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Comparing go walk 2 with go walk 3... I got the go walk 3's as a birthday gift, and after reading hundreds of reviews, decided to also buy the go walk 2's here on Amazon. Some of the reviews said gowalk 2's were a better old design than 3's, and other reviews said just the opposite, that the 3's have many improvements. Since you can still get both on Amazon. this is an important issue, although it may also be a preference issue.

First, I walk my shoes literally to death. My Cardiologist (a short sweet young little Chinese doc who got his MD from Hopkins at age 16 and ran one of the US's largest cath labs by 20) has an astonishing presentation on how humans evolved to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. He and I coauthored the Wiki article "Preferred Walking Speed" (check out the exercise section). SO, I try to wear these shoes out with a vengeance.

The comparison. Like many other reviews, BOTH of these shoes are light, comfortable, don't give a lot of arch support, but are like walking on clouds. My sister's pair have lasted 2 years (she walks way more than 15,000 steps a day and is a nurse) and are in great shape. There is a theory of podiatry that says we shouldn't "over-support" our feet (as in, walk bare foot if you can), and these sketchers are pretty natural, SO, if you NEED support, these might be a problem. My doc says to train your feet not to need them.

I wear an 11D US, and here's what I found: The 2's have looser toes, and tighter heels, the 3's have looser heels and tighter toes! So your choice is to put band aids around your toes when you break them in, or a band aid on your heel (if you walk a lot), because EITHER toe rubbing or heel rubbing WILL wear a hole after 10,000 steps a day!

BUT: Toe rubbing (due to tightness) "breaks in" in the go walk 2 after a couple weeks, whereas the loose heel of the 3 is permanent-- it will NEVER stop rubbing. So, my vote, everything else being equal, is to get the 2's (since they are similar in price), but only as a heavy walker. For all day around the house, either are great. You can't go wrong with either, both are made very well and are like walking on a cloud, especially for casual wear.
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on April 16, 2014
My experience with lightweight shoes is not positive. Most don't offer any support and my feet hurt after walking on them for a day. These are lightweight and offer pretty good support. I found it helpful to read about the fit ahead of time. Normally I buy 101/2 for walking shoes. The guidance indicated that a 10 would fit and it fits me perfectly.
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I had the Go Walk in the black mesh fabric which is soft and stretchy. Those started out fitting looser with no pinching or rubbing with or without socks. In fact, I had purchased the others because my father raved about them so much after I gave him that style as a gift. This pair is okay, but a little tighter fit that won't allow me to wear even thin socks. Additionally, by the end of the day when my feet have swollen just a tiny bit that would not even be noticed in the mesh pair, this pair was cutting a line across my instep and feeling tight even without socks.

I wanted a second pair of the Go Walk 2 shoes to keep in my office complex for walking indoors during lunch. These are obviously meant for warm weather when socks are not really needed for warmth, but someone like my father wears socks all year and would not enjoy this version of his favorite shoe. As a diabetic with "retired military guy" feet, let's just say that he has little tolerance for discomfort in his footwear. For him, we will stick with the other Go Walk 2 in mesh, and when I have a lot of walking to do I will wear that style as well. For grocery shopping or a little walking around during lunch, this style is okay but for anything more I will break out the original mesh pair.
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on August 20, 2014
Update 1-10-15: We received the first purchase at the end of July of 2014. My husband loves these shoes so much that a couple months after we bought these we bought another pair so when these were bad he would have another pair right away. These are still in good condition with a little wear on top but no cracks on the bottoms, the tips are still together, and they are still comfortable on the bottom of his feet. I normally have to buy new shoes every couple of months because they would crack in the middle of the bottom and the tip of the toe would be separated from the bottom and the inside would be very uncomfortable and I would spend sometimes more money on these shoes that would get destroyed. He even has been wearing them in the snow and he is in and out of customers houses and when they have got wet they dry fast and has no odor issues. Even with them bending when he is kneeling down to look at an appliance all day long, they still are not cracked. These are the best shoes for his type of job that we have found. He has been through many different brands of shoes from cheap to expensive and these have held up the best and he still has not needed the second pair that we bought.

Original review: My husband is on his feet all day. He thinks they are comfortable, light, and they help keep the pain away from his feet. They are airy in the heat of the summer and when he is bending and fixing something they flex nicely and don't crack or tear like a lot of other shoes he has tried. Definitely would buy again, I just hope they continue to sell them.
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on July 19, 2014
I bought a pair of these after picking up one of my wifes go walk shoes, I was surprised how light her shoes were and how she raved about how comfy they were, and was she right (hate to admit she being right), so this is my third pair and third different style, they are so light and comfortable I rarely leave the house now without a go walk shoe, they fit great with a pair of socks, but if you go sockless I would recommend a half size smaller. The cushioning is great and just the lightweight make these so nice and they are holding up great so far, so yes, I recommend these, your feet will love them.
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on May 11, 2014
Since I love my Skecher Go Walk shoes I thought my husband might like to try a pair of the men's shoes. He was surprised at how comfortable they were -- no breaking in time-- and they look nice too.
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on July 19, 2014
I first got a pair of these locally at a shoe store and liked them so much that I picked up another pair from here at Amazon. They are, with out a doubt, some of the most comfortable shoes I've worn. When I went to share my experience with my daughter and mother, I found that they were already aware (and wearing) a version of Sketchers Go-Walk shoes. I was apparently a little "late to the party". These shoes are feather light, extremely comfortable and have excellent grip on wet surfaces (which was an added bonus that I had not expected).

My one complaint (and the reason I could not give these shoes 5-Stars) is the wear-factor. In both pairs that I own, they are wearing quite rapidly after just about a month's (daily) wear. The upper toe area is beginning to show signs of wearing through and the soles are about half worn down. I'm guessing that the materials they use (while light-weight and comfortable) also wear pretty fast as a consequence. The sad part of it is that the shoes are so comfortable, but seem to wear rather quickly. I'm on the fence as to whether I'll buy more because at the rate they are wearing, I'll be looking at a pair every couple of months. I'm used to getting much longer wear from casual shoes (like Rockport deck shoes), but they are made of tougher materials that hold up longer to wear. My Rockports, while comfortable, do not hold a candle to these shoes in comfort.

One last observation. These things are ultra quiet to walk in. My wife calls me the "ninja house walker" because she can't hear me walking up toward her on our hard wood floors like she could with the Rockports. :)

Update 11-08-15: Well, over a year later and I have finally had to retire this original pair of shoes to "yard-work" use. :) The shoes did continue to fray a bit around the edges where they are stitched, but a grill-lighter solves that, shrivels and seals those loose threads. The soles lost all their knobby structure well before this shoe wore out (lasted about 9mos). But the shoes were still more than wearable and still very comfortable until I eventually wore a hole in the upper toe of the shoes. The insole support does wear down over time and when I just put on my new pair of these shoes I could really feel that good support there again. Without a doubt, these are some of the lightest and most comfortable shoes I have owned.

One serious word of caution for anyone that has mobility issues, is unsteady in their walk or prone to falling. The knobby grip on the soles of these shoes will aggressively grab the floor at times unless you are really good at picking up you feet cleanly off the floor when you walk. Occasionally, I have not lifted far enough and caught the toe of the shoe on the floor. I have actually tripped and almost fallen when that happened. Just thought I'd share this since it could be a safety issue for some people to wear these shoes.
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on April 12, 2014
Summary of Pros/Cons before the review!


Extremely light weight, arguably the most comfortable walking shoe you can buy (according to my dad, who I bought the shoe for), laceless design makes it easy to put on, take off, breathable upper makes it perfect to wear with or without socks. The upper is pretty durable and holds up surprisingly well for being so thin and light (12+ hrs on it everyday for a couple of months).


Soles wear out rather quickly (Kind of expected for how light it is), slight inconsistency in sizing, Doesn't go on sale often!

Ever since trying these on for the first time at a local shop, my dad refuses to wear anything else. He loved it so much, that he went through the first pair in just a few months without ever jogging or running in these. As the name indicates, soles on these aren't really made to last a long time or to be worn on your trail hikes or anything, and wears out rather quickly. But for casual walking purposes, these are just about perfect according to my dad.

I have bought him many similar minimalist/barefoot kind of shoes such as reebok flexes and nike frees and what not. He does work all day standing, and he says he's never worn anything more comfortable.

He says these fit so much better, and as soon as he puts these on, he can almost feel it relieving the stress on his feet. Also, those sports brand shoes (especially the big R and the big N) usually tend to run a bit narrow on my dads feet, but these are just about perfect he says.

So I got two more pairs for him, one in black and another in charcoal. Even bought my mom one this time! With Amazon's fashion promotion coupon, it was an easy decision on a pair that I already knew was great.

However, for some reason, he feels the charcoal one does not fit very well and feels the foot opening part very tight around his instep on one of the shoes. I guess sizing isn't perfectly consistent. The black pair fits him perfect though, just like the first pair he had, which was also in black. The only reason why I gave it four stars.

Oh, did I mention that my dad even wears the worn out pair in the home? He likes it better than being on his barefoot, so he washed the old pair and wears it inside the house now.
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on December 17, 2013
My husband has worn the same shoes for years but he LOVES these. They feel like wearing your bedroom slippers.
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on May 15, 2015
These are pretty nice...easy on easy off...they are a little slippery on a tile floor with water...the soles have these little bump design that reduces the surface area on a flat floor but they are good for going around, walking the dog. I stood for 3 hours on my feet playing music and no foot fatigue. I'd buy them again.
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