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on November 16, 2012
1. The input end must be at a higher elevation than the output end for siphon to work.

2. Pump the handle several times until both the input tube and the output tube are completely filled with liquid.

3. Leave the pump handle OUT (and keep it OUT) to siphon the liquid, and push the handle IN (and keep it IN) to shut off the siphon flow.

4. Practice with a bucket full of water and remember the bottom of the bucket (if this is your input) must be higher than the end of the output tube.

Note that if you trying to get gas from your car, that the bottom of the gas tank is probably less than a foot above the ground, thus the end of output tube must be less than a couple of inches above ground level.


The tube is TOO LIGHT and is hard to control. It freely flops all over the place. A heavier and thicker tube (or hose) would be better.
You may want to attach a weight to one or both ends of the tube, but of course NOT if you are placing that end of the tube inside a confined container (it could fall off inside).

The weight could be a heavy nut or pipe that would fit nicely clamped on the end of the tube
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VINE VOICEon September 9, 2012
Tried the pump out and it was drawing air in at where the gray barrel meets the black plastic outlet and pumping water out. I superglued it and that fixed the air/water leak and now the pump works fairly well. If you have superglue around then this might be a good pump for various uses. I had to pump out a cover that filled with water and you can start pumping with this transfer pump and if you can put the hose lower than the water, it will then self-siphon. I had planned on transferring fuel from one boat to another and glad I pumped water first. With the leak I would have had fuel spraying out of the leak and that could have been dangerous. Considering the price, this is a really cheaply made transfer pump. I would also strongly recommend trying the pump out with water first before ever transferring any flammable liquids.
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on February 7, 2013
I used it last night 02/07/2013 to pump out some old gas that was in my 201 Pro XL Stratos boat. I blew the engine up last year. I am putting it in the shop this Saturday. I had several gallons of gas left over from last year. I did not treat the gas like I normally do every year. So with me knowing I am having the engine finally rebuilt. I did not want my new engine to use that older gas. I know some of you will say I was stupid for doing this, but I am sure the gas wasn't that bad, but still I do know these newer 2 stroke and older 2 strokes also do not like ethanol. Especially when it has sit in a gas tank for a while. It will draw moisture and that will do damage to ANY 2 stroke engine. So I siphoned it out with this pump into two vehicles and three 5 gallon gas cans. It didn't take long at all to basically pump out over forty gallons of gas. It did it without even making a mess also. I did how ever have to buy a extra twenty feet of 1/2" clear vinyl hose to use. The one came with it was too short to go down into my boat and plus reach my vehicles. When I was done. I washed the pump out. I will let you know if it performs this well the next time I use it. I would highly recommend this pump!!!
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on September 9, 2015
Had to transfer fuel from one of my Porsche cars. Not a brag but the fuel tank height is the issue. When I moved back to the US I couldn't find my original Siphon-Mate xfer pump so I bought another. Works like a charm. Wasted money on the Autozone type and a Grainger syphon pump. The Grainger height was the biggest problem and the Autozone just fell apart because of the fuel. I have 2 of these Siphon-Mate pumps and have had no problems draining 13-25 gal at a time. Love them! PS. I am transferring hi octane with sea foam and some octane boost with these never pre-mix or diesel. Hope this helps
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on January 6, 2013
It's a good pump and highly useful for fuel transfers from the car to the lawn
mower. However, the clear tubing does not appear to be formulated to be
specifically oil (hydrocarbon) resistant. After some use, despite washing it
out with soap after each use, they become increasingly stiff. This is both good
and bad; It makes it easier to force it around tight turns in a fuel line, but
difficult to wield otherwise. The tubes are attached by a standard barb and can
be easily replaced.

It's *far better* than the crappy red one, with the brass rod, I purchased from
the local auto store where the tubes kept falling off and the whole thing cracked.
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on June 19, 2015
I specifically bought this to drain some old gas tanks even though the manufacturer doesn't approve of its use for pumping gasoline. The pump is made from one or more PVC components, which gasoline attacks, and the instructions make that clear. The Amazon listing is confusing because the terms fuel and petrol are almost always synonymous with gasoline. If I recall correctly the instructions also said it contained Viton and/or nitrile seals, both of which resist gasoline. If you do pump gasoline, just make sure to flush it out with plenty of water soon after using it. I also appreciated seeing the Made In USA sticker on it. I figured it was worth the extra cost based on the reviews and it does seem to be well made.
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on April 19, 2013
This transfer pump doesnt work, its cheap plastic and the quality is the same as the ones you get for $7.99 at harbor freight. The sad thing is that the $7.99 pumps works and this $30 pump doesnt.

The package comes with a cheap pump ($2 at other stores) and a 8ft long pvc tubing ($4 at homedepot)
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on July 22, 2014
Received pump and nothing else. Amazon refunded my purchase and shipped me another one with next day shipping. Second pump arrived in plastic bag with hose and instructions. Obviously the first pump was not in its original packaging. Previously used? Anyway, it worked very well in removing the rear differential fluid from my 2011 Ram truck with about a dozen strokes. It probably didn't remove every last drop of fluid, but I didn't have to remove 14 bolts and replace the $40 gasket (if I couldn't reuse it). According to my local Dodge dealer, they also suction out the gear oil vice removing differential cover. Therefore, saved over $100 after buying pump and gear oil and doing this simple job myself. Pump is of good quality and performs great. Glad I spent a little more to get a good performing pump that should save me hundreds of dollars over its lifetime.
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on August 9, 2013
I have a gas pressure washer that I use roughly three times a year. I made the mistake of leaving gas in the tank which caused the gas tank to gum up. I could not start the engine and needed to spend some money to clean up the blockage etc. The small engine repair guy installed a gas shut off valve in the line between the tank and the carburetor and suggested that I let the engine run the available gas out of that line. I should then siphon the tank after each use of any residual gasoline to prevent any future problems. This pump appeared to be the best of what was available. It allows me to get the siphon effect working without putting my mouth on one end of the siphon tube. This sounded like a great idea since the thought of sucking up some gasoline into my mouth or stomach sounded like a really bad idea. Very happy with this product. It makes the siphoning job quick, easy and safe.
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on December 8, 2016
Total crap. Has not worked one single time I needed to use it. More chinese garbage.
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