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SĂ„nd and Moon Sand are very similar products and both are really fun. Different people will connect one more than the other, though, so I thought I'd give a list of features of both so you can make an informed decision.

1. Price: Moon Sand is currently about $19 for 5 pounds. SĂ„nd is $19 for 2 pounds.

2. Colors: Moon Sand comes in several colors, but not Sand color (Lunar Yellow is close, but it's not really Sand color) SĂ„nd only comes in Sand color and it looks like real sand.

3. Texture: They both have a great, sandy textural feel. Moon Sand clings tighter and can be packed into an almost hard shape. Packing it tightly into a mold will create a very solid shape that can be picked up and carried around or cut with a knife into pieces. This allows you to build with it almost like blocks.

SĂ„nd can also be packed into a mold to create a shape, but when you try to pick it up it will deform in your hand. If a shape is molded on, say, a tabletop and left there it can be built upon like a sand castle, but you can't carry it around. When it's formed into a shape you can cut it into pieces.

4. Clean Up: Both products stick to themselves but not to other things, so clean up is super-easy: you just take a piece and use it to "sop up" the stray pieces. You just touch the piece you are holding to the stray pieces and they instantly cling to it, in one or two passes you've gathered up all of the strays.

Bottom line: The are both extremely cool products that will provide endless hours of fun and fascination. Moon Sand is better if you are interested in a molding dough that has a sand-like quality. SĂ„nd is better if you want an experience that is almost identical to playing with damp sand at the beach. You can build a sandcastle with either: with Moon Sand it will be taller and stronger. With SĂ„nd it will be more like a real sand castle.

I would say, for kids Moon Sand is probably a better choice because they can build more objects with it and it comes in colors. I do not have kids but I keep some Moon Sand around for when they are visiting.

The main reason I wanted sand is for adults. I have a big wooden tray on my countertop bar that is filled with SĂ„nd and a handful of molds (everything from cookie cutters to shot glasses.) When people come over they inevitably ask about the SĂ„nd and I encourage them to play with it. It always starts the same way: they just nudge it around a bit with their fingers, then after a while they start clumping it in their hands. After a drink or two they are molding shapes and cutting them into smaller pieces and by the end of the evening they are making sand castles and trying to see how high they can go. I've never met a person (even the most uptight people I know) who didn't eventually become completely transfixed by this stuff.

It's just fun! I highly recommend either one.

PS - It always makes my day to know that people find these reviews helpful. If you'd also like to ask a question or leave a comment I usually respond the same day, so if you have a question or comment (even if it's just to say, Hi!") feel free to post it below.

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on July 14, 2014
I bought two 2.2 lbs. cannisters from the Brookstone store. The look and texture reminds me of light brown sugar. It packs and molds very well just like beach sand. I do recommend using a sand table because it does get messy and falls on the floor when my kids play with it on the kitchen table. Just like regular sand it gets everywhere except this stuff clumps together like play-doh which to me makes it not as hard to clean up as regular sand although there will still be grains of sand left behind here and there. It does not stick to your hands unless they are dirty so I make sure my kids wash and dry their hands very well before they play with it. One thing for sure...the sand will get in your fingernails. My husband and I enjoy playing with it too! If you want to buy Brookstone Sand I suggest you do your research because sometimes these sellers on Amazon can be a bit over priced. Sometimes you can catch it cheaper on ebay as well. I also bought an 11 lbs. box of Waba Fun kinetic sand off Amazon and it was a great deal...cheaper than I could find anywhere else which was a shocker. As soon as I receive it I will definitely leave a review and comparison between the two.


I received my Waba Fun kinetic sand and I believe I can say with certainty that Brookstone Sand and Waba Fun kinetic sand are the exact same product. Everything about the two are identical...they are both made in Halmstad, Sweden and both have the same patent number. Both products look, feel and behave identically. Brookstone Sand does cost more but I suppose it is because the sand comes in a storage container, where as the Waba Fun kinetic sand comes in a box with non reusable packaging. If you wanna buy it in larger quantities I'd go with the Waba Fun because it is cheaper. I bought an 11 lbs. box for $54. The largest quantity of Brookstone Sand I've seen is 2.2. lbs. @ $20. You'd have to pay $100 to get 11 lbs. Although Waba Fun 2.2 lbs. box of kinetic sand is cheaper...I've seen it as low as $16...if you're only buying small quantities I'd go with Brookstone Sand only because it includes the storage container.
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on January 8, 2015
What I received appears to be a generic version of sand. It came in a bag, not a jar as pictured and it crumbles when I try and play with it. It gets all over the place the way sand from the beach does. It does not stick to itself the way the other real "Sand" does that I purchased in the past. I have to brush off my hands when I play with it, just like you do on the beach. Comparing the "Sand" that comes in the jar with this bag I just received from Amazon I am convinced someone made this and tried to sell it off as the real stuff. From reading the reviews it appears that others did get the jar of sand. I don't know why I got a bag of fake stuff.
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on September 28, 2014
This is not the stuff you buy for half the price at the store. This has a much nicer texture, and is a lot of fun to play with. It WILL get in your carpet, and it will NEVER come out, so play on hardwood, linoleum, concrete, ANYTHING other than carpet. That being said, it is really easy to clean off of basically every other surface. It doesn't leave a residue on your hands, and the best part is, keeps kids entertained for long stretches of time. (It's also a great Mommy Time Out toy. So relaxing to play with for ten minutes between dishes and laundry.)
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on March 27, 2014
Purchased this product for my home "grandchildren's toy box" and also as a gift for their preschool. Amazing! The kids just love it and ask to play with it almost every time they visit. I bought two and dumped them into a large size plastic storage container. We usually then dump it all into the container cover on the kitchen floor and they play for an hour or more. It's very easy to clean up, doesn't dry out and is just, well, amazing. Their licensed preschool teacher has been equally delighted and she has extremely high standards. There are some knockoffs out there for the same money or more but with more colorful packaging. Don't be fooled. Brookstone doesn't have the same retail exposure as some of the other retail outlets so you have to trust the reviewers here. We have looong winters here in New Hampshire but have loved our beach days with Sand!
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on April 28, 2016
I love brookestone sand (and if you have never played with it, you need to. It can keep me busy for hours! :) ) but when I got this I opened up the box to find that the plastic lid had broken and there was sand all over the inside of the box. And because of some humidity, it was wet and stuck to my hands real bad. I tried to collect it all and put it in a container and I contacted the company and they were great about it! They responded quickly and gave me a full refund with an apology. (Though I was hoping for a lid so I can store it in the original container) but I am glad that they took care of the issue and as long as they have enough padding in the box it should be fine. Usually the product is wonderful and don't let this review keep you from buying the sand. It's seriously some awesome stuff :)
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on February 21, 2014
Most people seem to be interested in this product for their kids, etc; which is great. I bought it because it looked intriguing as I was researching zen gardens. When I saw it's movement, I had to order it for myself just for fun. Well, I got it in 2 days (with Prime) and was ecstatic because I didn't expect it for another day due to a holiday and I couldn't wait to get it! Anyway, the part that made me give it 5 stars was it is such a stress reliever. I can't help picking up handfuls and just watching it pour down to the plate. It sort of rolls off itself and morphs into a flatter shape that I can't seem to take my eyes off of. It's a great way to "zone out" and/or fidget, especially if you have a lot of nervousness and anxiety like I do. This is sort of a mental vacation for awhile and would probably work well when a lot of people are visiting. It has a very interesting texture that I've never felt before. I would say it's a lot like wet beach sand or brown sugar. The polymer stuff kinda reminds me of marshmallow. It sort of looks like it would be sticky but it's not. Everything about it tricks my brain into thinking it's going to be something other than what it is. I love it. (AND it has a container)
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on December 21, 2013
This is a hot new item to play with. I purchased it for an adult. It came in a plastic jar, which is helpful because it is fairly heavy (2 pounds) and susceptible to being dropped. It's the coolest stuff....like silly putty, slime, and goop, this is FUN in a jar!
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on January 18, 2015
Love it. Best kinetic sand out there . Comes in colors but I purchased this with the tbrookstone box with simple tools....for my 10 year old son. Adults loved it also. Worth the expense to pay a little more and buy the best sand on the market! Highly recommend the combo purchase (sandbox and sand ) for older children and adults. Great stress relief toy.....For smaller kids....can add trucks or dinosaurs....instant playset. Possibilities are endless! Great product. Highly recommend.
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on September 30, 2015
This stuff is so much fun. I'm an adult, but I have joint issues and some health conditions. I've found that kneading this sand - molding and playing with it is actually soothing to my finger joints. It sounds crazy, but it's the truth. It's also extremely relaxing and therapeutic. I love the beach, and I actually live at the shore. Sand is beautiful and having a jar of it in my house like this instantly brings a smile to my face. Here's the thing though: beach sand is messy. This kinetic sand is not! It doesn't make a mess at all.
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