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on July 3, 2014
I bought the fliptop lid because I thought it would make taking my blasts on the road easier but it's the exact opposite. There's no air return hole so the liquid is locked in by suction and it takes forever to come out and even then you only get a little bit. Plus it can't be used with the small glass with the handle due to the positioning of the spout being aligned with the handle when tightened and cups are hard to hold one-handed without the handle. It's made drinking the blasts a headache. Unless they redesign the lid I highly suggest not purchasing.
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on August 12, 2015
I struggled when deciding between 3 or 4 stars for this product. In general it's pretty well made and has a good amount of rigidity to it. Also it fits the Nutribullet cups very securely which I wasn't exactly expect, it being an aftermarket product and all. My ONLY two gripes are as follows:

1. The flip top of the lid could use a small upgrade on both ends. The hinge mechanism could do with a bit more friction to keep the top from moving about unexpectedly. Also, the closing end could be a bit more secure to ensure that in the inevitable case that the cup tips over there is a smaller chance of the contents spilling out. Both of these are considerably important especially for the daily commuter or someone that uses this while on-the-go.

2. More importantly, there's no breathing whole for the lid. I've read other reviews that sort of indirectly critique this without really addressing the cause for the issue. The solution is fairly simple actually. All you have to do is add a small hole to the lid to allow air to enter as you drink. This will get rid of the "suction" (not really suction but the creation of a pressure differential) problem. To do this take a wood screw or a nail, place it in the center of the lid at the top (putting it here minimizes the possibility of contents spilling out in the event of the cup tipping over UNLESS it get's nearly inverted OR it's very full) and gently hammer the fastener with a rubber mallet (the rubber mallet will prevent cracking the lid by hitting it too hard). Once you've hammered it several times you'll have to twist it a bit to weaken the material. Perform the same procedure on the opposite side of the lid and you'll have the hole in no time. You DON'T need to and SHOULDN'T pass the whole fastener through the hole, JUST the tip. Clean off the shavings and enjoy!!

If the manufacturer is reading this, I would strongly suggest adding the breathing hole. It's primarily what keeps this from being a 5 star product.
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on September 4, 2014
I like it a lot. It's extremely convenient and should come stock with Nutri Bullet. However, there is no vent hole on the backside of the lid, makes it hard to drink from. So if your shake comes out a bit thick it's very hard to get thru the very small opening. The opening to drink is pretty tiny, like you couldn't put your thumb in it.
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on February 16, 2016
Does the job of providing a closed lid for the nutribullet cups but it isn't perfect. It definitely doesn't seal 100% and the small opening is kinda hard to drink out of sometimes. Other reviews also mention the lack of a little release hole sort of thing and that does make for a weird suction sometimes and can be hard to get your smoothie out. But it is definitely great for taking your nutribullet smoothies on the go.
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on December 8, 2014
love these cup lids ,was so tired of using a straw while traveling, and couldn't just flip the top. you get what you pay for. Was a good investment
I just have to say I crochet and had my nutribullet drinks it in there and when I pulled my yard in my arms out I spilled my spinach drink down the side of my chair on my books and everything that's why this lid is so very important to me just something to think about everyone that's looking at this live and thinking wow that's kind of pricey they're well worth it . Love my nutribullet
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on January 22, 2016
Bought this to go along with the 32oz cup I bought. There wasn't an air hole to allow for air to escape while drinking, so I keep a straw that is long enough to stay right in the opening to drink from. It's made traveling with a healthy smoothie much easier and now, it happens more often. The lid didn't have any seal issues when I did try to drink from the lid directly, so that was a huge plus (no one wants a kale, strawberry, blueberry fruit blend smoothie all over them for the entire work day). Over all, it was a good buy.
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on October 6, 2014
I was excited to see this cap included with the Nutribullet in a display at Costco. I decided to try to find one and, or course, Amazon had them. But when I went to use it today I was extremely disappointed. The cap is very poorly designed. The spout for drinking is a very small oval that measures about ¾ inch at its widest and ½ an inch along the top. And there is no air hole. So the smoothly doesn't poor out, it has to be sucked out. Have you ever tried sucking out a thick 32 oz. drink? Not pleasant. The cap is not stiff enough to stay up on its own, so it falls and bops you on the nose unless you drink with the cap sideways. The Nutibullet is so well designed, while this is a piece of junk. PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY.
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on September 5, 2014
I love this lid. I give it three stars because one, it's fifteen dollars for a lid. Really? Second, the rubber gasket on the inside of the lid you need to remove to clean all the fluid and food that gets caught underneath it.
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on May 18, 2015
I can finally take my Nutribullet cups on the go with this lid. I just need to find disposable straws that are long enough for the tall cup. Right now I'm using reusable (hard plastic) straws which don't allow me to close the lid. But I feel so much better using this type of lid on the cup while driving - don't have to worry about spills. A little pricey, though, in my opinion. They really should include this with the Nutribullet.
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on June 22, 2017
just get a the screw on lids... the flip one's suck and leak
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