Customer Reviews: Dell UltraSharp U2414H 23.8 inch Widescreen IPS LCD Monitor (1920 x 1080, 2M:1, 250 cd/m2, 8 ms, HDMI/DP/mini DP/USB)
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on January 24, 2014
I recently purchased this monitor direct from Dell, and have been using it a few weeks with the AC511 Soundbar. It is an excellent example of a sleek, modern 24" IPS display.

Sleek - The bezel really is as slim as advertised. There is a tiny gap between the edge of the screen and the edge of the monitor, but it isn't particularly noticeable. Especially when used with a dark backdrop, the borders all but melt away. The lower bezel and stand also have a modern, clean look, with touchscreen buttond.
Modern - This monitor accepts all modern inputs (HDMI and Displayport) with no need for adapters. It also has a USB 3.0 hub, not just USB 2.0, so you can hook up high speed peripherals through it with less loss of speed.
High Quality IPS - This is a modern IPS panel, with the associated benefits - great color reproduction and excellent viewing angles. The anti-glare coating is also quite light; no blurriness or greyness when looking at images with white backgrounds. The screen is also quite responsive for an IPS panel, with no noticeable input lag, so it's a good choice for all but the most competitive of twitch gamers.

1080P 16:9 format: Like many displays these days, this is a 1080P panel in 16:9 widescreen format. This makes it perfect for viewing native 1080P content such as Blu-Ray Movies, and it can easily handle two documents open side-by-side. However, the screen does have less vertical scrolling space, and higher resolutions do offer a sharper image for those who sit fairly close to their monitor.

Modern - This monitor accepts ONLY HDMI and Displayport signals. While these are the most modern (and best) ways to hook up your monitor, some older computer systems will not (easily) support this monitor.

Overall, I would recommend this monitor to nearly anyone on the market for a 24" display to pair with a new computer. It combines modern input and output tech with a beautiful screen and ultra-sleek design.

NB: There seems to be a bug when using this monitor with NVIDIA graphics cards; the graphics card sees the monitor as a TV and outputs a more limited color range to it. This crushes contrast and generally ruins the point of having a wide-gamut IPS display. This can be fixed in software - includes details in their review of the U2414H.
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on January 29, 2014
So I decided to get a bigger monitor to extend my working area. At the very beginning, I listed my requirement for a new monitor as 1920 x 1200, ambient sensor, adjustable stand, no aggressive anti-glare coating, accurate color reproduction, no PWM lighting, not too large in size. So I compared and read all reviews about U2412M, U2410, U2413, Asus PA248Q, NEC EA244WMI, EIZO EV2436W. Then eventually, and surprisingly, I don't see any 24" monitor can fit all these requirements.

U2412M and U2413 - too heavy coating, no ambient sensor
U2410 - a little expensive for a 24" monitor IMHO, no ambient sensor
Asus PA248Q - a little concern about the quality, and no ambient sensor
NEC EA244WMI - PWM used
EIZO EV2436V - fusion fusion lighting used, flicker can be found under 20% brightness

Then I found this U2414H. I ordered it directly from Dell with three year replacement service for $299. I have to pick the most important criteria since there's no monitor can match all my requirements. So I give up the ambient sensor and 1920 x 1200 feature and got this U2414H delivered today.

I would have to say, this monitor is amazing. Very thin bezel, relatively accurate color reproduction with high adjustable stand, and no PWM used is my favorite to protect my eyes. The AG coating is very light, I have to admit that if I look VERY CLOSE to the monitor I can see it, but it doesn't annoy me at all. I compare the AG coating with my Macbook Pro's monitor, at one foot distance, I can't tell any difference.

At this price, if this monitor can provide 1920 x 1200, I would definitely give it five stars.
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on May 11, 2014
I tend to stick with Dell monitors as my choice for LCDs. The two monitors I currently have are both Dells, a 2007 and 2408 WFP. Great monitors, but I've been shopping around for a replacement for the 20 inch. With my previous experience with Dell and friend recommendations, I chose the U2414H. I've been told IPS monitors are great and have top notch image quality. However, I've also heard stories from people about back-light bleed.

The monitor is slightly smaller than my 2408 vertically and a little wider horizontal, and it only goes up to 1080P. I'm not sure why that has become a trend, but you lose a noticeable amount of screen real estate compared to 1920x1200. Also, with the two sitting side by side I noticed a stark color difference. I thought the U2414H had some tremendous glare on the screen, as the black portions of the monitor were nowhere near black. The closest was a dark grey. Other corners had orange or blue tints to them. They were Subtle, hence why I thought it might be glare from lights in my room. This was not the case. No amount of calibration or adjustments to the brightness or contrast would get black to be anywhere near the black of my old monitor. All of the colors looked bleached as well. I turned out the lights and switched my monitor to an all black screen it it was clear that there was back-light bleed. Just a ridiculous amount. I took a photo with both monitors on showing only black and sent it to the friend who recommended the monitor. He apologized and asked for a comparison with my old monitor. I said it was to the left of the new one, and he told me he didn't even know one was there.

The 4 USB 3 ports are all on the underside in a nook with the other inputs. There is one lone ranger USB on the back pointing out perpendicular to the monitor's back surface. It's a little odd. All of these aren't readily accessible, so the only real use case I see is for permanent USB devices. I don't' know who's hooking in USB 3 backup drives into their monitor, but it's there if you want. All of the buttons are touch based, not physical, and are rather unresponsive. Navigating the OSD menus to try to solve the brightness issues was a hassle. Dell does let you download a program to modify these settings from your computer, but there is also a weird latency in the various sliders it offers.

Overall, not great. I'm willing to accept that this panel is an exception to the quality. Like I stated before, I tend to have good experiences with Dell monitors, but this was not the case. I'm currently looking at the ASUS PA248Q as a replacement once I get my refund on this.
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on March 5, 2014
I bought my pair of Dell UltraSharps from a Dell Home link on Amazon that offered a better price overall than did Amazon, so I am assuming that Amazon got a few dollars from my purchase although this won't show up as a "certified purchase" review.

In any case, the biggest reason to buy the U2414H is that you are really buying two (or three) of them and can capitalize on the extremely narrow bezel to make a really, really nice looking multi-monitor setup. The picture quality, as reviewed elsewhere, is excellent, and you get the same adjustable stand and nicely designed OSD controls as you get on other UltraSharps.

There are three things you do not get, but how important those things are may depend on who you are.

The first things you don't get that could be an annoyance are either DVI or VGA ports on the monitor itself. I just don't see the lack of VGA ports as that big a deal; if your computer can only output VGA, you might want to join the rest of us in the 21st century before upgrading your monitor. Lack of DVI is slightly more inconvenient, especially if you want to use these with two different computers more or less simultaneously (see below; it works!). In my case, I wanted to use my pair of UltraSharps with both a Dell Latitude (replicator dock) and my Apple retina MacBook Pro, but although MacBook had two Thunderbolt 2 ports (which are usable as mini-display ports), the Dell could only output DisplayPort or DVI-D (or VGA, but, again, who cares about VGA). Surprisingly, the supplied cable (DisplayPort to mini-DP) was not providing a signal from the Dell Latitude dock to the Dell monitor (go figure), but turning them around on the MacBook (mini-DP to DP) Just Worked. Go figure. The answer here, by the way, is to get a pair of cheap DVI-HDMI cables (Amazon sells them) and use those with your dock. Works flawlessly. You can have both the Dell dock and the DisplayPort cables hooked up, and then go back and forth between your two computers by plugging in the DisplayPort cables and maybe tweaking the input on the OSD.

The second thing you don't get is a true 16:10 display. So instead of 1920x1200, you only get 1920x1080 (1080p). The downside of that is that some people really want the extra screen real estate on the bottom, and I can see the point *if* you only have one of these. But, as discussed above, you really want two of them, and then I don't see this as a big deal. Note also that you can rotate the displays to get a really tall, 2160 pixel-wide two-screen setup. That's a cool trick, and might work really well for a standing desk or something, but it's a very tall display physically, and the human factors angle is not ideal.

The third thing you don't get, and I think this is basically due to the really thin bezels, are conveniently located USB (3.0) ports. You do get the USB 3.0 ports, but three of them are awkwardly jammed in next to the video ports at the base of the monitor, and the other one is straight out the middle of the back of the monitor. So, sure, you could bring one of those out to a more convenient place with a cheap hub, but if you're used to plugging and unplugging a USB stick into your monitor to shuttle files or something, the set-up is not ideal for that.

One other interesting feature is that you do get two sets of HDMI ports, and these are the so-called MHL types you can use with your smartphone, if your phone follows that standard. Now, I haven't tried it yet, but there is no reason I can see why you couldn't plug anything else that outputs HDMI (e.g., Apple TV, your BlueRay player) into the thing and select that input from the OSD. Also, if you have a DisplayPort 1.2a compliant videocard, you can daisy chain the monitors together rather than use two DisplayPort cables, but if that is your plan, make sure you really do have drivers available; in the land of Mac, that would limit you right now to just the Mac Pro since Mac OS X does not support the standard for (e.g.) the retina MacBook Pro, even though Windows *does* support it on the same hardware.

Overall, I think you will be really pleased with these in a multi-monitor setup if you don't need higher end color calibration features. The DPI isn't as high as on the 27-inch Ultrasharp, which is an even more gorgeous display, but since you can get two of these for the price of one of those, and the bezel really is very thin, you would really need to be editing content wider than 1920 or taller than 1080 for the bigger panel to make sense, so far as I can tell.
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on May 25, 2014
I was in the market for a new monitor to replace my 20" one I have had for a few years. I play some games on my computer mainly MMO's. While doing some research I stumbled upon this monitor and it checked all the boxes for everything I need:

24" Larger Screen: Check
IPS Monitor: Check
Low Response Time (8ms): Check
Ability to be Daisy-Chained: Check
Reasonable Price: Check

The bezel is extremely thin so when I have my two monitors side by side there is no large gap between the two. The connection ports are DisplayPort, Mini Display Port, and HDMI which may cause issues for those with VGA or DVI connections, but a simple DVI to HDMI cable to fix that issue. My GTX780 had both an HDMI and DisplayPort so I did not have any issues with that. Monitors were extremely easy to setup.

Cons: However the downsides to this monitor are here:All of these are noted on numerous Dell and computer forums
1. With an NVidia GPU, the monitor is detected as TV and thus does not set a full range of colors. (There is a review by PCMonitors in which they provide a download for a tool that fixes this issue and allows it to be detected with full range of colors.)
2. Daiy Chaining was problematic with the supplied cables. Simply put the Dell cables are awful, They provide a DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable which only works when it wants to, it kept dropping signal when the cables were wiggled and I even checked the connections and they were firm. (Fixed the issue by order two DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables)
3. Initially the Daisy-Chaining would work, but then when the computer was put to sleep it would fail to detect the monitors and would go into power saving mode. (Fixed with the DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables).

As you can see there are some issues with the monitor, but I was able to rectify them with the download tool and buying two new higher quality cables and not using the MiniDisplay Port which I did not like. These small issues and having to buy two new cables is what kept me from giving in a 5 star rating. Overall, this is an amazing monitor and I would recommend it to anyone for the price and the features especially if you have a new GPU with the HDMI or DisplayPort connections.
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VINE VOICEon June 20, 2015
My hobby is photography and I spend hours editing pictures. A high quality monitor is a must. I finally decided to spend the money and I'm only sorry I waited so long. After calibrating this one the report showed 97% overlap with sRGB space. My 5 yr old Dell LCD didn't even come close. I can really tell the difference.

One bit of caution. The monitor comes with a short (4 feet?) data cable that plugs into your computer's HDMI port, so you might need an extension. If all you have is DVI then you'll need an adapter. This link will take you to one. If you're still using an RGB plug, then a slightly different adapter will be needed.

A strong suggestion: Grab the manual from the included CD and use it to figure out which connector goes where. The labels stamped into the metal are very hard to read.
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on April 28, 2014

Be careful purchasing this Monitor. If you are buying this monitor for a single monitor or dual hdmi display, you are in good shape. This monitor is beautiful with a very thin Bezel.

BUT.... If you arte buying this monitor for the DisplayPort 1.2 feature that allows you to daisy chain screen, Stop. There are several threads on the issues of the screen on Dell's website. I purchased 6 units and sadly have to send them back. The is a bug in the DisplayPort 1.2 that causes the screen to hang and not come on.

I posted one Thread below, but there are many others.


By smart, do your research.
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I picked up 8 of these to use in our new office expansion. Originally, I was going to use 2 for myself in a multi-mon setup; but, I didn't realize that Dell changed the resolution from their older Dell UltraSharp U2412M Monitors.

I know the wide-screen displays are nice; but, I think Dell is making the aspect ratio wider and wider to cut down the number of pixels (i.e. cost) in each screen size. They've done the same thing with some of their other new models.

Having said that, this is still a very nice display:

1) The screen quality is excellent for an office monitor.

2) The new AC511 Soundbar that fits this monitor is much better than the older sound bar - and no longer seems as prone to that irritating interference 'hiss'.

3) The small bezel makes this great for multi-mon setups. They really do look great mounted to a Dual-Monitor Stand.

If it weren't for the smaller vertical resolution, I'd be using these myself; but, I'd rather stick with the older models. I suspect most programmers would probably agree with me.

Having said that, I know a lot of people don't care as much about vertical resolution - and I think this is a great choice if you fall into that category. It's also a great value when you look at the quality.
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on April 3, 2016
I picked this monitor because I ordered one the same as this but this one was way different. I ordered by the u2414h that was on my previous receipt but this one is very thin makes it seem like it doesn't even have a border, I love it! Makes transition from screen to screen like the screen is connected. The monitor is also different on the back, it's very thin. The quality does suffer tho as in the other screen it has more clarity and better graphics but that could b due to being plugged into the graphic card a different way that the other first monitor. Overall I'm very happy with this purchase. Will buy another one once I figure out how to set up 3 screens on my small desk, I had to take the printer out and a shelf cuz I didn't think it would b this big. Very happy!!!!!
review image review image
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on January 27, 2014
Bought 2 of these for a presentation project. These monitors are essentially bezelless. put two of these together making the entire image almost gapless. Great color reproduction. Great display for the money if you are looking for multiple display setup.
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