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on November 23, 2015
It's great as a potty seat. When not in use, it sticks to the top via a magnet. My daughter felt very comfortable on it and it took away her fear of falling into the toilet. To clean, or if you no longer need the potty component, you can just take it off the hinge completely. This is made of molded wood, which has a couple of drawbacks. Over time, you will see streaking on the top part of the seat due to moisture, cleaning, etc...Also, since it is wood, scratches will show up - meaning removal of white paint with evident marks. The first time I noticed something I thought it was just dirt, but then realized that it was a scratch. Other scratches have since ensued, but it served its purpose. I will be switching back to my original Bemis now that the potty is no longer needed. If you found my review helpful, I'd very much appreciate it if you would let me know by clicking the button below. Thanks.
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on October 18, 2015
This is really a genius product. The kiddie lid does pop off sometimes, but I imagine this has saved my kids from breaking the lid. It just pops right back on. The underside of the lid stains terribly if you don't wipe after every use, as it is painted wood. The only way to avoid this would be to mold both seats out of plastic. We purchased a slow close version of this lid as well. It is worth the extra money to avoid the slamming sound toddlers can sometimes create. I would buy this again, knowing about the possibility of wood staining , as I believe it has helped my kids transition to the refill are potty faster. It looks just like a regular seat, and this provides my kids with a sense of accomplishment that they are using the big potty. If you have a small bathroom it's an extra bonus. No extra plastic pieces to kick around. Close the lid and the little potty seat magnetically attaches itself to the big lid. This is a really sleek product! I paid for this item, and received no compensation whatsoever for this review.
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on September 16, 2016
This is the best toddler training toilet seat out there in my opinion. We bought two of these back in 2013 and 2014. We started with just one in case we didn't like it but we loved it so we bought a second one for our other bathroom. They have held up extremely well. We love the soft close feature and the fact that the toddler seat is so easy for my daughter to use. We also love that when we use the toilet, there's nothing special we have to do. The toddler seat stays up by a good strong magnet integrated into the design. We just came back to replace one of the seats (from normal wear and tear, not from any fault of the product itself) and were so glad to see that the new one is just as great as the ones we have. This is also extremely easy to clean, which is always a plus. :)
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on July 20, 2013
I love this potty lid, some reviews say the seat is too narrow for adults but for me it works fine I didn't think it was uncomfortable at all, also some people had issues with the magnet since the toddler seats sticks to the lid every time its closed, I put a cover on the lid, the ones they sell at walmart with the matching bath rug, so the magnet does not stick to the toddler seat and the toddler seat is always down unless u want to pick it up. It goes down and up without a problem, it does not unhinge easily to were it keeps falling off like some had said, It is really great!! My child is 2 and this seat is worth every penny to finally kick that stinky potty pot to the curb!! lol...
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on August 6, 2015
My daughter loves this toilet seat. She doesn't have to worry about falling into the toilet and it is easy enough for her to use. The magnet is pretty strong, so there is no fear of the kiddy seat falling unexpectedly, but it isn't too strong to make it difficult for her. I really appreciate the slow closing feature of the lid. The kiddy seat doesn't have that feature, but it is pretty light and wont do serious damage. But the adult seat and lid both close nice and slow, so I don't have to worry about little smashed fingers.

The kiddy seat snaps off easily for cleaning. The adult seat also has a quick release so you can remove the entire seat to clean. I like that convenience.

One thing I don't like is it is uncomfortable to lean back now. The kiddy seat has a little protruding piece that jabs my back. It would be nice if that piece was more flush. Although I guess it will help me improve my posture.
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on February 5, 2015
I didn't think it was possible to love a toilet seat until I got this one. My 14-month-old sits on it comfortably and loves using the big potty like her mom and dad. My 3-year-old niece loves using the bathroom at our house, too, because she doesn't fall into the toilet and doesn't need any help. And my husband didn't even notice for 2 days after I switched to this seat that I'd changed it, so it's safe to say that it functions for adults just like a normal toilet seat. It's easy to clean, easy to remove, and easy to use. (My 14-month-old can get the toddler seat down, too, so the magnet isn't too strong.) Plus the slow close feature means that there are no pinched fingers or slamming toilet seats in our bathroom. The only issue is that there was a tiny chip in the veneer on the underside of the wood part (probably the size of a pin head) when I received it, but I covered it with white and then clear nail polish and it's held up just fine. I was too excited to use it to send it back.
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on October 21, 2014
Don't know if it 'works' because one of the little pegs holding the child's seat in broke off when we were struggling to put it together. (See other reviews that mention the same problem.) We had it assembled, and then the child seat part would just slip off the peg when we would lower and raise it. Then we tried to really push it onto the little peg at the hinge so it wouldn't slip off and that's when it broke. Big bummer, as we were making some progress with impending toilet training.
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on September 30, 2014
This is a great product, big upgrade over the removable seats and standalone potty's, but there is one design problem (well, a problem for us at least): the smaller seat sticks to the lid with a magnet, so someone (an adult) lifting the lid lifts the little seat by default, which is great. The problem lies when the little seat is down, and you put down the lidL **CLANG** The little seat (which is hard plastic) get snapped onto the lid (which is hard plastic), amplified by the toilet bowl and the tile of the bathroom, and it's like a gunshot when you are trying to be quiet in a house with little kids! I'll probably put a felt dot or something there. It's not enough to make me not love the product, in fact we bought a second the day we installed the first - but I hope the designers read this for version 2!
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on December 17, 2013
I wrote the original review before my son was fully potty trained. Now my 3year old son uses this seat very efficiently I love this seat even more!!! When he goes he opens the lid and pulls down the child seat and uses his step stool to get up on the seat. We have not had a problem with the seat snapping off easily like some of the people here mentioned. He scoots and adjust his position on the seat but it never came off. Maybe Bemis made some adjustment on these latest ones... We are so very happy we bought this!!! We have such a small bathroom for my son and this makes so much sense not having to deal with the kids insert seat!

---my original review---
I love this because it lets us eliminate the use of potty or the toddler seat insert. Slow closing is an added bonus!!! When we have my son's friends over the little ones step up on the stool to sit on the toilet. My son is still learning to use the bathroom but it sure makes going to bathroom easier with this than using a potty that you have to empty and clean...
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on February 19, 2013
I never thought I'd be writing toilet seat reviews but here we are. The seat installed nicely, I love the slow close feature! With two young boys in the house its nice to not hear frequent slamming of the seat/lid. The seat itself is comfortable and working on potty training a little girl, the small seat is just the right size. The small seat is not soft close but light weight so "slamming" is not much of a worry. I have not tried removing for cleaning just yet so I have no experience on that feature. I happy with the purchase, hopefully will remain so!

After almost 2 years of use, a couple of things to consider: the small toddler seat does not soft close. BANG! Every time and she is not gentle! The small seat is very easy to keep clean. The main seat, while comfortable, scratches easily. My cherubs have managed to carve two scratches into the top of the seat (no one will admit to, nor reveal, how it was done). The underside does not tolerate scrubbing of any kind. When assigning my middle schooler the task of bathroom clean-up, we learned that the blue toilet wand scrubber has marred the surface and stained the seat blue/gray. Make sure you rinse right away!
I still like it. Am considering ordering another now that we are replacing the entire toilet in that bathroom.
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