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on June 18, 2015
I am currently halfway through Focus T25 Gamma Cycle. I completed the original Alpha and Beta package, and I wanted to step up my game a little before moving onto other Beachbody programs. One thing I'd like to get out of the way is that Gamma is all about strength. If you are like me, and find Cardio to be more to your liking, you probably won't like Gamma as much as Alpha and Beta. So why am I giving this package 5 stars?

Well, because it does what it's intended to do. Before doing Gamma Phase, my arms were pretty scrawny. Now, they're getting ripped and getting big. Not bulky, but definitely larger than they were before. Because T25 is more Cardio-focused than say, P90X3 or Body Beast, Gamma's weight-lifting workouts are more Circuit Training, Low Weight + High Reps, and "Cardio with Weights" than full-on weight training for muscular hypertrophy. It's more for making one long and lean. Be aware of that before purchasing this package.

As far as individual workouts go, Speed 3.0 is the only "full Cardio" workout in this Cycle. No dumb bells, no chin-up bar, no mats required. As such, it's my favorite of the bunch (I'm more of a Cardio guy, remember?). At the same time, I hate it because I hate doing burpees. And with Speed 3.0, almost every other move is some type of burpee...Burpee to push-up to 2 wide in-and-out abs...Burpee to plank walk...Burpee to Push-up Jacks...Burpee to Ski Abs...etc. But if you LOVE burpees, you will love Speed 3.0, guaranteed!

One last thing. There was another review here on Amazon I found for Gamma where the reviewer indicated that he/she had the most success with losing weight on the Beta Cycle. After having gone through the whole package, I will have to agree with that reviewer. I lost the most amount of weight during Beta Cycle. Alpha, not so much. And Gamma, well, I've hit a plateau and my weight refuses to go down past a certain point. But, because I'm building muscle, that is to be expected I guess.
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VINE VOICEon June 8, 2015
I am a Beach Body fan. I've done Insanity, P90X, T25 Alpha and Beta and been doing them for five years. T25 Gamma is the most challenging I can think of since Insanity. It's also a big step up from T25 Beta. I can pretty much get through Alpha and Beta with no breaks, but Gamma is no joke. There is a focus on strength- particularly upper body. Some of the workouts are a bit easier than others. Speed 3.0 takes Speed 1.0 and Speed 2.0 and puts them on steroids. The burpees... oh the burpees. Every type imaginable. Burpees with push up jacks. Burpees with pike ups. Burpees with spider lunges, you name it...

I just completed week 4 of Gamma and will not do the hybrid which mixes in some of Beta. Then, I think I'm going to give my body a break. Gamma really hits the chest and shoulders hard almost every day. There are times when I'm doing it one day and can still feel the workout from the previous day. But, I like the results!
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on August 27, 2016
After completing Alpha and Beta this is great. This set focuses more on strength training, using Dumbbells. I'm really enjoying this, I prefer Speed 2.0 over the 3.0 workout. Too many burpees!
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on January 19, 2018
Shawn T gets you moving like never before on Gamma round. I loved T25 so much that I subscribed to beach body on demand. Now I can Shawn T as much as I like and check out other trainers. I am hooked! I am now a huge fan of the beach body programs. I've completed P90X3, Insanity (did this one with my niece), REV abs, and Shawn Week. I have reclaimed my youth and kept off the weight.

I highly recommend the program. Shawn T motivates you to get it done!!!
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on December 29, 2014
Great workout for adding on to T25. I completed the program twice (including Gamma) and have since moved to Max:30 - which is a bit more physically demanding. Love the routines though, as usual. Stick to a clean diet and the program, and you will get results. Your diet is 90% of the program! Some people just don't understand that unfortunately and leave bad reviews.
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on August 8, 2015
I have been doing T25 Gamma for about a year now so I thought I would share some of my thoughts on the program. If you are unfamiliar with the T25 videos, they are 25 minute exercise programs starring Shaun T. Currently there are three phases to the whole program Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Alpha and Beta where focused on helping people lose weight without spending too much time out of their lives for exercise; there are no breaks in between the moves, just different ways to modify the current move if you are tired. Gamma flows with the same style but focuses on building muscle. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed all three programs and that Gamma is an excellent choice for building strength.

This set comes with 4 videos: Speed 3.0, Rip't Up, The Pyramid, and Extreme Circuit. I kinda wish there were 5 videos so that there was no repetition in the 5 day workouts. The schedule is set up so that the first and last videos for the week are the same. It's actually an interesting way to measure the progress for that week so I don't think this is a major criticism. This set does not include a dedicated stretch video so make sure you either have the Alpha/Beta stretch video or some other kind of stretching program to do.

I enjoyed the program so much I have been repeating it for the past year or so. The workouts were really tough for the first few months. Once you get used to them, or if you are already fit, their difficulty depends on the size of the weights that you train with. I think I started with 10 pound dumbbells, increasing to 15, 20 and 25 once I could handle it. I found the 20 pounds to be the most balanced in terms of what I could do speed/strength wise. Here are some notes on each of the videos:

Speed 3.0 - There are no weights in this video. it is the one cardio workout in the set. This is meant to let your muscles rest and lose any potential fat that will hide your muscles. It is pretty tough even after coming out of Alpha and Beta. In the first couple months when your weights are not as heavy, this will probably one of the toughest workouts. I also don't think there were many, if any, modifying moves for this video but it also holds back from crazy plyometrics.

Rip't Up - This is the main upper body strengthening workout. There are no repeated moves in this video which is great. 1 min of a move and you carry on. It mostly involves slow and controlled lifting with a little cardio just to fill in the gaps between the strength moves. Smaller 3-5 pound weights are used in the video for a few really tough moves that seem downright impossible with larger dumbbells.The difficulty of this video really depends on the size of your weights.

The Pyramid - This to me is the strength/endurance workout. You start with 1 rep of a move, start over again with 2 reps, then 3, then keep building up until Shaun T says the move is over. It's pretty difficult to accomplish an entire set even if you are comfortable with the size of your weights. It's a great workout for building your endurance. This is the only video where you actively count how many lifts you can complete so it's easiest to see your progress. I really like it.

Extreme Circuit - Remember how much you feared Total Body Circuit from Alpha? Add weights to it. This workout is brutal. The weights are in your hands 95% of the video. You have the weights in the warm up until the 15 minute mark when you put them down for about 2 moves and then they are right back up. This workout is an intense total body strengthener. It's a great rush when it's over though.

You could theoretically start Gamma without Alpha and Beta but I would only recommend that if you were really fit and worked out regularly prior to starting Gamma. Also it was really fun to swap some Alpha/Beta workouts in the mix after repeating the same schedule so many times so I did enjoy having all three.

It's been a great experience and I am happy with the results. As I mentioned earlier my dumbbells have gone up about 10-15 pounds heavier. In about my 4th month of Gamma I had lost an extra 30 pounds in addition to the 20 that I lost after Alpha and Beta.

It's time for me to move on though. Hopefully my experience with Gamma will be helpful to me in my new endeavors. Thank you T25 for helping me so much this past year.
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on June 15, 2015
T25 Gamma is the third in the series and features 4 workouts all based on getting stronger. They are Speed 3.0 Ript Up, Extreme Circuit, and The Pyramid. You also will need the Stretch workout from the Alpha\Beta phases. There is no double workout on Sundays as there was in Alpha or Beta. Since this phase is about strength, and it's been 10 weeks of cutting and shredding in Alpha and Beta, I work in some free weight work.

[Update] In fact there is a second option on Gamma for more strength focus that does include a double workout. The schedule is listed towards the rear of the DVD packaging and incorporates a few of the workouts from the previous phases such as Upper Body, Total Circuit and Dynamic Core.

Chances are you're not just jumping into Gamma and you have done Alpha and Beta. But if you are picking this up without doing the previous phases, consider your weights carefully whereas you will burn out after successive exercises and your arms will be like wet noodles by about the 12 minute mark. Overall I believed it noticeably raised the difficulty level from Beta. I went from surpassing Sean T in Beta, on some exercises, to missing some of the repetitions in Gamma the first week. I even mixed in some Insanity Fast and Furious workouts before doing Gamma so it was interesting to see how the difficulty compared. The Fast and Furious workouts will definitely introduce you to some similarities but also remind you during Gamma it could be a lot harder regarding some of the exercises. Also you notice that Tania and Scott are in the Insanity workouts so when you compare yourself to how they are doing just keep in mind they do a lot more a lot longer than 25 minutes.

Speed 3.0 is the first workout and it is also the first time, in the 3 phases, that I really felt a true cardio workout in the heart and lungs. All of the other Alpha and Beta cardio and speed related workouts tired out my quads or hip flexors instead. The difficulty was comparable to the Insanity Fast and Furious 15 minute workout. Speed 3.0 uses the same Round and Level format you experienced in Beta but you will go to the floor to perform all sorts of burpees and planks and combination moves. So far I've done this workout three times and I still cannot keep up with Sean T especially near the end when they go through each exercise two times and then just one time. You will sweat early and often.

The Ript Up workout reminds me of doing supersets. Although you will start out with some familiar speed and agility style warmup moves, you will soon pickup the weights and use them a lot more than in Alpha or Beta upper body oriented workouts and you will go from one exercise to another of a proximate muscle group before moving onto another muscle group once you've exhausted it. I referenced supersets earlier because although T25 always did this format in other workouts it is the increased use of weights that reminds me of them. This is the first workout that also introduces additional sets of lighter weights for some of the exercises. Everyone uses different weight but as an example I use 15 lb dumbbells plus a lighter 8 lb set for other exercises like weighted superman or rocketman exercises. My wife typically uses 10 lbs and 8 lbs. You optionally may use a chin-up bar for some exercises. If you are using the rubberbands, instead of weights, you should get a chin-up bar else you will do a number of exercises with bare hands such as superman and rocketman. One of the participants uses the chin-up bar so you know when to do it and the camera will briefly focus on him. You will also do a lot of the exercises on one leg such as triceps and curls which take a little getting used to.

Extreme Circuit: The description on the packaging for this workout claims the weights will never leave your hands but that is false.
You will put them down periodically beginning around 9 minutes left in the workout but you'll soon pick them up again and incorporate them into the ground exercises. You'll even do push-ups and burpees off of the weights. Since you are using the weights, the speed of those types of exercises is not as fast paced as the burpees from some other workouts. This workout is a lot of upper body lifting with some plank walks and burpees mixed into the occasional weighted squat. This workout also includes the burn out phase you are used to from Alpha and Beta workouts. You will use the standard weights you normally use or the optional chin-up bar. There's not much more to say about this one. You're lifting a lot but it is not like the superset style you performed in the Ript Up workout.

The Pyramid: The whole premise of this workout is that you build up the difficulty as you go. So if you started with a single repetition, let's say 1 curl, you increment it each time through the exercise. Most of the exercises are performed in repetitions of 8 and sometimes more pending the exercise. This workout is in my opinion the easiest of the 4 and although you will sweat you will not feel as exhausted at the end. You will however feel the effects of the Pyramid in your legs the next workout.
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on November 4, 2014
The pacing is just right for me, it challenges me but not to the point that I couldn't finish the whole thing.
25 minutes is enough for those days when I get so tired after work that doing nothing is tempting but then when I think of 25 minutes it is short enough that I don't feel burned out in the end.
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on November 24, 2015
Super DVD. This one uses lots of weights and that was new for me. I'm now finishing my first month of Body Beast, but wouldn't have started it without having done Gamma as I've never done weights. I've done cardio most of my life, and this style work out takes some getting used to, but gamma is a great mix of weights and cardio.
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on March 21, 2018
The exercises are good but the way they are presented is way too fast to do in a proper way. There’s so much possibility for injury in these workouts. If the pace were slowed just a bit, I think the exercises would be more effective because you would be able to do them correctly, without rushing or constantly feeling like you can’t keep up. Don’t know that this will be my go to routine.
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