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on December 26, 2016
A gift from Santa, this was one of the biggest hits under the tree for our daughter this year. She's always asking mommy and daddy to repeat silly phrases that she makes up, so after a while we got so sick of it that we told her to ask Santa for a parrot. So she did! Then we fortunately found out there truly IS such a thing as a repeating parrot...so hence this purchase. It comes with a perch so you can hang it anywhere. It's actually been teaching her to enunciate better, since you basically need to be face-to-face with the bird and speak clearly and loudly in order to enjoy an accurate and clean "repeat" performance. Otherwise, it'll clip off the beginning or end of the phrase. It looks cute, is a good size, and flaps its wings and moves its beak as it repeats. It also randomly repeats phrases TWICE, which adds to the experience. Our daughter loves it, so Santa did well with this one!
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on October 19, 2017
This has been so much fun for my mother who has dementia. We all walk around and talk to it and we all enjoy hearing our own voices repeating the words. We try happy words and angry words and we have a lot of fun with it. The screws for the battery covers are the worst type and size of anything I have ever tried to work with. BEST SOLUTION is the company should change the type of screw that is used. The screw itself is made of a fairly soft cheap metal so it can strip with very little action. We ended up breaking one plastic screw tab off because the screw became stripped within a couple of minutes of us trying to get it open. Once the screw is stripped your only option is to break off the tab to get to the battery compartment. (One screw was extremely tight and the other one was kind of normal -- so the tight one stripped quickly.) You need the exact tiny little unique tool to open the battery compartment. It should have been included in the package. We were able to CAREFULLY use a tiny Phillips Screw Driver to open the second compartment. Since the place you have to put the screw driver into is about an inch into a little hole it was not easy to see exactly what type of tool you needed. By the time we stripped the first screw and found out that you needed a different screw driver than a regular Phillips Screw Driver. You need one that has four points plus a center core with a unique tip. I taped the broken battery doors closed on one side and I am still able to use the screw that came with it on the other side. You hate to have to tape the battery door closed before you have even used it for the first time. The exact screw driver tool should be included with the package or change to a different screw that is stronger and will not strip.
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on November 14, 2012
Read about using Pete the Repeat Parrot on alzheimersreadingroom.com in article by Bob DeMarco. Pete has proved to delight my client with alzheimer's also. She knows it's a toy, but is delighted with it because what it does is so amazing to her. She knows on sight that it does something special, but I need to then turn it on and hold it near to her (6 inches of her face) so it will repond to her talking to it. We've had a hundred laughs from using it in just the few days we've owned it.
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on June 30, 2017
I was going to give this review 4 stars as the recording on the parrot is not the best quality but you kind of have to expect that for the price. I decided to give it 5 stars as my Dad truly loved this gift. A few weeks before Fathers Day, my Dad was reminiscing about when he had this parrot years ago and how funny it was. After that conversation, I immediately searched Amazon (thanks for always having what I want) and found this bird. MY FATHER ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!!! He used it all day long on Fathers Day and laughed the entire day. I was so happy to bring that joy back to him with such a simple purchase.

He showed his neighbor and now he is ordering one too. I love that this brought back a great memory for my Dad...thanks!
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on January 18, 2017
Boo likes his mechanical toys. The repeating parrot has gone through one set of batteries and just got fresh ones. Not sure if our batteries were not so fresh, or if the toy eats them quickly... You have to speak close to the parrot to get it to repeat, like within a foot of the head. So no accidental conversation will get repeated. Also, it repeats back twice at double speed, which makes it obvious that it's not the real thing. He still likes it all the same.
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on April 28, 2017
My 16 month granddaughter screamed and ran away at first but as she got use to it she started talking to it all the time. I have it up on counter ,she was pulling feathers out .I just turn it on and let her play to play she aways runs over and says I love you and will pat his head very soft. She runs over all the time to just say hi. Well worth the money
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on July 13, 2013
Meet Bird the name I gave to Scooter's friend. Scooter is a nearly 3 year old umbrella cockatoo and loves Bird!.
When I first put Bird near Scooter, Scooter didn't know quite what to make of him. He seemed a little frightened at first but after awhile, he seemed to like him. I first talked to Bird so Scooter would get the idea of what Bird could do. Bird repeats everything you say twice! Now in the morning I hang Bird outside Scooter's home [cage] and turn him on for a couple of hours. Scooter seems lost when I don't hang Bird up right away. Later in the day I turn Bird on again and Scooter enjoys the "chatting" they do with one another. The repeatable sounds are very accurately reflected whether it be human or bird. Scooter likes Bird almost as much as he likes humans. The life-like Bird is not only very colorful but opens his mouth and flaps his wings when he talks. Just wish I could put him inside Scooter's home but Scooter would destroy him I fear. I know I will have to buy this one again sometime in the future so Scooter can keep his friend. Shipping was fast. Scooter gives Bird 8 toes out of 8!
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on December 28, 2017
This was bought for my husband who has Alz. after reading several reviews.I thought it might be a good interactive item for him. This is a piece of junk. Put the batteries in after finally using a small phillips screw driver to get battery cover off. Put 4 correct batteries in and he was able to use it for about 20 min. All it did after that time length was flap it's wings and no matter what you asked it to repeat it just makes a funny whirring noises and you cannot understand what it is saying back to you. I was so disappointed for my husband. I was hoping he would find hours of enjoyment with this item. I am returning this item and want a full refund.
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on November 28, 2017
Fun for the kids and the young at heart I have seen a 90 year old and a 4 year old and all the in between ages just enjoy this parrot and it sounds clear no matter the accent it is been a gathering area in my porch has provide us with a lot of laughter a must for family and friends that just like to be silly at time
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on January 29, 2018
I love this thing!! I use it to stop the kids from making me repeat the same questions and answers over and over. It also mimics the dogs barking/noises so it keeps them occupied too.( It works best when your not home though) Its been over 5 months and I use it daily. Same batteries after 5 months.
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