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on November 30, 2012
These are the best and only toe socks that allow me to have the cool yoga gear, do my cardio barre classes a few times a week, and not have to be constantly doing laundry. I bought 6 or so pairs.

The price is incredible and would merit a much lower quality product. You can't get any grippy socks for anywhere close to this price, much less cute, black toe socks.

I would definitely buy these again. But will write some pros and cons to help others decide:

Thickness - these are about as thick as regular women's ankle socks (think Hanes) or thicker dress socks. They are not as thick as regular gym socks or the grippy socks that some places like Bar Method or Pop Physique or Pure Barre brand and sell in their studios. Pros: don't need to take off your socks to put on flip flops after! Score!

Grippiness - little black nubbins on toes and soles keep your feet in place during planks and downward dog. I've washed these several times and the grippy nubbins still work great.

Toe sock blues - know that when you're buying toe socks, the toe holes for the big toe are larger than the small toe. This means you have a "right" and "left" sock and have to remember to grab one of each from your sock drawer. The socks aren't labeled so you'll have to make sure you pick the right ones. Also, toes can pull out of the toe holes when you're doing extreme moves like planks or push ups. Not too big a deal and doesn't happen too often.
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These are nice yoga socks. I like the full-toe cut-outs and the beaded bottoms. They serve it's purpose, and they feel comfortable to me. The material feels soft, and I like how it fits on my feet. They are great for at home, but you can wear them into your shoes if necessary. I get comments on them all the time when people see me wearing them. They wash like normal socks in the machine or hand-wash. I like the colors, and the price was nice. They are not high end designer socks, but they are decent toe socks. They are okay for yoga. I dont find them any different than other yoga socks I've worn. Make sure you buy the right size and they fit right for your feet for yoga. It does take some getting use to wearing toe socks. But, you get more flexibility and comfort than wearing regular socks on your feet. There is more material between your toes than a normal sock, so you have to get use to that a little for some folks. I recommend them. They are pretty much like what you see, so don't expect them fitting like heaven. They are socks, and they are full-toe socks. They fit probably for you like they look like they will fit as pictured. Take care of them and they will last. Don't take care of them, and they will last like your regular socks that get beat up.
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on April 9, 2014
Always searching for the most challenging yoga classes and I found them with this sadist named Marco here in NYC - do a search, he's evil and you'll hold the hardest poses for like... ever. He will transform your body, your practice and you'll hate him for it. Anyhow, with the eighty-godzillion chatarungas we do, the skin on my big toes was peeling a lot and starting to hurt, and I was worried it would get worse and keep me from practicing. Bandaids and tape came right off with this aggressive practice, so I searched for other options and came up with these.

On the one hand, they do protect my big toes, if I had to guess, I'd say, 80%. 79% at least, maybe up to 83%. The skin is still stressed and slightly tearing but not getting worse and nothing like before.

On the other hand, the big gripe is the little toe never stays in, so I'm either ignoring the fact that my toes aren't in the right holes, which can be annoying, or I have to really focus on letting it go and being happy the big toes are protected. "Letting it go" isn't all that easy, since with the toes not in all the right toe holes, it's about as uncomfortable as wearing gloves without your fingers in the right finger holes. Probably more uncomfortable since toes are pretty sensitive and you're straining them for all the yoga work - balancing, one-hand/one-foot stuff and such.

On the third hand, I'm a kind of muscle-y/stocky middle-aged guy, and the pretty girls keep telling me how cute my feet are, so that counts for something.

They grip very well, if they'd just stay on, I'd give them a ten out of five. But they don't. But they help.
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on March 2, 2014
I wanted socks I could wear in my yoga class that would keep my feet warm on cold days, but would also be comfy for doing yoga. I'd seen others in class wearing them and they gave similar socks great reviews. So I ordered these. They arrived quickly. And I guess they fit well. Getting them on was a challenge. Toe socks were totally new to me and fitting my digits into their appropriate holders was a trick. Once there, I had to get used to the feel. They weren't like second skin. More like toe gloves. But they kept my feet warm. That became a problem as I warmed up. My feet got too warm. Plus, the little nubs that are there to keep me from slipping, were too sticky. It felt awkward trying to move because of the nubs against the mat. If I had no mat, they'd have been great. These socks did everything they were supposed to do, but it wasn't a good fit for me. But they probably are good for someone else. I shall yoga on with cold toes.
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on June 21, 2014
Great fit! Nice grip on my yoga mat. Love to wear my little purple yoga socks. Good price. Arrived quickly. The weirdest thing about these, though, is that my cat seems to believe that they belong to her. She's a good yoga "helper", of course, but what's best about these socks is that she likes to walk around with them in her mouth (yes, even after they come out of the dryer!). She's a little freaky. Aside from that, these little grippy socks are great, fit well, and hold up well in the wash, unlike the more expensive pair that I purchased from a different company that fell apart, losing their little grippy-dots in my washing machine. Well made, reasonably priced. Kitty and I defo recommend.
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on August 20, 2014
These socks are exactly what I was looking for. I live in Hawaii and it's relatively warm year round so I needed something cooler than regular socks. I also have hardwood floors so they needed some grip for when I workout. Shoes were out of the question since they get too hot and scuff my floors, believe me i tried. I usually workout on a yoga mat for grip and a little cushion but it's limited in movement.

I recently completed a round of Insanity Plyometrics and these socks didn't slip and the grips on the bottom didn't tear off either. Also, the socks didn't get uncomfortable and overheat my feet during the workout. I'll probably purchase more after a couple of months without any problems.
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VINE VOICEon January 14, 2014
I usually hate wearing socks because my feet get too hot. I found these socks were comfortable and my feet stayed cool.

I wear shoe size 7.5 and I have a wide width foot. These socks fit very well. The toes aren't too long or too short and the heel is right where it's supposed to be. I think these would fit from shoe size 6 to 8 comfortably. You might be able to go as high as an 8.5 and still be comfortable because there is some give.

I'm happy to have these and wouldn't mind having a few more pair. They're good for exercising in or just hanging around the house on days where the temperature means slippers are too much and barefoot isn't enough.
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on February 25, 2014
I'm sure these are great socks, but if you're like me and have any sort of sensitivity issues with your feet or toes, you'll want to skip this pair. I found myself unable to stand the fabric between my toes within a couple of minutes. I sort of solved the problem by cutting out the individual toes with the exception of the big toe so that something holds it in place. As the title of my review suggests, I'm sure the problem is more about my foot sensitivity than it is the socks. They seem well made and once I had cut the toes out they served their purpose to keep me from sliding on the carpet during my at-home yoga on poses that I had a foot or both feet off the mat. But the fabric between the toes is really annoying and can bunch up.
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on December 10, 2013
These do have great grip so I can that they'd be ideal for yoga and such. However, they are very thin (it helps them to stretch, I think) and the fabric gets a little bunched between toes. Or at least, my toes. Thesis causes a bit of a loss in circulation - nothing major but it has the tendency to make your toes actually feel COLDER. Counterproductive.
I think tabi would be better as they come in regular socks and the "overshoe" can be made of leather, cotton, etc. Soles of tabi can also be leather, suede or cotton.
More expensive? Yes. But a better plan for non-slippery comfy feet than these.
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on November 6, 2013
These are a perfect fit for my feet and for my yoga! I no longer slide across the floor when doing certain poses!
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