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This is an excellent entry-level laptop with decent performance, a nice bright screen, and a light footprint at about 5 pounds. It also has a smaller a/c adapter sort of like an iPad instead of the older style "bricks" which is nice - I'm surprised it's taking manufacturers so long to copy Apple's lead in the small a/c adapter area. The keyboard does feel exceedingly cheap (much cheaper than my $299 HP Chromebook) and the entire keyboard vibrates as you are typing. If you push down on the "G" key with normal force, you will see that entire part of the keyboard (T,F,H,V,B) sink in which is a little disconcerting. The keyboard is definitely the weak link in this system. ALSO, it pays you to shop around.... there is a major price war going on and I was able to buy this at a local office supply chain which matched the price at the big box electronics store down the street....both of which were significantly less than the current price here on Amazon. ONE MORE TIP: There are two models of this computer that are identical EXCEPT one has a DVD player and one does not. As of this writing the one without has been hovering around $200 and the one with the DVD player is around $220. It is very easy to get them confused as they have the same box and almost the same model number, so be sure to look for the full model number when you are searching: X551MAV-RCLN06. Both boxes will say "X551" in big letters but you have to read the small print next to the serial number to make sure you are getting the correct one. I ordered this one and was shipped the non-DVD drive unit by an Amazon seller and had to return it.

Wow, this keyboard is really cheap.. I'm typing this review on it and it keeps dropping letters as I type. I will update this review as I'm concerned if it's this bad in week one it will not last.

Pro's and Con's...

- Price
- Basic black, not stylish but doesn't scream "cheap"... just looks like a basic laptop
- Great screen - bright, good resolution
- Fast enough for word processing and internet surfing. This is obviously not a gaming computer.
- Small profile a/c adapter brick, one piece
- NO bloatware preinstalled.... no "Click on this for Ebay" links or trial versions of bad virus software
- Really fast boot... 2-4 seconds
- Windows 8 not so bad once you install free utility called "Classic Shell" which makes start button etc work like Windows 7
- Major price war going on with this computer, so you will get a good deal
- USB ports, one of which is 3.0, also HDMI out and ethernet connections. Everything you could need.
- DVD player / writer, works well... still need one of these.


- Touchpad sensitivity.... way too sensitive and I've searched all the ASUS gesture configurations and there seems to be NO adjustment for sensitivity. Google ASUS touchpad sensitivity and there are major threads on this so clearly a significant issue that ASUS is not effectively addressing.
- Keyboard. Exceedingly cheap. OMG. As I type this it sounds like a rock rolling around on a dashboard of a car as you drive it. The whole thing shakes and shimmies. I think I can live with this but will update this review if I can't. Try it out at local store first if you can.

For me, the pro's outweigh the con's, with a lingering concern about the keyboard. If there is interest, I will update this review as I use this system more, but overall I think it's a good one and I will end up keeping it.

Hope this helps!

This laptop has not been a great purchase for us. It appears it has been replaced with a newer model so perhaps that one is better, but the touchpad has been terrible on this one -- very unreliable even with driver updates etc.... and even though I've kept it virus-free, the computer has slowed down considerably with a frequent "spinning blue circle" as the computer struggles to process the most basic of tasks. So this goes into the "regretted purchase" category for me -- I won't purchase another ASUS after this experience. Meanwhile my 2 year old Chromebook is still going strong and I love it.... (using it right now to write this review!)
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on October 12, 2016
ASUS X551 15-Inch Laptop [OLD VERSION]

If you read any of my reviews, then you are aware that I am ill. As time goes on, I decline and I can no longer work. I use a computer a lot, and have one that's loaded with all of my special software's a working computer, and with everything on it, getting on the internet was getting to be slow. My husband originally bought me a Chromebook to use when I just wanted to browse etc...I hated it...granted I did not give it much of a chance, I just wanted a laptop and when I saw this, we replaced the Chromebook with this, and I am typing the review from this laptop. I'm coming up on two years, and I have to say I have been using this more than my working laptop. It's much lighter than my other laptop and initially I was whizzing all over the net. Then as time went by, and I am absolutely part of the problem by leaving way too much open and not deleting my cache etc...she was crawling, so I have had to start from scratch on this, but it was totally my own fault for not taking the time to do the basic pc maintenance like deleting cookies etc...Once I reformatted, my machine was whizzing once again, and since then I have made sure I do the regular maintenance along with some extra check ups. Since staying up with that, there is a huge difference in my internet or even computer experience. I would consider this a basic laptop, although it did come with some decent software, and when I purchased this it was Windows 8, I was able to upgrade to 10 for free, and the operating system, minus that last hiccup, has just gotten better and better, My other laptop has a 17 inch screen, and honestly, the 15 inch one is perfect. It doesn't look like it's only 15 inches, but it is. While this is considered "The Old Version" the only thing I noticed between this one and the newer version is the touchscreen ability. The framework is in here, but not all of the elements...and having a touchscreen was not a priority, having a light laptop was the priority at a reasonable price. I've known about Acer since the Pentium 1 (yeah I just aged myself right there), and they were like the IT departments little secret..a reliable computer at a reasonable price. I have purchased several other brands as well, but have always had good luck with my Acer laptops. As mentioned earlier, this was supposed to be for when I just wanted to play...and my other one was pretty much my life....I rarely even use the other laptop anymore, and find I like this one as it is much lighter, I learned my lesson and I clean up my computer now so it does not drag, and while I have a ton of hard drive space, I push everything up to the cloud(s) and a few other places. This keeps my laptop almost like it was out of the box, the only difference might be programs I have downloaded. My husband had his for 4 years and just replaced it a few weeks ago....If you're buying this for someone, find out how they use their laptop. This model is not for the die hard gamer...this is for the home user and I can even see it being used in a smaller business (this model). I'm able to get what I need done on the internet, I have the tools I need for a small business, and great security just like those very very expensive computers. This was definitely a smart buy and perfect for the student as well. I expect a year from now I will still be typing on this laptop barring any unforeseen circumstances. Very pleased with this laptop.
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on October 21, 2014
This computer is awful. So slow its unusable. Not worth the money
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on April 11, 2017
Been using it for 3 going on 4 years now and it still works as great as the day I bought it. My mom liked it so much when she borrowed it from me that she bought herself one.
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on January 18, 2015
DVD drive doesn't work in windows 8 and 8.1.. Works as a cd but not for DVD's unless you upgrade to windows 8.1 pro and pay for the media pack. OR you can download free software. (AS PER ASUS).
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on October 22, 2014
I just found the laptop came with a screw missing! I guess that's what causes the intermittent malfunction of the USB ports. I trusted the quality of ASUS.:(
review image
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on October 10, 2014
This "new" computer moves about as quickly as an eight year old, late 90's PC, running Windows 95. Everything is extremely clunky, and lagging, all the time. Every page, app, window, program (everything) is extremely frustrating. I want to break this laptop over my knee, because in that form it might function better, as a door stop or something else with actual use. The keyboard and touchpad are made from the absolute cheapest materials. It takes way to much force to click the mouse-pad, so much force that it feels as though the cheap materials it is constructed out of may open a rift into another dimension at any moment. Yes it has a CD drive, although it might as well not. You know those little tiny reset buttons that are inset into things? Well, the CD drive is kind of like that. You have to pretty much have dagger claws, or get a pen/pencil to click the button to open it, and then it only registers and opens half of the time (although it does work, kudos ASUS, for mastering this decades old art form of a compact disc drive!) All of the ports are way to tight fitting. Even the power cord has to be wrestled into its port. The SD card reader is extremely cheap, of course, and is not built well. There are gaps that prevent the card from entering the actual reader, and instead it goes for joyrides in the nooks and crannies of this terrible, terrible piece of machinery. I have not tested the HDMI yet, although I don't have very high hopes. I also hate windows 8, and feel that it may have something to do with how this machine functions. Windows 8 makes it feel like a tablet or a phone; don't give me meaningless startup windows with bloat-ware, apps, and an array of other things I am destined never to use. Please just provide me with the simple desktop and the simplicity that is, function. Also concerning windows 8, without a touch-screen, it can be frustrating to navigate, of course this laptop is not a touch-screen. Most of the laptops in this price range have some of the issues I have mentioned here (I don't know from personal experience but from reading reviews). If you have an extra $50-$100 dollars, do yourself a favor and get a computer that functions like it is supposed to. Not one that has a cramped keyboard and miniature shift and enter key causing your typing abilities to drastically diminish, or made from extremely cheap materials, or that is so slow it can't handle a few tabs without jerking around and being super spastic, or that lags while you type so when all the text actually shows up it is a completely different creature than intended, with missing letters (not because you failed to hit the keys, but because the computer must have been overloaded by said key-stroke and decided to abandon the process). Unfortunately, this is the only computer I can afford, and it does "function", as poorly as it does, yes, but functions somewhat like a computer of its nature should. So if you are in dire straits and need something to type word documents, it might be able to handle it, for a couple months before combusting of its own free will to escape its identity as a poor quality computer. I would do everything in your power to get the next level of computer. This computer also makes my 50 Mbps internet, feel like dial-up.
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on August 30, 2014
Very happy with the laptop. Everything was as advertized. The shipping was fast and the price was right. I would buy from this seller again.
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on November 13, 2015
I bought this last year on September 9th. 1 year and 2 months later it's still working great. It still boots up fast and everything, and might I point out I'm a bit rough on my computers, not shutting them down every night, and on them 24/7, downloading so much everyday. The charging still works perfect, speakers are good, everything is as it should be, keyboard is fine. Honestly the only downside is it's not made for large texture games. A few games like Final Fantasy Type 0 lags so bad it's unplayable, same with Tales of Zesteria (sp?). Another downside is that the computer only has two USB ports, and I use one of them 24/7 for my mouse so I can only plug in one USB thing as a time, but honestly for the money it's a good laptop. I don't normally leave reviews but I figured since mine works so good for over a year why not. Just remember with each product some people have bad experiences and others have good. I'm surprised an ASUS has worked so well as I've had issues with them before, like with my old netbook which I vowed to never buy another computer from them.
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on December 15, 2014
Looked through multiple reviews for a decent functioning laptop that is affordable and came across this one. It had many good reviews so I had ordered one. Upon turning on the laptop, I already noticed it was slower than my Sony VAIO laptop that I had gotten in 2008. The graphics are not as nice as described by many other reviews and it takes a long time to load a lot of applications
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