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on April 29, 2014
I'm a retired software engineer so I tend to read a manual before using anything. Same thing with this blu-ray player. So i read through the settings section for both picture and sound and got a little confused about dolby-digital vs PCM sound setting instructions. So then I have to google PCM since I had no idea what that was or which was better. Its PCM by the way. So after an hour with manual and google I finally pop in a DVD (new Star Trek) and go though the settings setup only to realize that the factory defaults are exactly what I want. So I start the the DVD and it looks and sounds beautiful on our new LG 55: LED TV with sound pumped out the TV through the digital audio out port and into a Sony AV receiver.

Moral of the story.... Don't waste any time with the manual. just plug it in and play it.
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on May 20, 2014
Aside from there not being any batteries for the remote or a cable to connect to the TV with, I could not tell this was a refurb unit. Paired this up with an Amazon Basics HDMI cable (no reason to buy a more expensive brand of cable...the cable either transmits the digital signal or it doesn't) and went from the box to watching a movie in less than 5 minutes. Great buy!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon July 15, 2014
Although I have a beloved PS3, I decided that if I was going to upgrade to a 1080 HD TV, I may as well get a proper Blu-Ray player as well. I do normally only buy new, but I bought this refurbished unit on a whim, mainly because of the general glowing reviews it has received. And I got a great product at a discounted price!

A few notes:

● A file format for self-made discs may be supported, but if they require an additional codec, they still won't play. I discovered this with a set of old Anime discs that need an extra audio codec. All well, just means I have to finally file convert them.

● If you leave a disc inside the player, it has a somewhat nuisance of a "feature" that when I turn on the TV, the player after a moment detects it, turns itself on and forces the input to swap to its HDMI channel. Kind of cool, but when I turn on my PS3 and then get pushed over to the Blu-Ray player because I had left a disc inside, it is a tad irritating. But in the grand scheme of things, really minor- plus there may be an option to turn this off that I haven't stumbled across yet.

*UPDATE: Figured out why the player kept turning itself on and force swapping to its HDMI channel, even without a disc in. Under the player's [SETTINGS]>[SYSTEM], there is an option for Anynet+(HDMI-CEC) that apparently automates certain functions, like what I described, when on. Apparently, this includes the Panasonic HD TV I bought. Turn the option off, no more irritation. Heh.*

● The online streaming feature requires a physical network cable to be plugged in. Will not connect to Wireless Internet. Not that it impacts me in the least, and I think it mentions this physical necessity in the product description, but a note that probably should be reiterated.

● The remote has a subset control section for Samsung TVs. I ended up buying a Panasonic HD TV... and admittedly wish a little I had gotten a Samsung now as this subset control would have basically allowed me to put away the separate TV remote. Ah well.

All in all, this Samsung F5100 came in a clean, ding-free, fully operational condition. Mine even had batteries for the remote. :)
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on March 24, 2015
I was happy to receive this Korean product. I had done some research and found that Samsung had input into Blu-Ray device protocol. In spite of this some of the Blu-ray discs and DVD's that I have will not play. The reason I got this is that my Blu-ray drive on my computer won't play some discs. I got tired of trying to find and download new CODEC's to view Blu-ray. I initialized the Samsung. It downloaded the new firmware and installed with no problem. The Blu-Ray discs that I have the most problem with are generally Disney Movies both Blu-Ray and DVD. Some It will play others it won't. I even reset the adult/child settings to OFF in case the player was not working due to 'Adult' content. This did not make a difference. This 'don't play' problem occurred when DVD were a new media. Now, I'm experiencing the same problem with this Blu-Ray Player. My advice...get a good DVD player forget Blu-Ray. I suspect the corporate outfits have gone too far by including interlock programs that prevent the movies from playing, due to security concerns.
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on June 9, 2014
I had researched Blu-Ray players diligently for a few months, so I knew this was the one I wanted; I just had to wait until the price dropped sufficiently. And, then I found this! I have no problem with refurbished items, so here we are.

I intentionally waited to do this review until the unit had a good shakedown period. The device is absolutely perfect for my use. It plays Blu-Ray discs beautifully. Disney cartoons are mind-blowing - you can see every stroke of the drawn frames, and it's like watching hand-drawn art in motion (which is what a cartoon *is*, but, seriously, you can really *see it*!). We watched The Avengers last night, and, well, I found it hard not to count the hairs in Tony Stark's goatee.
I know these are qualities inherent to the Blu-Ray format, but they are apparent, accessible and flawless in this Samsung 5100.

Additionally, DVD playback is excellent, and upconverts nicely. Netflix works as advertised. YouTube would work fine, if my ISP wasn't a worthless... but that's another story.
What really surprised me was AllShare. Once I installed the software from the Samsung website on my over-10 year old desktop that I use as primarily as a music server, and figured out to tell it to share one folder at a time, and not the whole drive at once, I was able to seamlessly watch downloaded video, stored on my computer or ext. hard drive, through the player. There are some limitations as to what formats of video will play, which I have not been able to make sense of, aside from just that some older videos won't play, but I kind of appreciate that it just flat out will not play a poor quality video.
This function has become at least as important to me as playing Blu-Rays, and I'm thrilled that I can do it without the need to connect my ext. hard drive directly to the player.

Speaking of connections, these couldn't have been simpler. One power cord, one HDMI cable, and one ethernet cable (this unit does require a wire and proximity to a router for network connection - if you want wireless, take one step up to the 5700 player), and everything is good to go. Once connected, it ran a system update (and I think has run one since, all automatically), and work without a care..

As for controls, the menus are all fairly intuitive, and work well. The remote is responsive and well labeled, though a tad compact; looking for the menu controls in the near dark was a bit challenging, but only a bit. I only mention it to be thorough.
The unit controls themselves, as you can see in the pictures, are in the unusual top-mounted configuration, which does make this unit inappropriate for a rack layout or stacking (unless it stays on top). It works perfectly in my configuration, though, and slides exactly under my stand-mounted TV. The controls are not buttons! They are touch-activated, so a light swipe across one of the four cardinal points will activate its respective function. This gives the unit that extra touch of class, and makes the entire experience feel like you're using a truly high-end-device. Which, after all, you are, and I'd expect nothing less from Samsung.

Overall, this unit is worth every point of those five stars!
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on August 20, 2015
So far, so good. Set up was a breeze, upgrade went without a hitch, and all of my own recorded DVDs play just fine, as well as other DVDs and Blu-Ray. Can't complain, especially for the price. I don't care about the streaming apps (which are very limited) because I use my Tivo for that. Just wanted it as a player. Don't know about the guy who complained about a "non-factory" refurb. This is advertised as a factory refurb and that appears to be what i got.

BTW, did you hear about the guy who jumped off the Empire State Building?

At every floor he was overheard saying "so far, so good."
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on August 25, 2014
We bought this as a spare DVD player for our travel trailer. We didn't open the box until a few weeks after it was delivered. When we set it up and hit the "eject" button, the door was broken and wouldn't re-close. We have to push it back into place, into the closed position, after we open the door. My husband tried to fix it, thinking it was just an easy snap into place fix, but the plastic was totally broken. Since we didn't notice it until after the 3-week return period, we just kept it rather than try to exchange it. It did come with a remote & no batteries (no problem). We have this same exact model DVD player that we purchased brand-new from a big box store and it was in perfect condition - and only cost $10 more than this refurbished one. I wish I would have spent the $10 extra and purchased a new one. But, this refurbished DVD player plays movies just fine and works okay for our travel trailer. I just wish the door wasn't broken when we got it.
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on October 14, 2014
This bluray player has worked great. I was worried that since it was refurbished that it would have problems, but it is problem free. The packaging didn't look brand new but it wasn't bad. The player powers on quickly, it only takes about 5-10 seconds. I also like that when you pause a movie, the onscreen interface tells you how long the disc has remaining, rounded to the nearest minute. This player is pretty small so it doesn't take up a lot of room on an entertainment center and the remote is only about 8-10" long and fits comforably in my hand. My only complaint about this player is that the buttons are totally flush so powering on the player and ejecting the tray is easier with the remote, but that could be a problem if the remote is lost.
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on May 17, 2014
Seems to be in good quality and of great working quality. This come without any connection cables. This was a fraction of the price.
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on May 29, 2015
I didn't need a unit with lots of crazy features; all I wanted was something that would play discs. So far, this is perfect! I have a smart tv, so I haven't tried connecting this to the internet and can't comment on that. I haven't watched a lot of movies with it yet, but it seems to play store bought dvd's and home-made ones without any trouble, so I'm happy!
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