Customer Reviews: Oreck Ultimate Handheld Bagged Canister Vacuum, CC1600 - Corded
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on January 10, 2012
This vac is powerful and versatile. If you are unlike a prior reviewer and place the strap over your head so that the strap crosses your chest, you know like a normal person, then this thing carries like a champ and cannot crash to the floor, geez!. I'm 6'3" and I do not pretend it's a floor substitute. I have a bad back so I can't even pretend to kid myself. It's fabulous to carry around for all the oddball vac jobs like blinds, dusting, any area unreachable with a floor machine, behind the whatnot shelf or frig. Vac your bedding and your furniture with ease and power. There's a tool for everything, including the floor. The floor tool is there if you have a quickie job and do not want to haul out the upright...ok? The extender tube is smoothly notched every two inches so can be easily shortened or extended from 18 to 32 inches in mere seconds. The flex-tube is very sturdy & flexible, almost like a real slinky. It's great! I highly recommend this machine. IT'S NOT AN UPRIGHT SUBSTITUTE!
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on September 18, 2012
Great little vacuum. I just strap it over my shoulder and go around the house vacuuming high and low. It is powerful and I don't have to drag out my big vacuum. The Oreck is a great buy and alot cheaper than a Dison! I've had so many vacuum floor sweepers and either they break or the suction is not good, no matter how many bowling balls they supposedly can hold up. The Oreck is powerful and very neat.

Would recommend!
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on August 26, 2012
I'm very pleased with this, does just what it's supposed to do. The people who give this a low rating, not sure they understand the purpose of a small portable vac. This is NOT intended to be the primary vacuum cleaner for your 20-room mansion. A portable is for touching up, getting into corners and tight niches, running across the tops of baseboards and window sills, running across the surface of your desk and keyboard, etc. This does all that just fine.

It's much smaller than the previous Oreck portable I had (that came with the Oreck XL upright I bought many years ago); it uses the same bags by the way. It's handsome enough I don't mind leaving it out, and it's designed so that you can nestle the hose and the primary attachments you need into their slots on the machine. It's sucks plenty well enough for the applications you use a small handheld for.
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on October 22, 2012
Oreck's latest compact canister vacuum finally comes in a new design which would appear to distinguish it from the awkward elongated form of the previous shoulder-strap models, yet I'm finding I have nearly all of the same problems with it. I have a house cleaning business, so I've used both quite a bit. I'll give it credit where it's due, but that shouldn't take long.

Hindrances, annoyances and bafflements -

1. First of all, Oreck seems to be the only vacuum company still resisting the move to bagless models as standard. I suspect this may correlate somehow with the fact that their vacuum bags are incredibly expensive. Plan on buying bags in bulk if you're going to be using this vac often, since the bags are only about as big as your fist. Also, as I said in my review of the Oreck upright XL, NEVER BUY THEM OR ANY OTHER ORECK PRODUCT FROM THE ORECK STORE UNLESS YOU HAVE TO. It's like taking your car to the dealer for repairs. They will overcharge you for everything: parts, labor and accessories. It's all cheaper on Amazon and most of it you can do yourself easily.

2. The shoulder strap was one of the most irritating things about the older models and it's just as irritating on this one. They've added a little padding so it doesn't dig into your shoulder as much, but it still slips off constantly if you are moving at all and it's awkward and uncomfortable even when it doesn't. The strap is too short for you to put your head through so you're stuck pulling it back up onto your shoulder constantly.

3. My biggest issue is the suction power. It's really lousy. This vacuum retails at Oreck for $150! I can barely feel the suction with my hand an inch and a half from the hose! Ridiculous. If you're using it without the extensions it's passable, but with the floor brush and the extension pole on it's completely unsatisfactory.

4. The new way of winding the cord around the narrower portion of the base of the vacuum is awful. No matter how tightly you wind it, the cord soon falls back off, making the attempt to store this vacuum an activity akin to battling an octopus.

5. Lastly, it's annoying that one should even need this product. Unlike Oreck's standard line, most other upright vacuums have a hose. Oreck has done a nice job here of turning one product into two.

Pluses -

1. The new design does seem lighter than the old one; the vacuum isn't heavy.

2. It does come with plenty of attachments to get you started.

3. The filter seems to work well. As far as I can tell, it doesn't blow out dust. This actually is a big improvement from their old canister models, which blew so forcefully out the back of the vacuum that one usually had to dust again when the vacuuming was done.

Overall, I'm obviously pretty dissatisfied with this product. I haven't tested enough similar vacuums by competing brands to tell you if they are any better, but for the money, they couldn't be much worse. Once I've owned this a bit longer I will edit my review to reflect long term maintenance and durability.

EDIT - After about 6 months normal use, both of the flimsy metal hooks that attach the shoulder strap have snapped. I'm going to have to hit the hardware store, where I expect I'll find replacements cheaply enough, but it's pretty irritating. The metal they were made with bends easily in my hand, leaving me to wonder who could have possibly thought this was an acceptable material. I'm pretty surprised at the low quality of this product. Oreck vacs usually have their issues, but this is the kind of thing I'd expect from an off brand.
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VINE VOICEon May 15, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This portable vacuum is lightweight and easy to carry over your shoulder or around your neck, though it tends to slide and flop around as you vacuum. The strap is just long enough to drape around my neck; it just keeps sliding off my shoulder.

I found this vacuum very useful for the following tasks: 1) stairs; 2) ceiling and walls; 3) blinds; and 4) ceiling fans. It is also good for quick, spot cleaning.

It has strong suction. It does a good job on our stairs, which are hardwood with a carpet runner—much better than a large upright falling on your head (twice). The vacuum performed perfectly getting cobwebs off the ceiling and walls and dust off the blinds and ceiling fans.

The wand extends easily at the push of a button so you can reach high places or the floor without bending over. The cord is long enough to reach up an average sized staircase, and it wraps around the base of the unit when not in use.

In my mind the unit has a couple of design flaws. I wish that it had a handle to hold to use while vacuuming. I found myself not quite knowing where to hold the wand to vacuum. Also, the vacuum does not hold all the attachments. The attachments and wand are held on by friction, not locked on, so sometimes they do fall off while in use.

I have had occasion to review several vacuum styles in recent months. I really liked a stick vac I received not too long ago, but this design probably works better on stairs, ceilings, and walls. While a dustbuster is cheaper, this is more versatile and provides stronger performance.

Despite a couple of annoying aspects to the design of this machine, it performs well and is more useful for the tasks listed above than a dustbuster or full-sized vac. I expect I will use this on a regular basis. Recommended.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I live in a townhouse and I have laminate throughout. As everyone knows laminate and wood floors are havens for the dust bunnies and sweeping tends to just move all that stuff around. So I always use a vacuum to assure I get all of the dust, hair, and other assorted little granules of gunk. I also have stairs.

The pro's on this one are that it does suck pretty well and, for the most part, the attachments work provided you are not using them on carpet/rug. I have several area rugs - so was thinking GREAT I can just use this in a pinch and not have to bring out the big gun except for once a week or so. Well that didn't happen. Though this one does great on hard floors like laminate it just cannot handle the carpets/rugs. It goes under things easily and has plenty of attachments to handle most everything. I didn't find it easy to do the ceiling fan but it was easy to do the curtain's (I have a long hair black cat who likes to sit in the windows) and it was great to get behind the toilet and other areas a traditional vacuum is just too cumbersome (even when using attachments) to get too.

It doesn't hold too much so don't go all out and suck up everything in sight. The bags are not hard to change at all. I assume the HEPA is working but I couldn't tell you positively because I don't have a way to measure it. Nothing comes back out of the unit and in sunlight I cannot see fine granules so that's all good.

As for the stairs - this works o.k. for them. I found it, frankly, much easier to just sweep them down and then use the vacuum because even though this is a smaller unit it's kind of awkward to carry. I finally slung it crosswise over my body but then I felt constricted when I used it. It's a long oval which for me just wasn't as comfy to carry around.

Since this would be most useful for me as a mid week pick up unit it has to be able to effectively get the area rugs at least picked up of obvious little dirt items and it could not do that well. I have not yet used it for the car but imagine it would be very good for that if you had an outlet close enough to use.
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VINE VOICEon April 18, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I don't know what it is about my family, but we seem to have no luck with vacuum cleaners. It's like our home is some otherworldy vortex - vacuum cleaners enter shiny and new but they exit with their cords severed, canisters clogged, hoses crimped, and their drive motor thingys burnt out. Yes, we are vacuum cleaner killers. We've even sent one tumbling down the stairs.

So, I have learned not to spend a lot of money on shiny, new cleaners loaded with all the bells and whistles. I don't care if it gives my husband a massage and cooks me dinner; I just want it to be cheap, easy to wrangle, and suck like an old-time Hoover.

The pros:
* This canister is super light.
* The portability makes it easy to carry up and down stairs.
* The extended tube allows for easy cleaning of ceiling fan blades.
* The machine is relatively quiet.
* More versatile than a dust buster.
* Comfy strap

The cons:
* The cord could stand to be a big longer.
* The attachments do not stay on the machine, no matter how hard you try.
* The suction is good but not great.

*** BONUS: WE'VE HAD IT IN OUR HOME for two months and we haven't killed it yet.
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on March 27, 2015
WOW! I absolutely love this little machine! I was amazed at how powerful the suction is; it literally does a better job than even the best uprights I've had. I bought this vacuum to clean my three flights of carpeted stairs and for the areas that large upright vacs can't reach, and it does a wonderful job! I wish I'd bought an Oreck years ago.
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on May 22, 2013
Though I love Oreck products, I wasn't a fan of this vacuum. It didn't have nearly enough power. I had a very diffucult time lifting cat hair off my steps-which is the sole prupose for a vacuum for me as I have hard wood floors throughout. I vacuum at least-at minimum- once a week and I only have one cat. It needed more strength and was a bit awkward to carry.
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on December 31, 2011
This vacuum works GREAT on pet hair! I use it on my couches, chairs and throw pillows. It is also good for dusting in high places. I agree with the other review that the hose it too short, but that is ONLY if you are trying to use it to vacuum your floors. If you do want it for the floors you should purchase the extra hose...unless you are under 5 feet! That said, the main reason that I deducted a star is due to the noise. My upright Oreck is so nice and quiet, but this canister is LOUD! Anyone purchasing this one needs to have ear plugs. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice if ear protection was not mandatory.

UPDATE: After about 1 year of minimal use (mostly use it to vacuum couches once in awhile) the metal hook that holds the strap broke while in use. Luckily the darn vacuum didn't land on my foot as this would have REALLY hurt! Anyhow, without the strap it kind of defeats the purpose of having this portable little vacuum to clean the couch and the light fixtures up high. So, it will sit in the closet until I get a new strap for it...if I get a new strap for it! Disappointing for an Oreck product, I would say.
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