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on August 2, 2015
These ping pong balls are perfect for craft projects. They are not high enough quality to play ping pong with though. For my purposes, they worked exactly how I was hoping they would.

I used the balls in an inexpensive string light and marquee letter project I made for a circus party. I wanted to make globe-like string lights and these ping pong balls worked well. The plastic is thin enough to cut an X through with an X-acto knife so I could slip them over the string lights.

If you're looking for a ping pong ball to play the game with, look elsewhere. If you're looking for an inexpensive bulk amount of ping pong balls for a craft project, these are great.
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on December 9, 2014
Worked perfectly for my purposes. I did not buy them to play ping pong. I cut a little slit in them and slid them over some of the LED lights on my Christmas Tree. They look great!
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on October 17, 2015
I used them to make my outdoor lights. They are simply perfect for that project. The only thing I wish was different about the balls is their amount. there are 144 and christmas lights are 150 so you'll be short 6 balls. Check out your local $1 store, mine happened to have a pack of 6 so it worked out perfect. You just cut a small 'X' on one side and put it over the string of christmas lights. See the pictures I attached :) I hope that helps!
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on April 8, 2014
I needed ping pong balls to put over Christmas lights to make globe lights and they worked perfectly. all I could find in stores locally had writing on them and I wanted them blank and they cut very easy without destroying them. and I got them quick.
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on April 21, 2015
I bought these "beer pong balls" to make a ball pit for my ferret. They served that purpose excellently! At first I just bought one pack (144 ct.) but later I bought another because I really wanted Rigby to be able to dive and tunnel down into the balls. :p First pic is with one pack, second pic is with two packages (288 ct.) in the box.

After a couple weeks, Rigby decided to start chewing on them. Because they are so thin and squashable, he has no problem chomping right through them.. so needless to say I will probably be having to buy a third pack soon. >.< But at around $8/144 ct. these are a much better deal than the Marshall brand balls, which only give you like 15 large balls for $8 (that won't even cover the bottom of Rigby's ball pit box). And on a side note - these also make great cat toys, when the odd ball gets away now and again.

No idea how these would measure up for an actual game of beer pong, though. ;)
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on August 29, 2016
Not a whole lot to say about these. They are great practice ping pong balls, no regular ones, however that is not what they were purchased for.
I purchased these for my sous vide container to retain heat and moisture better for longer cooks.
With a 24 hour pulled pork cook, virtually no water was lost, whereas when there was a 'cling-wrap' cover used, water was constantly being added to maintain the water level.
These are a great, cheap, and easy to clean addition to anyone's sous vide setup. I would highly recommend these. There are other options, especially ones that are BPA free, however since you are cooking you food in vac sealed bags, I see really no risk of have HDPE balls being used.
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on August 3, 2015
We're using these as 'sea turtle eggs' for treasure hunts for the kids at the beach. I used to work as a volunteer, protecting sea turtle nests, and always enjoyed searching for the eggs. To create your own hunt, dig a ball shaped hole in the sand, roughly 12" wide and deep. Put the eggs in and cover it up, but don't pack the new sand in. 'Crawl' up the beach from the sea on hands and bare feet, pushing arms and legs out in arcs as you move. Crawl over the nest, pause there to push some sand around to cover up the marks of the digging, and then crawl back down to the sea. Children then need to find the 'sea turtle tracks', guess where they think the nest is and gently poke their fingers into the sand again and again to try to find the patch of unpacked sand that marks the area the turtle dug up. As a volunteer with a real nest, you'd then dig the nest up carefully to confirm it was there, mark it to ensure tourists idn't accidentally light a fire on top, for example, and then put up light guards and dig a trench a couple of months later when the hatchlings were about to emerge, trying to ensure they reach the sea safely. It's a great natural history lesson, and our kids love the game. I hope yours will too!
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on August 8, 2015
CRAFTING ONLY! I made globe lights and they're perfect! Just take an exacto knife and cut a small X to put the lights through, and they'll be perdect! I covered one light and skipped the other to not have the balls to close together, but I'll probably cover every light on the next strand. Anyways, fast delivery and great for crafting, they dent very easily, but just blow in em, and they'll be just fine. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN CRAFTING!
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on October 20, 2016
I play ping pong. But never did I expect that I would use these beer pong balls for ping pong.
Instead, I bought these for the sole purpose of pranking one of my co-workers who has been out of the office for several weeks. When he returns, he will find that dozens of plastic cups have been stacked upside-down on his desk. When he attempts to take them down, 144 beer pong balls will fall out of the cups and go everywhere, flooding his cubicle with a comical mess! After all the balls have been retrieved, they will be used for less nefarious purposes, like painting them up like Pokemon balls, or making Halloween lights, or using them for a fishbowl toss at a church fall festival!

Note: if you try this prank on a coworker, keep the balls in the cups by placing a single playing card under each cup.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 8, 2016
I don't know what people expect from an 8$ ping pong ball (for 144), but I used it as room light decoration and to create a homemade lamp.
I think they are just perfect for these purposes. They are thin enough to make holes easily (for the lights), they are transparent perfectly to create a doomed lamp.
You will definitely don't want to play ping pong with them, but you should't. They are made just for decoration purposes.
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