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on May 19, 2012
First time DSLR buyers might be a little scared at first when they start playing around with this camera. But once you get the hang if it, you will not want to use the Basic Controls, instead you will use the Advanced Controls all the time. The pictures are stunning and the option to add a slave flash were a plus for me. If you want to buy this camera as your first DSLR I recommend it 100%. If you have a little more knowledge of DSLR's then you are better off with the Canon 60D or 7D.
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on May 6, 2014
First impression: WOW! This is everything I could have dreamed for! Literally!

The T3i functions like a dream and is easy to use. It also tasks beautiful pictures and has allowed me to expand my photography horizons from point-and-shoot and iPhone/iPad to something more flexible.

Everything functions as expected and I have not encountered any hardware or software problems, even though I use it pretty much every day. The lens swaps out easily for another lens if you want and it is very easy to clean and care for. The LCD screen is very helpful. It fits perfectly with a standard non-Canon tripod I had from my point-and-shoot (also non-Canon.)

The stock lens provided is excellent for general photography and covers pretty much every scope you could desire but I also got a telephoto zoom 75mm-300mm lens to augment my range.

When I got my T3i, I was a total and complete novice. It took me months of deliberation and research to decide on this particular camera. I am so glad I did! I HIGHLY recommend this camera to anyone who wants to step up from smartphones and point-and-shoots to something a bit beefier but doesn't want to invest a couple months' rent.

There isn't a high learning curve and I have mastered quite a few more complicated techniques using exclusively online resources and books checked out from my library.

The camera has allowed me to further my creative desires and broaden the horizons for this particular art form, which is exactly what I wanted. I had the passion and drive to photograph to start with and the T3i has helped me take it to the next level.
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on April 11, 2014
Bought it just before my trip to Florida. Very happy with the camera however not so happy with the 70-300 mm lens I received with it. Go for 55-250 mm lens instead it's better than the 70-300 mm lens for many reasons. For starters it has IS which makes a whole lot difference. Also what I always noticed was I had to keep switching lens every time I decided to take pictures of anything in close proximity to me. You have to stand far back from the object if you have 70-300 mm lens mounted on the camera. Only if I bought 55-250 mm lens would have been a better choice. Overall camera is good just wish I picked a different lens.
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on December 9, 2013
Best investment we've ever made! I can't say how happy we are to have a camera that can capture those precious moments of our kids. Our point and shoot would take forever to capture a picture. But this camera I haven't missed a beat. My wife uses the automatic settings (pictures look great) and I use full manual, because I'm a nerd. Again, can't say how happy we are with this camera...wouldn't take a $1 million dollars for it...the pictures we've taken so far are priceless, moments we'll never get again!
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on May 2, 2014
Fantastic balance between price and performance.

Honestly: there's really not THAT much difference between this camera and a $2000 camera. "Crisper" autofocus, and a slightly bigger better sensor maybe, but you'd pretty much have to be a forensic expert to tell the difference. I shoot film and photography professionally, and especially when you install magic lantern, this camera is far and away enough for the professional. If you really want to spend money, spend it on the lens instead.
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on April 24, 2014
I needed a replacement DSLR fast! Did lots of research (gets overwhelming) and decided to go with Canon because I know I can build on this brand for years to come. I take thousands of photos of my girls activities, first time out with this camera I shot 3200 photos during the dress rehearsal of their school musical! I LOVE that the battery lasted, I didn't have to worry about running out of memory and with a little help from a friend with a similar Canon to aid in manual set up (I only had a day in between it arriving & shooting at the rehearsal), the photos are nothing short of AMAZING!!! Also, I used the standard 18-55 lens the whole time, never switching to the zoom (I'll do that tonight). THANK YOU SELLER AND CANON!!!!!
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on June 9, 2014
I have owned this camera for a year now and I absolutely love it. I have not learned how to use most of its many advanced features but that is my fault. They are there but hey, I'm lazy and I can simply set this camera to auto and point and shoot and get amazing results. The video captures with this camera are HD with stunning quality.
The kit comes with two lens. The 18-55mm IS (image stabilization) is a great kit lens, kit meaning basic and I don't think anyone would be disappointed with it. IS helps steady slight camera movement and is helpful with my sometimes shaky hands. The 75-300mm lens is not IS and IS is even more useful in this telephoto lens. I later purchased a Canon 55- 250mm IS lens for $150 and I am much more pleased with it. You will have to shop around for that price online. Most ask $300 for that lens but I got mine at BandH.com for $150.
Be wary of buying the bundle packs that offer camera bags, tripods, lens filters etc. These are usually of low quality and can be purchased as you see fit with better quality and at a better price.
The additions I did purchase with this kit were the Canon deluxe gadget bag 100eg. A perfect fit for this camera and a very high quality bag for $25. I also added a Photive LP-E8 battery for $15. Equal to a Canon original battery but cheaper.
The battery life for this camera is outstanding but you always want an extra on hand.
I'm no pro but that's my two cents. You won't find a better camera at this price.
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on September 10, 2015
We purchased this as a gift for our daughter who is in film school in LA. WHEN the camera works, it takes great photos and videos. However, after less than a year of use, the camera stopped working and was sent back for repair; it came back and worked for about a month or so and then the same problem surfaced again. She returned it to the service center (the round trip from Norcal to Socal & repair is about 3-4 weeks every time) and received it back just as she began a very expense professional photography course, and the unit stopped working a day after she received it, this time with a different problem. The response was "go ahead and send it back again, with a limited warranty, we only repair, will not replace even if we cannot seem to repair it". You can't gain access to the Customer Satisfaction group without being "recommended" by a supervisor at the repair center, and Customer Satisfaction only works East Coast hours. I'd consider Nikon; have had two of them in our family and seem to work flawlessly forever.
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on May 19, 2014
This camera is just AMAZING. I highly recommend it. It takes amazing photos, videos, and does a great job of capturing motion. The two lenses that came with it are amazing, but with the telephoto lens you will need a tripod if you want to take non-blurry/shaky photos or videos. This camera fits nicely in my hands, and there are so many features to play with. I recommend you learn about ISO, Aperture, exposure, and all that other camera photography jazz so that you can take even more stunning photos using the Manual mode of the camera..
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on March 7, 2014
We're taking more trips and shooting a lot of pictures. The iPhone is limited so we
wanted to step things up.

This is very good buy especially with the lenses. Even those the lenses are high grade for step up
folks they work just fine.

And the lenses are easy to change out as they have icons that you line up for the small and large lenses.

Major dry back has to do with the sound of the camera. Really loud and especially intrusive if shooting in a quiet setting.
Also, their instruction guides are a bit much so we went online to check out some instructions and lessons from users.

For a step up camera, great. For experience users, probably not
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