopter is the landing gear. After a few crashes, the strut on 1 of the landing gear broke, meaning that on the ground, the helicopter won't stand up perfectly straight. No big deal - right? Wrong. If the helicopter isn't standing up straight, it won't take off straight, and will probably crash into something before it stabilizes. The Blackhawk and Chinook have different landing gear which are more durable.

For those of you who are first time pilots, focus on hovering for your first few flights. Just tweak the controls to try and keep the helicopter in 1 place. If you can master hovering, the rest gets a lot easier.

Syma's mini helicopters are only for indoor use. The problem with flying them outdoors is wind - the smallest puff of a breeze makes the helicpters uncontrolable.

For those of you who don't know much about Syma's RC helicopters, here is how they work:

1. Stabilization: For real helicopters, the tail rotor controls rotation. Without a tail rotor, a real helicopter would be unable to turn, and would actually spin out of control. The motor for the main rotor wants to spin the fuselage in the opposite direction of the rotation of the main propeller. Think about it - if you were to magically "hold" the propeller in place, the fuselage would spin. The motor of a normal helicopter, if left unchecked, would spin the propeller and the fuselage in opposite directions. In real helicopters, the tail rotor counteracts the rotational force that the main rotor applies to the fuselage

With Syma's helicopters (other than the Chinook), they actually have 2 main propellers stacked on top of each other that have blades that are angled differently, and spin in opposite directions. Both propellers provide down force, but also produce torque on the fuselage in opposite directions. This has the effect of keeping the helicopter stable, since the rotational forces of the 2 propellers on the fuselage cancel each other out. Syma's remote controllers come with a "Trim" control knob. This control is used to make sure that the 2 main propellers are spinning at the same RPM. If your helicopter's fuselage spins slightly on takeoff, use the trim knob to true it up.

2. Turning: In order to turn, Syma's helicopters slow down one of the main rotors by a small amount, essentially using the forces described in #1 to rotate the fuselage. Turning for all of Syma's helicopters is very precise once you have them trimmed.

3. Forward/Backward motion - this is controlled by the horizontally aligned tail rotor. To go forward, the tail rotor spins, producing down force, which pushes the tail up. When the tail is up, the main rotors are angled slightly backwards, so the main rotor pushes the helicopter forward. Reverse has the opposite effect. The tail prop pushes the tail down, which angles the thrust of the main rotors slightly forward, which pushes the helicopter backward.

4. Sideways motion (Yaw)- Syma's helicopters don't have any mechanism for tilting the helicopter's roto sideways, so the helicopters have no ability to move side to side. In real helicopters, the main rotor tilts forward/backward, left and right, and this provides the ability for the helicopter to move in pretty much any direction.

This Cobra heli is not as stable in flight as the Chinook or the Blackhawk. It just seems like the helicopter is a little too responsive.

In short, if you are a good pilot, and won't crash, this helicopter is just fine. For my taste, though, the Blackhawk and Chinook are more durable and easier to fly.

One other note - VERY IMPORTANT! This helicopter comes with an additional tail rotor in a plastic baggie. Save it, and put it in a safe place. The tail rotor controls forward and backward motion, and if you lose your tail prop, all you can do is hover.
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on March 25, 2016
 My husband is a little kid again! He had so much fun unpacking and flying with this helicopter. It needs to charge first (and frequently) through a USB cord, but doesn't take long to charge. The remote control takes 6 AA batteries.
It is easy to maneuver in the air and lots of fun to fly! I also love the details on the helicopter. It has already survived quite a few falls on the first day (including a nice fall onto our neighbors poolside rocks...note, this is not an outdoor helicopter! But my husband felt the need to try...and the wind took it away!) and all pieces are still working just fine.
See the pictures and videos for some ideas on how it looks and flies! We also got this awesome landing pad Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad - LED Lights Installed - Suitable for RC Helicopters, Quadcopters, Drones, Syma Helicopters. to use for the helicopter which adds a fun challenge of actually landing the helicopter in the correct spot and also helps for taking off (smooth surfaces are always easier to start off on, not carpet).
This makes the perfect gift for that man or boy in your life who doesn't need anything, or has everything, but you still need to get him a fun gift. We received this helicopter at a discount in exchange for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own!
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on March 10, 2011
I have the S107's (2 of them) also a DH-1(basically a S107 by another manufacturer) They are both very easy to fly, right out of the box, after trimming the S108G, I think it may even be a little easier to fly. The gyro in this heli will hold a straight line. With the 107's they tend to crab a little to one side or the other. The S108G was good right out of the box, but needed a litte fine tuning. That took all of about 20-30 seconds, and flies even better. For the price, this helicopter cannot be beat ($35.00) even if it was more expensive, it would still be worth the price!!!!
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on November 28, 2011
This is my first one of these little syma choppers. Awesome little beasts. I've crashed this thing no less than 50 times and its still alive. Every adult should own one. The handling of these things has come a long way from when they were first introduced. Just watch the pricing -- I bought this one a week or two ago for $19 and change, and now they jacked the prices to over $25. The metal versions were $21 and change, and now they're selling them for $29. Great Christmas spirit there you greedy sellers. Things are supposed to go on SALE for Christmas, not be increased in price.
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on December 8, 2011
This helicopter is fabulous! It hovers great, has a decent forward speed, and a small bright headlight at the front.I can fly it through the hallways, into rooms, and back out! The S108 I have flies for 10-12 minutes, and I timed it using a stopwatch. The charge time is about 40 minutes. The product description describes the s108 as flying for 6-7 minutes, so either I got a lucky one or they put up the wrong description.

Out of the box it barely needs to be trimmed. The headlight/searchlight, is a small but bright LED light. I can actually fly the helicopter in the dark! It's a 3 channel so it can go up, down, turn left and right, forwards, and backwards. The rotors are durable having hit objects several times. This helicopter is so easy to fly, that a beginner can pick it up and in a few minutes, fly it like a master.

The Syma s108 is an excellent 3 channel, and one of the best R/C helicopters I have ever flown. My first 3 channel was a small 3 channel outdoor helicopter, and indoors, it didn't hover as well as the Syma s108. The Syma S108 comes with a spare tail rotor, and a USB cable. You can charge the helicopter using either the USB cable or the controller. You can buy the s108 from Amazon for $25.00. If you enjoyed the S108, I recommend the S107 as your next helicopter. The S107 is as good as the S108, however the s108 has a sturdier body. Buy this helicopter and you won't regret it. Happy flying!
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on January 21, 2012
This is my third indoor RC helicopter, all purchased within a month of each other and finally submitting to the urge to own one. I received my BS in Aerospace Engineering almost 20 years ago which included a technical elective in helicopter aerodynamics and design so I have always loved helicopters and been hesitant to jump into an RC one for the reason that the only ones with reasonable levels of control were prohibitively expensive. That has changed. My first two were an Airhogs Twin Vortex (fun but still too little control I found) and a U809 Cobra (very similar to the SYMAS108G but launches missiles). The SYMA S108G wins for pure flyability. This thing rocks and while not as fast as the U809 is far easier to control and much quieter. The detail of the airframe is also impressive.

Like most of the counter-rotating coaxial helos out there this one has no ability to move side to side. You control power for altitude, Yaw (turn left/right) and a small vertically mounted tail rotor pitches the helo forward or back causing it to move in that direction. That is not the mechanism used to control a real Cobra but it is plenty for this RC aircraft and to include that level of control would add significantly to the complexity and cost.

I was shocked at how little tuning this needed out of the box. A little power and it hung there in front of me almost perfectly still. This is a light helo though and any breeze is going to be an issue. Even getting into a tight space may result in the blast from the rotors coming back to buffet your helo. Another important thing to understand is GROUND EFFECT!!! When close to the ground the air moving off the rotor blasts directly off the ground significantly increasing the effective force. This has two notable effects:

1. Close to the ground you can continue to hover with less power, especially when the battery is almost dead.
2. A slight bit of forward or backwards pitch will send this helo flying easily 5x faster than when higher off the ground. The acceleration is sudden and impressive. To avoid crashing and breaking just kill the power and you should harmlessly plop to the ground from the couple inches you were in the air. Regaining control at that speed and altitude without dropping is not easy!

Another big plus over the U809 is the rapid availability of spare parts! Until you get the touch down to controlling this you will find yourself pinning it to the ceiling before it drops uncontrollably to the ground and has something break off. Small drops and bumps isn't a problem but this is not a toy you set an 8 year old loose with.

I purchased a 110 converter/charger for this helo for $5 and love it. I find my self swapping from one helo to the other while charging.

If I could change one thing it would be the power control lever on the controller. It is spring loaded to drop to zero power. I may open the controller and remove the spring. This will allow one to hover without fighting the spring in the stick.

EDIT: In reading the many negative reviews for this helicopter they all seem to go right back to the fact that this is NOT A TOY FOR CHILDREN. Seriously, you need to have very fine motor control skills. The majority of kids and a fair share of ham fisted adults jam the throttle all the way, crashing into the ceiling, then floor, or bounce it off other objects in their household. If it no longer flies right after having flown fine it is BECAUSE YOU CRASHED IT. Look at the rotor linkages to see if they have broken or separated. Spares are available. Kids today are raised on video game controllers where lack of finesse results in restarting their level. That doesn't apply here. If the helo is very unstable or you notice the blades flopping about rather than spinning smoothly odds are you did something to cause it.
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on January 22, 2012
The SYMA S108G Marine Cobra Helicopter Gyro is Squirly, by that I mean when you turn the Cobra use finesse because it will spin out, follow the same course it was on for a second or two, Slam into a wall, same with going forward and backwards, it drifts a little bit but all in all I like it and it is really fun to fly when you are looking for a challenge and that is what it's all about. I'm not complaining just letting you know my opinion.

Oops I must Reiterate, I found one of the buckles was not attached so I attached it and there is no problem. I'm telling you more little stuff goes wrong with these things that you have to keep your eye on them all the time. So when they are running bad it could be something little, atleast that's the way it's been happening for me.

Amazon. has a lot of good R/C Helicopters, I have 11 of them. and there is a lot of other stuff, Movies, Books, Cloths, Electronics, Appliances and Gift Cards.
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