Customer Reviews: LG BP135 Blu-ray Disc Player with Direct USB Recording & Playback
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on March 12, 2014
I bought this Blu-Ray player at Walmart the other day. I really like the simple control buttons on the front, eject and power. The other controls are found on the small yet simple remote, which is powered by a single triple A battery. The front USB port is for connecting an external hard drive. Another thing I like about this is the simple connection jacks on the back, power and HDMI. Very straightforward compared to the multiple jacks found on the back of other units.

When connected to your HDTV and powered up, I find the on screen display to be simple to understand. This player can play Blu-Ray discs, DVD discs, compact audio discs, MP3 discs, and photo discs. The audio pumped out of this unit is exceptional. In comparison to DVD players, this player has better stereo and surround separation with far more amplification. Unlike most DVD players which need to have the audio signal transmitted to a Dolby and/or DTS receiver, this player does not require that.
The video quality is much cleaner and higher resolution than a DVD player. The video output is exceptional when playing either a DVD or Blu-Ray Disc.

If you want a simple and straightforward disc player, this is it.
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on January 4, 2014
While this LG BP135 Blu-Ray Player was not purchased from my own Amazon acct, it is a Verified Amazon Purchase for a friend to me. (A NOTE OF WORTH! THIS LG-BP135 BLU-RAY PLAYER DOES NOT COME WITH ANY INSTRUCTION BOOKLET. IN THE SMALL, MEDIOCRE QUAD FOLDOUT, "that informs only set-up info" OFFERS A WEBSITE TO DOWNLOAD IT!) Unfortunately, this important guide should be mandatory, considering the specs involved! All efforts I have undertaken to render this review, have been through old fashioned, trial and error. No ERRORS thankfully!
As I am an "Audio-Video-phile", I will attempt to give a thorough review of this LG product, as professionally as possible. Seeing as this is the FIRST review too, I hope to cover all aspects for future purchasers!

Manufacturers Warranty is as follows: 1 year on parts & labor. Labor warranty ends after 90 DAYS. Parts are still covered for the remaining first year, but should ANY labor be required, it is up to the customer to pay for it! I am unaware of any warranty from Amazon, but the LG Warranty I just provided is directly from LG customer support themselves.

For those of you who, like myself, that are big on the audio end of the spectrum, a HUGE word of attention! Please note that this unit does NOT have the standard Red/Yellow/White connections! Unlike other DVD Players and most other Blu-Ray Players that DO offer the Yellow connector for the TV and Red/White connectors to be fitted into another Speaker System, the BP135 ONLY offers the HDMI to TV for ALL Audio output. To make up for this serious oversight, I have connected the BP135 to my Lexicon Surround Processor. Via the Lexicon, I integrated my Onkyo Receiver to my speaker system. I then ran the HDMI cable back to my TV for the Video. Now I can fully enjoy 1080i and 1080p. This is a downside to the LG-BP135, but not a deal breaker. Not, of course, if sound is your main goal.

1. My receipt of this product was impeccably packaged. The box was filled with those small bubble bags & was tightly fitted. IE: ( The actual Player box was packed within another Amazon box). It was safe, secure and inconspicuous to any potential thievery. It was, I'm sure, capable of being shipped worldwide and would have arrived in the same great condition Amazon is famed for!
2. Upon opening the box, I found all necessary items required for proper hookup EXCEPT for 1 conspicuous missing item. A single AAA battery for the remote. A small oversight, but most Audio-Video equipment in today's market do come with a simple AAA battery. Aside from this, everything was as advertised. Be prepared to purchase a separate HDMI cable, as this too is not part of the package. From experience, unless you are seeking "gold-tipped" Monster HDMI Cables, an Amazon Basic HDMI one is JUST AS GOOD AS OTHERS ADVERTISED!
3. The BP135 Player is nothing fancy. If you are seeking a simple, dedicated Blu-Ray Player with DVD Upscaling, 2D this unit is perfect. The CD's play fine. I have read from a plethora of other, high-end units, as well as comparable units to this particular one. Sony, Samsung and others...
4. About Blu-Ray skips and jumping to the next framing sequencing. Not so with this LG BP135! In my first 3 days, I dug through my library of recent and obscure Blu-Ray's for trial runs. Several infamous "Zoning" differences. Not a single problem with ANY OF THEM! To date, I have placed in 47 Blu-Ray disc's and have intentionally paused, skipped, fast-framed and slow-moed most of them with no adverse reactions.
5. The remote is surprisingly small. No more than 4" long. A nifty little piece with many easy to handle buttons. The onscreen functions were a surprise! As I connected this device to my 26" Emerson TV, HDMI, LED ready, I didn't expect much. Onscreen is as easy to handle as it is to read. With a USB Port in the front of the BP135, I found this to be more versatile and accessible than higher-end Players! A plus for sure!
6. Now, the one and ONLY down side to this unit, but NOT A DEAL BREAKER. Compared to other units of similar levels, this one tends to make a semi-annoying whiring sound as a disc loads. Approx time to load a disc is roughly 10 sec. The whir stops at the load point. But once any button is depressed, I.E., the play button, pause, menu and on, the whir will happen 90 percent of the time. Not an overbearingly load sound, but it does get annoying. So, if you are seeking a low-end, but tough cookie Blu-Ray Player that will last, I highly recommend this LG BP135. I have years of experience with Audio-Video Eqp. But as cost and priorities demand, I made a choice. My friend was kind enough to buy this as a gift knowing I needed it, plus I will get years use out of it.
7. Remember, aside from the small sticker shock of the LG BP135 units price, be prepared to drop another $20 or so for Amazon Basic HDMI Cable & a AAA Battery.
I hope my sincere, HONEST and in depth review has helped others. NO! I am NOT a professional reviewer for Amazon! Just a cost conscious citizen who appreciates reading other reviews concerning products on MY WISH LIST before I make any purchases!

UPDATE... Having completed my extensive collection of 562 Blu-Ray's, along with another 626 DVD's, I can conclusively say, that this beautiful unit works beyond satisfaction! While I admit I have only viewed a handful of movies from begining to end, my goal was to put this LG-BP135 to test. It's ruggedness and overall sturdiness. Truth be told, we all know that "New" is not always as advertised. I found that the BP135 I received was as described and promised. My friend chose well for me as he is well aware of my knowledge base and tastes!

To further this review, I have well acquainted myself to the functionality in detail. Specifically, the onscreen functions. More common to high-end units, this LG has the ability to make, with incredible ease, movie color, contrast, highlighting and so much more.
Unfortunately, I cannot escape or deny this "whirling" sound. It is pervasive through most every disc. Albeit not during play, it is rampant throughout disc set-up, pause and most every other disc change function. While the BP135 is an incredibly hearty piece of machinery, this alone is it's ONLY downside! In my extensive history with Audio-Video equipment, both Auto & Home, I have always believed putting items through the riggers to be sure you got your moneys worth. No matter the cost. This way I can tell my friend if a return is warranted. Thus far, no.

Wow! This cute little remote is pretty good! Relevant operational range is up 20 feet before it requires a double pop to any button. Not bad! Please remember, all the operations I have put this unit under have been EXTREME and NOT NORMAL, EVERYDAY USAGE! These are merely RIGOROUS TESTS! Nobody watches Blu-Rays, DVD's or listens to CD's this much.
Normally, this work I have done, and always do, is undertaken by *UL*. But, if one wants a personal Review, which is why we read these at all, then someone must be the objective subject. I have and was.
To conclude this extensive review at my own expense, with my own LG BP-135 Blu-Ray Player, I offer you my conclusive results... This nifty little unit is deffinately worth the price. Small, does not overheat, fits into any standard TV setup and the small remote is better than some high-end larger remotes! SUGGESTION!!! DO NOT STACK ANYTHING ON TOP OF UNIT!
Remember to buy (1) AAA battery & HDMI cable. No need for over priced Monster cable. Amazon Basic as I have is just fine. When all is said and done, you, your family and friends will enjoy many years of fabulous Blu-Ray, upscale DVD's, CD's, USB's. At a VERY reasonable price!

I should address the pressing issue of the Selling LABELED WORDING of this LG BP135 Blu-Ray Player being "STREAMING." This is a false and hugely MISLEADING word of advertising! This device is NOT actually capable of "streaming" of itself! It is true that you, can stream through this Player via the Coaxial outlet OR the USB hub. I have set my Player to stream through the Coaxial outlet, with less than perfect results. Therefore, I have discarded the streaming from my Player as it was never a main point for usage! I will say that as time wore on, the streaming signal became worse and degraded the remaining signal strength out of the cable output!
Now, if "streaming" is a main desire you seek, I would highly recommend that you look at some of the higher end of the LG products. A vast array of dedicated WiFi Blu-Ray Players are offered, and keep your options open when it comes to dollars and cents! Read the specs closely BEFORE YOU PURCHASE!

In great thanks to another well informed, fellow Amazonian, I share this clarified information as to the definition of what "STREAMING" actually is. A "Streaming" Player doesn't necessarily need to be WiFi ready. As long as the Player is capable of connecting to the Internet, a wired network per se, will suffice. What is believed that the varied Seller's are claiming as "streaming", is likely the the ability of the Player to play recorded media from the USB drive via the USB port located on the front of the Unit. So, "streaming" is referred to the ability to play someone else's stored content. Content that is remotely stored, but NOT directly connected to this Player. Hence THIS PLAYER IS NOT A STREAMING PLAYER!
I have contacted Amazon sales Leadership concerning the misleading word of "Streaming" in the Selling Point of this BP135. Only time will tell if or when the correction shall be made. But I suggest that nobody be fooled by the FALSE ADVERTISING!
I will update the corrected information of the removal of "Streaming" as part of the selling point as soon as it becomes available!
I received an answer from Amazon the other day and have the final word on the FALSE AND MISLEADING WORD OF "STREAMING." It didn't sit well with me, but I gather this is the best I will get...
Amazon takes this situation very seriously! With an understanding that customers are angry they cannot STREAM as advertised, the response I got was a losly based promise that they will look into the sellers advertising practices, as well as check on this product themselves to prove that it doesn't actually stream as advertised.
This process might take time, red tape rules the day, and I can try to stay the course on the matter. To future, potential buyers, I will do my best!

UPDATE... A final item of note. As this sweet Blu-Ray Player is an all around perfect player of Blu-Ray's, DVD's, CD's and USB hub, please note that this IS a low end player. Unlike it's High-end competition, the LG BP135 DOES NOT have Wi-Fi! One can still stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Streaming & many other quality streaming outputs, via a simple, old fashioned Coaxial Out-put. I have found SO MANY reasons to like the LG-BP135, that the very few down sides are nill. Easily and happily to say, the LG-BP135 has found a permanent place in my home!
Nothing more to add here. The choice is yours. No bells or whistles, but movie enjoyment for years to come! Happy New Year!

UPDATE... 1/23/14
As time wore on, this pervasive noise of "whiring" grew to be too much for me. The sounds became overriding most movie play! With little choice, and mostly because this devise was a gift, I took it to the "Geek Squad." At a cost of $25, they found the laser inside to be lose and defective. Therefore, I feel comfortable saying MY UNIQUE PROBLEMS were just that... Singular and specific to MY LG BP135 Player! All the more reason to give this unit 5 Stars!

UPDATE... 1/29/14
To date, I have watched 26 Blu-Ray's without any problems! Thank you Geek Squad! Furthermore, I should refer back to the Coaxial outlet located in the back of the BP 135. THIS is the mode where you can access the internet and all streaming wants! One would have to bypass the HDMI and connect the cable box using this standard and outdated method, using a Coaxial Cable. PROVIDED YOUR CABLE BOX IS ALREADY WI-FI READY! Again, with this LG-BP 135 being a bottom line Blu-Ray, dedicated player, this IS the ONLY MEANS of capturing any and all streaming desires! I have done so myself, so I can offer you personal insight that this works! On the flip side, one must go back to the HDMI for Blu-Ray, DVD, CD & Flash Drive options. As I stated, this is a low level player and perfect for beginners usage!

I sincerely hope I have helped those who actually read these reviews BEFORE making any purchase. I do!

UPDATE... 3/6/14
I have some great news for those interested people in this beauty! Let's step back to the on screen functions pertaining to the "Photo's" function specifically. Well, was I absolutely amazed when I finally took the time to appreciate this aspect! First, I used a CD+RW to burn my pics from my PC. I then slid the disc into the BP135 with little knowledge of what to expect. (I have tried on numerous occasions to download the INSTRUCTION BOOKLET to no avail!) Calling the phone number listed on the unit itself was more hassle than it was worth! Trial and error again!

Anyway, the Photo disc. Once installed, the on-screen function lit up with so much more than my eyes could grasp. On the left hand column was the lists of my folders names. Each one itemized as on my PC. Aligned to each folder, were thumbnail size shots of my pics! In the order I had placed them in back on my PC! Utilizing the remote, I can scroll across the screen to view each pic. I can select any pic, click on it, bam, its now on my TV! All 166 pics in thumbnail sample, on my screen, to pick and choose from! Outstanding! I have never seen this capability on ANY Blu-Ray Player before, from ANY company! High end or less.

Conversely , I am able to plainly hit the play button and watch ALL pics. Incredible! This 135 is outstanding! I can see my pics in various ways. One after the other in continuous format, or just one at a time. (Need to hit the forward button to advance to the next pic.) This to me is simply amazing for a "low end" versatile Player!

As to the "CD" on-screen functions, there isn't much glitz. While the visuals will show the title of said disc, you will be left flatly with just "track" times. The number of tracks and that's pretty much it. No song names or any pertinent info were you to have a "various hits" disc of different artists. So far, this is the only "basic" and bare bones on-screen function of the BP-135. By no means a deal breaker! Once more, according to your sound system, you will hear what you have.

Of course I have joyfully amused myself with most all the abilities this sweet LG product has offered me, but NEVER from one that is this inexpensive! If it seems that I am raving about the BP135, its because I am, with gusto! It throws out an older 480i such as the Original Star Trek, into full 1080! Visually, some older, worn DVD's now look the full upscale as advertised or better! Depending on your sound system, this Player has brought MY older scratchy, muffled discs back from the brink. Almost to the day I first bought them! Why LG is allowing this baby go for such a LOW price is beyond me?

All I can say is this friends, grab this LG BP135 before someone at LG wises up and raises the price! I have poured my heart into this review and all the work into deriving the results. Not many are willing to do that these days. I am passionate about all I do, think and speak. My children tease me because I tend to work everything, (including myself) tirelessly. No matter what, I live by a code of truth. All you have read, is just that. Should you decide to invest in this BP135, and as meticulous as myself, you will not be disappointed! That is if you can live without the "streaming."
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on February 10, 2014
This is the most basic of blu-ray players. There is no WiFi capability whatsoever. That being said, this is also a fantastic machine for watching movies. Set up is easy and intuitive. Playback is outstanding. The upscaling is near 1080p quality and the blu-ray playback is everything one could expect for the format. The unit WILL play internet media PROVIDED you have an Ethernet connection. An HDMI cable isn't included (most players don't come with one) so you'll have to purchase one. All in all, this is the best player that I've found at anywhere near this price. Highly recommend it as a basic blu-ray player.
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on August 12, 2014
I don't know where all of the good reviews are coming from. Seriously, This is ridiculous. LG IS A RIPOFF!! I have the LG Blu-Ray player BP 135 with serial # 309HZWF590265 because the serial number apparently matters even though I have a 1 yr warranty on it. They are shady. No joke. They know this particular machine is faulty and won't take responsibility for it. I will never purchase from them again. I bought this in February for $50.00 and I started have problems with it about 1 or 2 mths ago. Then it finally stopped working completely. I tried everything to get it work again. I called cs and they asked for the serial # for this model. B/c of the serial number, I was only allowed $30.00 back, no exchanges or repairs. It wouldn't of mattered if I called them on the 4th mth because this serial number is only covered for 3.They won't tell you what you qualify for until they have checked the serial #. In order to get your $30 dollars back you have to show a receipt which is a no brainer but then you have to wait 5 days for either a phone call or something by mail for just for a little bit more information before they will refund you. I talked to what they said was their "corporate office", which I know was bunch of bull. I talked to Teresa the "supervisor at the corporate office" and got the same line and that the policy is not bendable. She just kept saying that she apologizes and there isn't anything she could do. I told them that they know the serial number linked to this machine is defective and that's why they won't honor the 1 yr warranty and she wouldn't say anything.
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on July 28, 2014
This is a great little Blu-Ray / DVD player, by a respected name-brand: LG.
It has a small footprint (about the size of an average hardcover book).
It provides excellent picture quality, and excellent sound quality.
It is super-simple to connect and set-up, and very easy-to-use.

Just add your Internet-Streaming Digital Media Player (Amazon Fire or Roku),
on top of it, and you have two high-quality products that are each dedicated
to what they each do best... not packed together as a compromise-product.

Here is the back-story:

I used to have one of those all-in-one Blu-Ray AND WiFi Digital Streaming boxes from Sony.
Like most of those all-in-one units, it had a needlessly complicated user interface,
and in spite of being made by a highly respected manufacturer,
its ability to actually connect to the Internet to stream digital content (like Netflix, etc.)
was extremely poor-quality, and it crashed about 50% of the time, often totally unable to log-on at all.

I dumped that, I bought Amazon Fire (a shockingly tiny box), with its powerful processor inside,
and that thing connects to the Internet to stream Netflix and other services EVERY TIME without fail.
I also have a Roku3, which is just as reliable. That's what those devices were built to do.

I don't know who decided that these two TOTALLY UNRELATED things:
playing a Blu-Ray or DVD... and... Streaming Internet Media like Netflix,
should be packaged together into a single product, spawning the
"Smart Blu-Ray Player" or 'Wi-Fi Streaming Blu-Ray Player", but to me,
that makes about as much sense as having a
smart phone that is also an electric toothbrush
or a Blu-Ray player that is also an alarm clock. Bad idea.

You are much better off buying a separate Internet Media Streaming Device that
specializes in doing that one thing very well (the Amazon Fire TV with a powerful
computer processor inside is the best such device on the market, and the ROKU 3
is a close second in its power and ability).

When you do that, however, you may then need a Blu-Ray / DVD player...
and it seems that about 95% of them have an unreliable, low-quality,
(and if you followed my advice above... totally redundant and unneeded)
WiFi Streaming Media capability built-in.

This LG BP135 (and its similar model LG BP125) is a rarity because:
it is JUST a Blue-Ray / DVD player ... it does not wirelessly stream other media,
so it can focus on doing what it does in an excellent manner.

It is so simple to connect: the back side has only two things:
the electrical plug, and one HDMI cable jack. That's all. And that's all you need.
A child could hook this thing up in one minute without reading any instructions.

Just plug it into the wall, and run an HDMI cable from this unit,
to the HDMI jack on your TV... or to the HDMI jack on the back
of your AV Receiver Unit on your home theater system. That's it. Done.
You've now got a great little Blu-Ray / DVD Player ... and IF you also want
a high-quality, dedicated, WiFi Streaming Device, you can deal with that as
a separate and unrelated issue, which is absolutely the best way to do that,
at this point in time, given the products currently available to the consumer.
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on April 9, 2014
Very pleased with my purchase. Wanted to replace my old dvd players with something inexpensive. Did my research online and chose the LG thru Amazon.. It's the essence of plug-and-play. Out of the box, hook up the HDMI and power cords, and away you go. Size of the player is half that of older players. 1 battery for the small remote included. Haven't tried Blu-Ray yet, but it plays all my dvds just peachy. Can't go wrong with this player.
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on May 10, 2014
Just wanted a blu ray player for the bedroom. It serves the purpose. Easy to hook up and operate. No wifi connection but I did not want that. It does have a USB port. Picture is good, sound is good. If someone wants a blu ray player with no fancy frills, I recommend this one.
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on October 10, 2014
I love this Blu-Ray Player for it's USB port. I received one of these as a present. And bought 2 more for family. We swap movies all the time. Since I started using this, I've never complained that there wasn't anything on tv. The ease of use makes it super good my 80 yr old dad can even use it. I would recommend this to a friend
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on May 8, 2014
Every place I looked up this Blu-ray player says that it streams, even though it doesn't have an ethernet port or built in WI-Fi, or a place for a Wi-Fi adapter. So it doesn't stream. It will play off of a USB drive, and is really easy to set up. I didn't order this for streaming, I use my Xbox for that. But if that was why I bought it, I would be returning it and giving a 1 star. Good picture and easy set up for a nice priced Blu-Ray player, but look elsewhere for streaming.
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on August 24, 2014
I have used this player 3 times since I bought it. It worked fine the first 2 times. I just played a brand new Blu-ray movie disc which it will not eject. I had to pull the cover to get my disc back! When the tray ejects the disc ends up inside and pushed to the back of the player. I would not purchase a Blu-ray player from LG! Ejecting a brand new disc should be a simple process. I have not talked to LG about this but I don't think that will help even though it is still under warranty, judging by the responses others have gotten from LG. I may call anyway.
UPDATE: I do not recommend people do what I did but I felt comfortable opening the player and pulling the disc out. I then pulled the top spindle holding the disc against the motorized bottom spindle and cleaned it (top spindle only) because I discovered some slightly sticky residue on my new disc right where the top spindle engaged the disc. I used a very small amount of Vaseline (only thing that would remove it)to clean the face of the spindle and the printed portion of the top of the Blu-ray where the spindle engages it. I then used dish soap to clean off the Vaseline. I put the spindle back on and tried ejecting the disc multiple times with the player cover off with no problems. Since this was a 2 disc set I cleaned the other disc as well, even though I saw no residue on the disc. I hope this has fixed the problem. I had a similar problem with a regular DVD player once because I bought a used DVD with a doughnut label where the spindle contacts the disc, that the used DVD seller added and had been pulled off leaving a sticky residue behind. This was not the case this time as the Blu-ray disc was factory new so I do not know where the sticky residue came from. That is why I slightly upgraded the star rating for this player. When I don't have this problem the player shows extremely well and performs with no problems whatsoever. I hope this helps.
SECOND UPDATE: I watched the 2nd Blu-ray disc and had no problems ejecting the disc. I am now confident the sticky residue on the disc was the problem. The movies were heavy on the special effects (The Hobbit) and the picture and audio were superb and there were no glitches, so I have once again raised the star rating. Since I don't know where the residue came from and I had no problems with other discs before the stuck disc and no problems since I got rid of the sticky residue I am now giving the player the top rating based on video and audio quality (jacked through my home audio system.) The reason I chose the LG was price and I had bought an LG Blu-ray burner for my computer previously and I have had no problems with it. All is well that ends well.
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