Customer Reviews: Meal Kit Supply Premium Fresh MREs Meal with Heaters (12-Pack)
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on April 6, 2013
I served in the Marines 2000-2005 and ate hundreds of MRE. Every year they improve and I have fun and enjoy eating them. Now that I am a civilian I can no longer get NEW genuine military MRE's. The sale of real military MRE is illegal. They may have sat in the 120 degree sun for months and completely ruined them, but the dates may say they are still good. Stay away from sellers selling the genuine military thing.
Moving on: There are a handful of civilian version MRE and they all get mixed reviews and some come close to military versions. Then I came across these in the white box. Sturdy box with two packaging straps and a Julian date code. It tells you how to read julian date. Mine were manufactured just less than 2 months ago! Now thats fresh! As for the food, its the REAL DEAL. The differences are minor from military issue. No toilet paper and matches. Thats about it. The heaters seem improved by getting hotter faster and more evenly. These are the best MRE's you can get!
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on February 26, 2013
Not really, I have a wife that cooks great food, but I could see eating one of these if I was hungry one night. I looked around quite a bit trying to find a "survival" meal I could buy and put aside for a number of years. Most of the other kits I looked at were either full of junk that might make you feel full but wouldn't give you any nutrients, or were from iffy sources where people were claiming missing parts or outright different products. Even though this wasn't the least expensive it looked the best so I gave it a shot. I haven't tried to live off of it for a month, but after trying the product I've very pleased with my purchase.

My family tried one of the breakfast packs this morning. It was a maple sausage, hash brown with bacon, chocolate toaster pastry, soft wheat cracker with blackberry jam, instant coffee, chocolate milk powder, and orange "Gatorade" powder. With salt/pepper, creamer/sugar, spoon, wet nap paper towel. It came with a heating element that you just put a small amount of water on. Each of the above was in a separate sealed bag, so if you didn't want to eat all of it at once you could save parts for later. The pastry and bread with jam I would eat any time it was so good. That was very surprising, everyone kind of did the scrunched "this will surely taste bad" face before biting into them, but it really tasted good. The hash brown with bacon was fine for field eating, actually it would have been very good for field eating. The sausage was also very good for field eating. I'm sure they both would have tasted like heaven after being hungry and tired, but for just waking up for the day in suburban living it was acceptable. The powder drinks were also good, the coffee wasn't so great but then I drink expensive coffee and am jaded, and I'm sure if I was out in the field ANY coffee would be good. We all tried bites and drinks of the meal and agree it was a keeper. I finished off the sausage and hash brown and am very full right now. The case came with 12 meals, they are random. I got a few breakfast menus, but most were dinner stuff. Out of 12, only 2 didn't sound good to me as they were both vegetarian meals. It has a 5 year shelf life, and all of mine were produced in Jan, so I have the full 5 years a head of me. I had to really look to find the expiration date though. There is a 4 digit number stamped into the bottom of the bag. It explains on the back at the very bottom in fine print how to read the code. The first digit is for the year, the last 3 are for the day of the year. so 3032 would be 2013 and the 032nd day which is Feb 1st. Hope that helps for anyone who couldn't find it.

I'll get another pack or two to put on a shelf for emergency situations. I know I'll be set in case of hurricane or if my wife kicks me to the couch and won't cook me dinner!
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on September 3, 2013
Just back from a week in the Black Rock Desert where I ate nothing but a case of these (two a day), a couple boxes of Clif bars, and some free vegan curry given to me in a paper bowl that had sort of a dusty taste to it. This was way better than any meal plan I could have come up with on my own. Tended to be salty, somewhat spicy, and filling -- just the perfect thing to keep fed and properly hydrated when running around doing stuff in the desert. Almost as if they were designed for that purpose or something! I know, right?

Note that I was car camping, not backpacking. These are (for the most part) not dehydrated, and I'm sure they're way heavier than dehydrated food. Of course if you're somewhere you have to pack in all of your own water anyway, like I was, then that might not make any difference once all is said and done, but if you do have access to water at your camp site or along your route and weight is a big issue, these might not be ideal. (Unless you're sick of the taste and texture of dehydrated food, of course....)

Before I left, my boss showed me a genuine US military issue "NOT FOR RESALE" surplus MRE that he'd bought on eBay. The outer bag for each individual meal was slightly different (branding etc -- markings were different, bag itself seemed the same), but inside the bag everything looked pretty identical as far as I could tell, right down to the markings and the instructions and little military-oriented motivational slogans and tips about what fraction of your standard military canteen cup to add to which drink mix. Even the flameless heater pack looked completely identical to me, despite my boss's claim that a commercial MRE would never include those because they could be used to make a bomb (by stuffing them into a soda bottle with some water -- seal tight, shake, throw -- not much of a bomb really, but it makes a very loud bang, or so he claimed). This was not a side-by-side comparison, I saw them at different times, and my memory isn't perfect, so I could be wrong! To me, though, the main difference was that his MRE was some years past its considerable shelf life (which was why he was breaking it out for show and tell, I think), whereas mine were fresh and new.

I think I watched the manufacturer's video before I left but didn't pay that much attention. Didn't matter, the heater packs had detailed instructions printed on them, of course. They're simpler to use than the instructions make them seem. I accidentally ended up pouring too much water in the heater almost every time -- it takes remarkably little! -- and despite the DO NOT OVERFILL warning, it all seemed to work out just fine. Definitely watch out for steam burns and hot water spills, though! It would be really easy to burn yourself if you aren't careful. Yes, there is actual steam coming out of these things, that isn't just fanciful marketing simulated picture hoohah. I ended up using the little boxes that the hot dishes came in as makeshift heat pads. Some of the meals have only one hot dish, but many have two, a main dish and a side dish -- you can easily tell which things are intended to be served hot because those pouches come in their own little cardboard cartons. I tried various combinations of putting the pouches directly in the transparent green heater bag (as directed) or just putting water in the green bag, folding it over, and putting it directly over or under the food pouches (or between, if there were two) and putting the whole thing in either a cardboard box or in the big enclosing bag the whole meal had come in. Everything seemed to work fine. I will note that some things were still a bit lukewarm around the edges when I ate them, but that might have been because I tended to just eat them as soon as I was done wolfing down all the other stuff instead of waiting the recommended 10-15 minutes for things to even out. Other than that, they were hot -- not warm, hot. I don't think they would have been bad cold, honestly, and obviously everything's perfectly edible exactly as-is, but I was always glad to be able to have hot food, even in the desert heat! Go figure.

I left on my trip in a bit of a hurry, so I was eating these with no plates, no silverware, no cups, no nothing, just some gallon-sized jugs of water, and it actually worked out great, everything necessary is included, you can totally eat everything right out of the package with the included spoon, they even give you both a wet napkin and a dry napkin with every meal. (Along with instant coffee, creamer, salt, etc, none of which I ever tried so I can't tell you much about them.) Most meals include two powdered beverages (usually a "carbohydrate electrolyte" sports drink with some kind of fruity flavor to it, and a smaller, thicker cocoa drink, though some meals just had one or the other); these were designed to be mixed in the package, the cocoa drink even has a ziplock type closure to make it easier to shake it without spilling. I attempted to drink the drinks directly from the package with mixed success -- it's tricky, sometimes I ended up spilling some on myself. Would be easier with a plastic cup or a small water bottle or something. The cocoa drink was very good cold, by the way -- never tried it hot, not sure how you'd arrange that with the included heater pack anyway.

Most meals come with either crackers or "wheat snack bread". The crackers are sort of like Saltines if each side of the saltine was twice the usual size, and they come two to a package, so you can easily make a sort of sandwich with the included jam, peanut butter, or fluorescent orange cheese spread food product. Incredibly, despite being so oversized, the crackers were never broken, I think because the packaging is so good. I learned after the first cheese spread to heed the instructions and knead the package before opening, otherwise you get pools of grease. Honestly it looked pretty scary, but the taste and texture were great, sort of a mild cheddar flavor, and I happily ate the whole thing.

"Wheat snack bread" is sort of like a single double-thick cracker that's softer and less crumbly, quite tasty. I think the chicken fajita meal came with tortillas instead of crackers or bread, which was cool. Many of the breakfasty meals (pork sausage, apple maple oatmeal) came with "toaster pastries" which are, of course, Pop Tarts -- in fact most of them came in the Kellogg's packaging inside the outer layer of MRE vacuum packaging -- the only one I can recall not having inner Kelloggs packaging was the chocolate chip toaster pastry that came with one of the pork sausage patties. Oh and I swear one of the meals had *two* pop tarts in it, both in the same Kellogg's wrapper. One of the breakfasty ones. Probably trying to hit their calorie count or whatever.

I think pork sausage patty is the only entree that gets duplicated in the whole case (and the rest of the meal is somewhat different), but it was so damned tasty it was worth seeing twice. Smells like breakfast!

As far as I can recall, all of the desserts were reasonably awesome: fudge brownie, "muffin top" (no way was that thing ever part of a complete muffin -- but it would have been a huge muffin, if so), spiced pound cake. There were some puddings, too, a chocolate and a vanilla in different meals, which along with the drink mixes and the heater packs are the only things that require you to add water to the pouch. I was a bit lackadaisical about stirring them all the way, so I got a bit of crunchy powder texture, and even so they were still pretty tasty, I gotta say. Maybe I was just hungry, I don't know. A couple of the meals had zapplesauce, which I guess is fortified applesauce? Seems like everything had vitamins and such added to it, I don't know why the zapplesauce is the only thing that rates the extra Z. Anyway that also gets the thumbs-up from me.

Most of the entrees were pretty damned good too. The oatmeal was a bit disappointing -- blander, more gelatinous and vacuum-pack-shaped than most of the other entrees. Still decent, still ate the whole thing. Hunger is the best sauce. The meatballs in marinara sauce were fantastic -- I must have read it wrong the first time, I was somehow expecting there to be pasta in there, but no, just a ton of mini-meatballs and tomato sauce. The ratatouille, on the other hand, *did* have pasta in it, which, I mean, if these were French military rations then maybe I would expect something more authentic, but this is American, so it's all good. The seasonings definitely said ratatouille to me. Pretty sure there were at least two other entrees involving pasta -- the chicken noodle soup one (very thick and hearty, like stew), the "lasagna" one, probably others I'm forgetting. No lack of pasta overall, is what I'm saying.

Some of the side dishes were sort of disappointing and bland. The hash browns with bacon, especially -- if there was bacon in there, it wasn't obvious. The fried rice was sort of in that category, though that was actually quite flavorful -- just a bit gelatinous and blobby, like the oatmeal. I think both of those would have been a lot better if I'd been able to dump things onto a plate and mix them together with the entree, instead of eating them directly out of the pouch with a spoon and not having any place I dared set them down to alternate bites. So try packing a plate, I guess! Pro tip! The potato cheddar soup, on the other hand, was really good -- definitely soup, though a thick soup, maybe more of a stew, you could both see and taste the bacon, very good, thumbs up.

Overall -- listen, I'm not going to be eating these as regular food back in the real world, you know? That's what those frozen TV dinners are for! That's not a bad comparison, actually -- these MREs are better tasting than many of the frozen TV dinners out there, and worse than others, depending on what you like, no doubt. Certainly more varied and filling than most! And very American, no doubt about that, both in terms of what you are eating and where it was made, so if that style of American food is comfort food to you (like it is to me) then that's a plus. Otherwise watch out, I guess? My campmates were eating brown rice and steamed zucchini, I guess it takes all kinds. No judgement here. Regardless, if you're out in the middle of nowhere, in the hot sun (and/or freezing cold, I suppose), with no freezer and no microwave and not even any dishes to eat off of, and you've got better things to do than try to plan or prepare meals ahead of time, or burn down half the West Coast with your camp stove [it happens!], or venture out of your tent into the cold/rain/mosquitoes/hail/tornadoes/drama, or wait around for hours for your gigantic solar cooker to make your food nice and tepid, or sit around camp trying to cook something when you could be *doing* something (or, better yet, doing *nothing*), these things are fricking awesome. Get extra, they keep. I wish I'd ordered two cases, that "Indian taco" I ended up getting in Wadsworth was bland as hell.

UPDATE 2013-09-19: I ordered another case of these a week or two ago, and the heater packs are no longer as I described in my original review -- they're larger opaque green bags (transparent near the fill line) with instructions printed in 4 languages (so obviously not US military issue) and the URL of a "rationheater" web site with the obvious suffix which I am probably not allowed to link to from a review but who knows. I have only used these twice so far (camping on Angel Island the other day): first time was with veggie lasagna which had only one hot item, came out after 10 min almost too hot to eat (almost), full marks; second time was the chicken fajita which has the rice side dish, after 9-10 min the food packets didn't seem completely heated all the way through, but mostly, maybe 8/10. Maybe my technique was off. Not exactly scientific, could be exactly the same as the other one, certainly not hugely different, aside from the packaging obviously -- new instructions seem better/clearer to me, none of this trying to stuff the entree inside the heater pack itself. Though that would be easier with this bigger bag. Aside from the heaters, everything else seems unchanged as far as I've noticed.
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on October 22, 2012
The meals are very good. One reason I chose this product was that it is about the only true MRE style meal that has a breakfast selection. It isn't as varied as I would like, but much better than a meal bar every morning. (They have oatmeal for one and a sausage patty and hash browns for the other). The lunch and dinner entree is standard, along with the side dishes. They are very filling. The drink variation is also somewhat limited (cocoa and a lemon aid or an orange drink mix in each meal). The crackers/bread snack items are very tasty (with a cheese or peanut butter spread). The desserts are actually almost restaurant quality. A small item I really liked was the spoon was the same as the military MRE's. This allowed me to use it in my canteen to stir the drink mix, etc. Overall I am very pleased with the product and will be ordering more. BTW - the manufacturing date was only a month before I ordered it. So I have a full 5 years of shelf life. VERY GOOD.
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on August 13, 2012
This is the real deal, not second-rate production or past-expiration surplus goods. The meals come packed in a robust carton (no damage from shipping) and individually wrapped in robust plastic (no storage problems). Each has a large heating pack that you can use with very little water and without the water in any way touching the food package, and the heating pack is easily enough to make both parts of the main meal (a meal and a stew/soup) at the same time, and hotter than you'd want to touch. The meals and the third major component, dessert, are actually good. Benefits versus some others are: better packaging; larger heating pack; better dessert item; food packs are a bit easier to tear open (they tear along the long axis, not along the short axis). Weight seems the same. I'm ordering more.
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on October 21, 2015
Update: November 2015

In my previous review, I gave these 3-stars based on the dud heaters that were supplied with them. The crappy heaters were dark green in color and recommended folding the heater around the entree packs. They were marginal (if they worked at all) and at best were good for heating one of the grey entree packs. Super inefficient and weak, even if used properly.

The heaters I received with my latest box are actually the OLDER military heaters I remember working well with MREs. As evidence that this is old stock, they depict the entree being stuffed into the heater (not wrapped by it) and being stuffed into a cardboard box, which isn't part of an MRE any longer.

This is a MUCH better heater. I could hear it getting frisky within seconds of adding the water to it -- just like I remember good heaters I've had in the past. In 5 minutes, this one is hot to the touch -- and it's definitely going to bring a meal up to temp.

I'll add a couple of photos so you can differentiate the s***ty heaters from the ones you want. The dark green ones suck.

Packaged in April 2015, delivered in September 2015 -- so not too bad on packing date.

All of the MREs are pretty much exactly the same as real military MREs I've eaten. Pretty sure these come off the same line, just sold for civilian consumption. Durable packaging. Yep -- tastes just like an MRE.

My only gripe: I've been sampling my way through the dozen I ordered, and I'm on the 4th one now. All 4 have had dud heaters. I've used these heaters many, many times and do it just the way you're supposed to (fill to line, don't overfill, roll the heater around the entree, weight it and give it 10 minutes). These things normally get freakin' steaming, sizzling, don't want to touch them hot -- and your entree will be piping hot.

The heaters these are packed with are useless. The 4 I've used so far barely get bathwater warm. If you think you're buying a self-contained hot meal... you're in for a letdown. You're going to need to heat them up some other way, or have a cold meal. Not a big deal if you've got another source of heat, but definitely not a self-contained hot meal.
review image review image
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on December 10, 2012
If you are in the market for MREs, then this is one of the best MREs you're going to get. I wanted a civilian MRE that most closely matched that of the MREs issued to the military. The goal I had when I started shopping was that the MREs had to have good quality, maximum shelf life, and variety. I've purchased MREs from other vendors for less and either they sucked in terms of shelf life or variety. In this purchase, the manufacture date was given so knew what shelf life I could expect BEFORE I purchased. The menu description listed items that I knew that I would like to eat and the items listed WAS WHAT WAS SHIPPED. There is nothing worse than getting a box of MREs containing food items that you hate. I will not comment on taste, because it's so subjective. I have tried military MREs and civilian MREs from A-Pack, Sure-Pak, and now these. Sure-Pak is pretty good and the brand that I've purchased the most. Although more expensive, I give these are a notch better than Sure-Pak because of good variety and great shelf life. MREs from A-Pack I didn't care for. I encourage you to read the reviews of others as they can be a big help in determining what brand to get. Be careful if the vendor doesn't mention manufacture date. You can't purchase the military MREs from the manufacturer so be suspect of buying these when you see them for sale as you never know where they've been and how they've been stored. If you want a MRE that most closely matches that of the military MRE that has good quality, maximum shelf life, and variety then this is the purchase to make.
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on January 29, 2016
It was time for me to rotate out my family’s MRE emergency food supply. I Ordered 6 of the 12 meal cases from Meal Kit Supply and later an additional 3 cases.


They showed up promptly and were well packaged just like Military MREs with sturdy boxes with glued flaps and plastic straps. This is important because your cases will not fall apart after shipping, moving, and storing. My old MREs from another company only had taped boxes that quickly began to bulge at the seams and start to pull the tape off making them unstable when stacked.
They also are using the new military component packaging. The larger items such as the entree and main side dish no longer come in bulky cardboard boxes. This makes both the individual MREs and the case of 12 more compact and lighter weight. This is important for home storage because they take up less space. I was able to order an additional 3 cases and fit 9 cases in close to the same space as 6 of my old MRE cases. It is also more covenant for camping and hiking. With my old MREs before an event I would have to open them and remove the larger components unnecessary packaging and items, then repack them and seal them with duct tape. The Meal Kit Supply MREs are all ready to go and I can just grab them and throw them in my pack.


Like I said before everything is nice and compact. The meals come in the same heavy duty brown plastic case as the military MRE’s and all the items are genuine military production. Everything is fresh and date coded. The box even tells you how to read the date of production. My old MREs had substituted some side items such as candy, cookies, and crackers with none military production products and then quickly became stale and uneatable.


My biggest concern with ordering MREs from Meal Kit Supply was the heater they include. I had seen several reviews and it was noted every time that the heater did not work well. I am happy to report that as of 2016 they have changed to a standard military heater with the heating element that is the four compartment cloth bag. I have been using military MREs off and on sense the 90s and have seen them evolve the heater over the years and in my experience the only heater that has worked well has been the ones with white cloth bag heating element. I have almost eaten a whole case of my Meal Kit Supply MREs and have had a hot meal every time.


One Very important thing to consider is that the menu with the Meal Kit Supply MREs in extremely varied and has breakfast options. They also have their menu posted in its entirety on their website. My old MREs only had 6 menus per case and they all had the same sides and snacks which on a long trip got really depressing. I have worked my way through almost a whole case and have been pleasantly surprised with each meal. Even some of the dishes I thought I would not care for were surprisingly good. Each meal has a lot of food and variation to look forward to.

Customer Service:

So the food is good but how is Meal Kit Supply? As I said both of my orders arrived quickly and in excellent condition, but the true test of company’s commitment to their customers is when you call them with a problem. I recently went to the Meal Kit Supply website to make an additional order and saw a promotion they were doing on the 12 meal cases that I had just missed with my orders that could have saved me a lot of money. I debated on whether to call them or not knowing that they had no obligation to extend a current promotion to my past orders, but it was a significant sum that I could have saved and it was annoying me that I had just missed it. I finally decided to call them not expecting much because I did order before the promotion. I did not have to wait on hold and spoke to someone at the company, not a call center or ordering center which was nice. I explained to her the situation and she was very understanding and said she would talk to her boss to see what they could do and call me back. She called me back in a few minutes and to my surprise they were willing to help me. I’m not going to go into what they did for me but I was very surprised and extremely satisfied. They took really good care of me and I feel extremely valued as a customer and you cannot put a price on that.


MREs – These are by far the best civilian MREs I have seen. Good packaging on both cases and meals, all military production components, good military style heaters, a varying menu with breakfast meals. Lots of food and variety to look forward to, a great product.

Customer Service- Orders arrived quickly and in good condition. Prompt and outstanding customer service. They took excellent care of me, I truly feel that Meal Kit Supply cares for and values their customers and you cannot put a price on that.
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on November 14, 2013
The biggest complaint with MRE purchases online is the packing/expiration date. These meals were plainly marked on the bottom of the box as being manufactured 5 months ago. That is excellent, giving them more than 4.5 years to go at room temp storage. Packaging and labeling are top notch. I tried one of the meals to test for quality and it is up there with the best MRE's that I've purchased. You get a main protein with a full-size starch side (I had sauage patty & bacon hashbrowns), a full-size dessert, drink mix, crackers, spread (cheese, peanut butter, or jelly), chocolate milk mix, and coffee, sugar, creamer, salt/pepper, napkin, sturdy long spoon, and wet nap. All packages are just over 1000 calories, so 2 packs a day will keep you alive and full if camping, 3-4 are needed if on the march/hike. The heaters will require water as no water packet is provided, but you should have water before worrying about food anyway. These are as close to real food as you can expect in camping or survival situations. They are better than most premium frozen dinners and are much, much healthier for you. The selection is quite diverse, so you won't be bored with the meals. Ingredients listed are mostly all-natural and the sodium content is not high, so if you need sodium to retain water, bring salt tabs. I prefer less salty foods, and can suck up the salt packets if needed in arid environments. In a world of hit or miss MREs, these get a solid thumbs-up!
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on November 21, 2012
Update 12/11/12. I've eaten 2 of these now on hiking trips and they were very good. Unfortunately it may not be possible to buy any more. These are Canadian mre's (but made in the US) and not generally available in the USA. Which is a shame, because I really enjoyed them. They are made by Sopakco but its a private label branding for a Canadian company.


I am giving this a very low review because of the misleading advertising. Yes, the shelf life is 5 years if, you go out and dig a 30 foot hole in your backyard and bury it there, so it will be maintained at 50 degrees. For the rest of us, that will be storing at room temperature of 75, its more like 2 1/2 years or so depending on how you interpolate the age chart on the side of the box.

This chart is shown in the pictures but for deliberately hiding it away and claiming a five year life in the title I have to go with two stars.

I'll be trying the food soon and revisiting this review, but I really don't like to see deceptive advertising.

Update: 11/25/12
I'm still not happy with the misleading advertised shelf life and so many other reviews continue the myth that I wonder if they are real. Since the actual shelf life is stated on the box at 2 - 2 1/2 years at room temperature, my strategy will be to eat these before they expire. With that in mind my wife and I headed out for a nice day backpacking hike and had an opportunity to taste the first meal - which happened to be beef ravioli, cheddar potato soup, chocolate pudding, and cheese and crackers. Wow - this stuff is good! The heater worked as expected; we let it heat for a full 15 minutes. The meal was delicious - we shared it since we are relatively small eaters. We didn't get a chance to drink any of the beverages which we will try on a future trip.

I'm gonna have to raise my review to 4 stars for the surprisingly delicious lunch. :-)
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