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on February 28, 2015
I'd like to take this opportunity to complain about the shoddy quality of the Trail Glove 2 men's shoe. I purchased a pair in November of 2014, after having previously owned two pairs of the original Trail Glove shoes, one purchased in early 2011, and another purchased in late 2012, both of which lasted well over two years without a tear or damage to the fabric upper of the shoe. This, despite having used them in strenuous activity, including several hundred miles of hiking in the Adirondacks and Vermont. I was optimistic when I purchased the Trail Glove 2, believing that the quality of the shoe would not suffer, and only improvements would be made. My first disappointment was that they no longer were available in black, but in a silver-black fade. Since November, I have not used these shoes for more than daily wear and short daily jogs on a treadmill. Despite this, one of the shoes is showing significant wear to the fabric upper. The fabric is simply pulling apart in several locations. I've attached a picture of the damage to the shoe for your benefit.
review image review image review image
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on August 29, 2013
The sizing on these shoes are normal. I love not having to wear socks with them. They are a super lightweight shoe and fit like a glove to your foot. I would definitely recommend these to anyone wanting to switch to a minimalist running shoe. I own 4 pairs of the Merrell Barefoot shoes, and these by far have been my favorite. They are more comfortable on the inside than the original Trail Glove, Original Road Glove, and the Sonic Glove.
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on August 9, 2014
These running shoes are great, but definitely could be better (and cheaper). I absolutely loved the original Trail Glove shoe, which is also the set I used to transition into minimalist running shoes. The biggest difference between the two (and the biggest gripe I have with these) is that the soles on the new Trail Glove 2 are very stiff and don't conform as well to your feet like the originals do. I honestly don't think the original Trail Glove needed ANY improvements to it, but for the sake of being "new", these were put out. I do like the look of these shoes and the fact that they still stick to the minimalist/barefoot style with no cushion and a 0mm drop (of course). I had the original Trail Gloves for 3 years and put a LOT of miles on and off the road on them before I felt they needed to be replaced - if Merrell put the same craftsmanship into these shoes, then I will probably have these for another 3 years and can't wait!
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on June 8, 2013
About two years ago I learned about barefoot running and minimalist shoes, and that was when I purchased the original Trail Glove which I adored. I pretty much wore nothing but that shoe, which is probably why I wore a hole through the sole about six months ago.

I was pretty upset about wearing a hole through such an expensive shoe, especially so quickly. That was the major reason why I held off on buying the Trail Glove 2 for six months. I tried wearing a european shoe I had that was somewhat minimalist for most of my non-athletic activities. I still used my Trail Glove 1 for going to the gym (to lift weights mostly). But with spring coming, I felt that I was going to want to run outside again, and moreover I was really missing the feel of the barefoot shoe in my day-to-day.

So I buckled, and decided to buy the TG2, and after about a month of use I couldn't really be happier with the shoe. It's pretty much everything the TG1 was, with some improvements.

Namely, the TG2 is much more comfortable to wear without a sock than the TG1 was. The TG1 had some interior seams that rubbed and irritated the skin. The TG2 has some seams, and they irritated me the first day. I'm not sure if my feet just got used to it, or if the seams just got worn down a bit from frequent use, but now I can wear the shoes barefoot without any complaints.

Another thing is they have done a pretty good job and making the shoes less smelly. I bought my TG1 shoes along with a friend of mine, and I quickly gave up wearing them without a sock because they quickly started to stink. My friend however, stuck with no-socks, and her shoes smell terrible. Now, I wear about 50/50 sock and no-sock, but the shoes still smell fresh and nice. Even if they eventually start to smell (which they surely will) I can live with throwing the shoes into the washer every month or so. With the TG1 I would have had to do weekly, maybe even daily, washes to keep them smelling alright.

I think part of the improvement with the smell is that the shoes breathe a lot better now, and so your feet sweat less. I do make sure to wear a sock when I run though, so keep that in mind.

Overall, if you liked your TG1, you'll probably love your TG2. My only hope if that these last longer than my TG1s, if they wear out prematurely I'll update my review.
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on February 2, 2016
These are my go-to running shoes. I have been through several pairs and they are great. The only faults I see are that the outside of the shoe, just above the seam where the sole meets the upper wears through pretty quickly. This is probably just because of my feet or the way I run, but it has happened on the last couple versions of this model. It does not happen on New Balance Minimus Trail shoes, so it IS a Merrell issue.

Still, these are great running shoes. The sole provides enough protection against most running scenarios, such as scorching hot pavement or even small stones. Fix the upper wearing out, and you will have a customer for life.
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on November 4, 2016
This is my favorite hiking shoe! I have done everything from serious altitude mountain hiking to long days in and out of water in Zion National Park's Subway. I love their strong grip and light thickness, I feel protected, but a sense of connection with the ground. I'm on my third pair-- not from them wearing out quickly though. Each pair I got a good 175-200 miles of drastically varying textures. I love these shoes!
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on March 20, 2015
I have been using these shoes for past few months now. I bought them due to the "barefoot" nature of their construction, which means "no cushion" and "zero toe-to-heel drop". After reading "Born to Run" book I was inspired to run barefoot, and these shoes provided just enough protection for my liking. I had started running in grass barefoot, running upto an hour 2-3 times a week. That slowly developed my calf muscles, and when these shoes arrived, it was the weekend before my first half-marathon. I tried these on for only a 3 miles run, and loved them instantly - didn't exactly realize why yet. Then I ran the half-marathon, and still no problems. I kept running for few months after that (5 to 12 miles) and these just became an extension of my body.

Finally last weekend I ran 24 miles wearing these! Now I can confidently tell you what I like about these shoes. I didn't get a "single blister" despite running for 6 hours in hot sun! I was wearing just regular thin socks too (not the Ininji five-fingers kind). The main reason for not getting blisters is the wide-enough toe-box of these shoes. These are "running shoes". The designers anticipated the fact that runners are crazy enough to run for hours sometimes.

The "no cushion" part is what sold me on these shoes. Reason is that I believe our bodies are built to run long distances. But you have to take it on a gradient. Running in the grass barefoot for about 4 weeks might have developed my calf muscles enough so I could run safely on paved surfaces. I also run slowly in "gliding" fashion, minimizing impact on knees, and always landing on forefoot first. That forces the calf muscles to absorb the impact, protecting my knees. I haven't had a single knee problem in last few months since I took up running. Even after running 24 miles, and massaging the legs with hot high-speed shower immediately after the run, the next day only one calf was barely sore. I am not kidding!

Now I want to talk about the "sizing" of these shoes because quite a few people say they are "too big", advising to buy a size smaller. It is true that if you buy your normal size, these shoes will be little bit loose. But maybe that is a "plus point" if you are going to be running for hours in them. If you tie the laces properly, you really don't notice any issues while running. I personally run at 5-6 miles/hour pace, and at that speed it doesn't affect me at all.

I would highly recommend these shoes to anybody. I mean really, stop buying those "cushioned" shoes and running with "heel first" strike. That is just plain stupid. Run the way our bodies are meant to in barefoot manner, and you will avoid injuries while running. Best luck to you all!
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on February 23, 2014
I was very anxious to find out how these would fit, since I saw a lot of mixed reviews from people saying sizes ran large vs usual size. I usually wear a 10, so I went with that and while I think the width is just right, there's some extra space in the toe area. BUT, it was not enough for me to return for a smaller size. I've been using them for months now and they're awesome. No issues whatsoever and super comfortable! I even recommended them to a co-worker, who ended up buying them and loves them too.

If you like your shoes to fit *just right* and maybe even a little snug, I'd recommended ordering a half a size down from your usual size.
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on February 13, 2015
This is a pretty great shoe for running and working out. I like a "barefoot style" shoe but that can take some getting used to if you haven't tried them before.

I wish they had some more variety of sizes though. I really wear about 11-1/2 US size, I suppose, but based on my previous Merrell Trail Glove shoe, this ran a little narrow, so I'm now trying a 12 this time. The width of the 12 is perfect for me, but now these are a little too long in the toes. I think that sometime before my time people used to be able to commonly get shoes in different widths if you go by what old movies and books suggest. I guess nowadays we have a lot more choices in shoes than our grandparents did, but less of a chance of getting them to fit right-- except that all of my ancestors would have been wearing handmedowns from siblings, so I guess those wouldn't have fit right either. Still, when buying new shoes in this day and age, it would be great if you could pick a length and width. Especially when footwear companies push all of this shoe technology talk and hype about barefoot shoes improving natural movement. How natural can your movement be when you can't get a shoe that fits your foot right?

Anyway, the fit is close enough, so I won't complain too much, just wanted to mention it so that the buyer may beware if this is an issue for you. The shoes are really comfortable and lightweight though. I do martial arts and they are great for working out outdoors. Great for running in and great for jumping. Seems like I am less likely to roll an ankle compared to shoes that have a bulky sole that you are perched up on. With these, it is like you are planted right on firm ground. That being said, you do not get much of a cushioning effect as there is barely any sole at all, so you really have to work on using your feet like and legs like shock absorbers-- that is where the "natural movement" comes in, I guess. The shoe doesn't do the work, your body has to. This just covers your foot a bit so your skin doesn't get ripped up on rocks and concrete. Like the name suggests, it is basically a glove for your foot.

Only other thing I will mention is that the color in the photo is a bit off. The color in the photo looks more like Black and Gold (or amber/deep yellow) but as the name "Black/Tang" suggests, the true color is more of a tangerine orange if you care. So these do not go as well with a Steelers jersey as you might guess from looking at the photo.
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on January 17, 2014
I have always had trouble finding shoes with a perfect fit. Like many people out there, my feet are slightly wider than the standard "D" width. Everyone with wide feet (E or EE) knows that it's extremely difficult to find shoes - let alone stylish shoes - that come in different widths. So what do we do? We buy a size (or two) larger. My actual show size should be a 10. But for most of my life, I have worn 11 D shoes. This causes all sorts of foot problems over time...

Well, it turns out that this is irrelevant with the Merrell Trail Glove 2 Minimal Running Shoes! I found this out with the previous Trail Glove. For once, size 10 shoes felt JUST RIGHT. My toes rested at the end of the toebox, and all was well.

The good news is that the Trail Glove 2's are no different. In fact, I prefer the gradient coloring scheme (especially on the black/grey model). Plus they are EVEN MORE COMFORTABLE than the older generation! I couldn't ask for me in a shoe. If you want a shoe that fits perfectly, get this shoe. You may want to try it on in a store first to discover what your "real" shoe size is.

The only con that I found was that my right shoe initially had a defect. Specifically, the interior, forwardmost seam along the "Merrell" swoop protruded a bit. It didn't rub my foot raw or anything, but it was slightly annoying. However, the solution was simple: I asked Backcountry to send me a new pair. I kept the old one to make sure that my new left shoe didn't have the same problem. Well, everything was fine. So now I am a happy camper.

I STRONGLY, STRONGLY, recommend this shoe to anyone. It will satisfy barefoot enthusiasts, and may very well convert other people to barefoot shoes.

As a final note, the Trail Glove 2's seem to have more grip in the sole. I find that I have sufficient traction when walking on flat, slick surfaces with these shoes, whereas I slide around a bit with other shoes.
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