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on August 20, 2011
This IR thermometer seems to use similar modules as more expensive brands. It could be a copy or an OEM version of many branded models, its commonly listed as the DT-380 or DT8380 Infrared Thermometer. For $12, its a steal if you know more about how to work it properly, and it works wonderfully.

Digital Thermometer 8:1 distance:spot ratio for 380C decodes the model number.

I tracked a similar looking manual and nearly identical device to a Chinese factory, See comments.

The manual is nearly identical to the model I received. I can't disassemble the unit to check the PCB and makers mark since part of the unit is glued.

IR thermometers are calibrated against dark or black bodies, and perform worst with reflective surfaces like stainless steel, foil, or mirrors. For best results, point to dark to black surfaces.

I tested it as no worse than 10F off, at best 1F, when measuring dark to black bodies, respectively. Its rubber coating makes an easy grip. The trigger has a sharp click, its not soft and gummy. The LCD is easy to see, and the best angle for viewing its LCD is also the best angle for measuring, perpendicular to the measured surface. Beware that when the measured point is fairly close and localized, regional changes in irregular or curves surfaces can happen, like pottery, cups, and mugs.

Using a black mug and pot, I checked IR readings against 32F ice water and 212F boiling water. The temperature was compared against an Agilent thermocouple. The IR reading was 0.5-2F off from the immersed probe. IR reads of a hot Calrod heater was compared against a thermocouple to 900F+, and the IR thermometer read true, far above its rated temperature. It read body temperature 0-2F off compared to a standard oral thermometer!

At extremes changes of ambient temperature, the focusing lens need to acclimatize, the manual recommends 30 minutes. For example, if taken out to a hot summer day of 100F, from 70F air conditioning, the unit may read low. Likewise, from a warm car to the outdoors during winter. This low cost unit uses a Fresnel plastic lens which is prone to thermal deformation more than other lens materials. How much the error is depends on the extent of the difference between one ambient temp and another: if used too soon the IR light may not be optimally focused onto the IR detector.

I am impressed, so I bought another! I've been looking for a good deal on these for years, even Harbor Freight can't match it.

With 2 units now to compare I tested acclimatization, I took one unit to a 73F cold airconditioned room and left one out doors at 85F for 1 hour. Sure, enough, they were off ~3F when they were reading nearly identical earlier. After 1 hour with both units in the same room, they were off from 0-0.5F, awesome!
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on December 13, 2010
After looking at various infrared temperature guns I wondered what I would be missing by settling on this less expensive model. As it turns out, this product does everything I need and more.

The laser sight can be switched on or off, and the temperature gauge can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The unit operates on a 9-volt battery which was included in the package.

Temperature readings are quick and perfectly accurate. The display is bright and plenty large.

I use this to read the surface temperature of my pans when cooking on the stove, which really helps create consistent food quality and delicious meals.

I've also used it to locate potential thermal leaks around outlets on exterior walls.

The only potential downside to this product is the limited temperature range (other models offer a larger range), but frankly, I can't think of any reason why I would ever need to read temperatures higher than the capability of this unit.

Simple, easy to use, and relatively cheap. Nothing to complain about.
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on August 17, 2013
I bought this to help determine how best to address my home energy inefficiency. I think it has already paid for itself in steering me away from spending decisions that would have been ineffective and towards effective spending. Plus, the cat loves it!

I've wanted one of these for years but didn't think I had a real use for one until now. The West side of my house gets warm in the afternoons, especially the dining room. I thought it was due to a 40-year-old single-pane drafty sliding door and had been looking at (expensive) options to replace it with a modern energy efficient model. I also thought the West-facing brick wall needed to be shaded by an expensive pergola or other high-maintenance plantings to help keep the West of the house cooler. I decided to get an inexpensive IR thermometer and more objectively measure where the heat is coming from.

After receiving the HDE temp gun I measured interior walls, floors, ceilings, blinds and framings to find where the hot spots are. To my surprise the walls and old non-sun-facing-windows-and-doors weren't appreciably warmer than the cool walls and floors. The ceiling, however, was consistently warmer and even hot near some corners. The roman blinds in the West-facing windows were 105 degrees!

Using the thermometer helped me decide to get outdoor shades for three sun-facing windows and start improving the attic insulation and/or ventilation. I discovered I had no soffit vents and am now installing some, and I am planning to install vent baffles and more insulation in the attic and perhaps some sealing foam where the hotter ceiling spots are.

I can't figure how much money I'm saving yet, but my spot-temperature-informed actions so far have two rooms feeling much more comfortable in the hot Texas summer afternoons. And I no longer want to spend $1k or $2k or more in modernizing my sliding doors and maybe a couple of windows because the old ones I have aren't significantly warming their surroundings.

On the fun side, of course the cat loves it and is teased while I am measuring ceilings and high walls. It uses a 9v battery instead of stacks of button batteries like my small cat laser pointer/toy. And, by the way, my cat's fur is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I am looking forward to using my new toy while cooking. I am already measuring everything I pass and find it interesting how different plants are different temperatures.

I'm giving it 5 stars for value, utility and good instructions.
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on August 6, 2013
Instead of adding additional insulation in my attic, I thought I would purchase this tool to search for hotspots and it worked! This tool is reasonably priced and it's accurate enough for my purposes and saved me the time and trouble of installing more insulation. Every home should have one of these tools - no point in doing more work than which is necessary.
Additionally, at the same time, an AC unit was being installed and I was able to check the Vent temperature to learn that there was only about a 10 degree difference between the room temperature and Vent temperature; the difference should have been 20 to 25 degrees lower. The problem was that the blower was moving too much air and once the service guy reduced the blower speed, the system was able to achieve a great difference - 21 to 26 degrees which is best for humidity control and cooling. This tool has definitely paid for itself! NO home should be without this tool.
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on December 6, 2013
I use this for cooking almost every day. Specifically, when I am sauteing something I heat the pan up to 400-425 before putting the oil/butter and fish/meat in the pan, which makes it pretty easy to brown the food without burning it. I know some people can estimate the heat of the pan by holding their hand over it, but I find this unit a quick, easy and reliable way to get a precise temperature reading.

I also use this thermometer from time to time to measure the temperature of the air coming out of the A/C vents in our high ceilings, which lets me know if the A/C cooling/heating functions are operating normally.

I have had two of these for almost two years, use them frequently, and have not had to replace either unit's battery.
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on January 10, 2017
I have 2 of these and both seem very accurate. They are 212 +/- 2 degrees on a boiling pan of water. I used them in the kitchen and on exhaust manifolds to quickly determine if an individual cylinder has a problem due to poor combustion.

I occasionally use them on the grill to determine the temperature of the grate.
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on October 28, 2015
HDE Non- Contract Infrared IR Temperature Gun has came in handy for us. It readed the temperature that came out of our heat duct. I kept telling my husband our heat pump wasn't working. He said it was to and showed me by pointed the HDE Non- Contract Infrared IR Temperature Gun toward heat duct. The HDE Non- Contract Infrared IR Temperature Gun is made to last. It reads temperature by pointing pushing the trigger. It is easy to read. It would be good anyone that works on heat pump.
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on December 4, 2013
My wife and kids use this thing all the time. It's almost become an essential part of any cooking that happens in our kitchen. I don't do any cooking myself so you're just going to have to rely on what I've witnessed in my household.

My wife uses cast iron pretty frequently. She's figured out ideal temperatures for cooking things in the cast iron using this thermometer sensor. The kids are able to easily shoot the pan, get a reading and then drop an egg into the pan. It doesn't get much better than that.

It's also been used for making various candies and such...in addition to having fun shooting the laser on the ground in front of the dogs or the chickens in the backyard...or using the sensor to determine the temperature of something outside of the kitchen.
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on December 2, 2012
The item came with the housing slightly offset, which prevented the trigger from being pulled. I was able to snap the housing back into place. Once I installed the single 9V battery, I tested the item on boiling water, and my own internal temperature at the back of my throat. Of course, these would have variation on their own depending on the conditions, but I usually note an error of about 1°C-2°C, which is very good.

I mainly use this item for cooking, and whatever other applications may arise. I find it essential for cooking. I can now begin cooking exactly when the oil is at optimal temperatures, or when my pizza pan has reached the desired temperature in the oven. Etc.

The device reads nearly instantly once it has initiated, so all in all it takes about 1-2 seconds to initialize. It turns off automatically after several seconds, which can be somewhat annoying but conserves power well; I have not had to replace the battery in several months of daily use.

The box indicates a set of functions that the device can implement, including max temp, min temp, average temp, and others. However, I have yet to find how to use a function other than max temp; there are only buttons to change the laser setting (on/off) and change the unit output (°C/°F).

In short, I rely on this product every day. For the price, I say buy it!
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on May 15, 2014
Amazingly accurate and incredibly useful! Since menopause (tmi for you) I've been obsessed with temperatures; not just my own hot flashes, but ambient temps, outside temps, inside temps, but also the oven and refrigerator temps because I KNOW those last two are off!

Point and shoot and there ya go - instant temperature reading! Do NOT point it at eyes, or a reflective surface and look at the laser because, IT'S A LASER LIGHT and it'll blind you. Pretend it's the sun. Don't look at the laser light!!

The TV is hot. The bedside light is hot. The items in the mini fridge vary depending on location inside. Same with big refrigerator.

This will NOT give you air temperature - it gives the temperature of the OBJECT that you point it at.

My legs are hot. Ask my DH. haha
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