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on February 14, 2015
This little machine is awesome. I have 2 gas snowblowers Ariens 824. One is 30 years old and will go through almost anything, I call it the Beast. This is the beasts little brother. I was really impressed. I live in New Hampshire and we just got 65" of snow in the last 3 weeks. The pictures are my back deck. After using this snow thrower for an hour, my deck was real clean. The mechanics of snow makes it settle and pack down from the weight of it self. This machine handled it with very little effort on my part. One thing to look out for is the blades are replaceable and the bolts were either not tightened all the way or they became loose from moving snow and ice. This caused some vibration when the blade was spinning. After tightening the bolts up the vibration went away. I will probably replace the nuts with nylock nuts so they will not loosen again. I would buy the machine again in a second, great great tool for snow removal. My deck is 15' x 30'
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on January 24, 2016
Let's face it: this is a residential snowblower meant to handle occasional light to moderate snowfall. No one would assert that this tool is appropriate for handling 30 inches of snow falling in under a day-and-a-half as we recently experienced due to Snowzilla. That fact was no more evident than when I opened the garage door halfway through the storm and faced drifts as high as 5 feet in some places. I couldn't help but think despairingly about how inadequate this snowblower was going to be and didn't expect it to last more than a few minutes before trading its life for a trip to snowblower heaven.

However, I'm pleased to report that this little workhorse rose to the challenge and defied all expectations, enabling me to clear my driveway and carve some paths along the sidewalk using half of the time and backbreaking effort as shoveling would have required. Note that I did clear the driveway twice during the storm and once afterwards in order to try to keep up with the snowfall. This no doubt made a huge difference as compared to trying to clear it all once at the end, particularly at the end of the driveway where a packed snow mound forms due to the plows clearing the street.

All told, I spent a total of about 6 hours with this machine to clear the driveway and sidewalks three times during and after the storm. Although I wouldn't go so far as to say that this machine made light work of the clearing, it turned what would have been a positively miserable experience into something manageable. And I am confident that it will handle more typical, moderate snowfall amounts in the future with ease.

Just a few quibbles to point out:

1. The mechanism which allows you to direct the height of the snow arc consists of knobs and rubber washers which tighten it in place. However, it seemed that no matter how tightly I screwed in the knobs, the force of the snow being ejected from the machine would pound the chute into its most upward position in a short amount of time.

2. Partially due to the first quibble, but also due to the power and design of the unit, it doesn't blow snow as consistently or as far as I would like. With moderate wind gusts, I ended up frequently blowing snow in a particular direction but then some of it would blow right back into my face. Also, the snow doesn't all blow in a nice well-defined arc. Rather, only about 75% of it blows the maximum distance of 20-30 feet and the remaining 25% exits the chute with less force and lands short, which means that it was frequently landing right back in the driveway. With some planning, this shortcoming can be mitigated somewhat by always blowing in a direction where you haven't yet cleared.

3. The wheels quickly accumulate snow and can sometimes stop rolling due to buildup. This makes it harder to roll the unit and you may find yourself breaking snow/ice off the wheel treads pretty frequently.

None of the above were significant enough -- particularly on a unit at this price point -- to subtract a star. This machine did everything I could've reasonably expected it to do, and then some. I am definitely happy with the purchase.
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on July 25, 2015
Used this for two winter seasons. what a great snowblower. Just make sure to coat anywhere snow will travel through the snowblower with WD40. Also make sure you only use a 12/3 extension cord. 14/3 or 16/3 sized cable will result in performance issues ie motor overheating.
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on January 20, 2016
Do you see that assembly on the top of the thrower? That entire thing moves once snow begins going through. At first I thought "this is amazing--it works" "my back is saved, bless you snow thrower!" But just as the praise was out of my mouth the entire assmbly moved, not just the adjustable chute, but the entire thing. It stays in place for about one minute tops once you start throwing snow. This product is oerhaps one of the worst things I have purchased in some time. If I have to pay return shipping then Inthink I will just leave it on the sidewalk for some poor unsuspecting neighbor to be blessed.

Update: I had a seamless return through Amazon an did to have to pay shipping. It went back to its home in probably 2 days. I examined the parts some more and discovered that pieces of plastic that likely would have secured the top assembly were broken or cracked. Maybe this one slipped through QC or else maybe it was return item that they resold as new, who knows? But it is pretty useless when the top assembly pops off after 30 seconds of use.
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on January 25, 2016
I was really on the fence between this item, and an 18amp SnowJoe at 2x the cost. What put me over the edge on this model was reading a few reviews of people that said they had used 15 and 18amp electric blowers that didn't appear to have the power of this one. Also, many of the 18amp reviews complained about the rubber auger. When I saw both of those statements, I investigated a bit deeper. It turns out any the 18amp SnowJoes I looked at had what looked to be a ~6" wide steel plate, with 100% rubber augers the entire width of the blower (look at the pictures of the product). This, to me, would cause deflection in the auger and would effectively lower the power. This Power Smart model actually has a steel auger the entire width of the machine, and then has separate rubber pieces mounted to the auger that stick out ~3/8" from it. I would think this to be the best of both worlds, as the rubber would be durable, but the metal would stop any power-eating deflection of the plastic.

I first used this in the Philadelphia area during the late January Blizzard of 2016. There were about 12" of snow on the ground the first time I took it out, with drifts up to about 24". I did have to rock the machine back and forth a bit with this much snow, as otherwise it was leaving a lot behind (from going over it), but it got the job done. All in all, it was more than I expected for $100, and found it to be well worth the lesser money compared to the $600 gas model I had used for years at my parents, which had an inevitable $150 annual tune up fee besides. I took this Power Smart model back out after another ~6" of medium-heavy snow had fallen, and this is where this machine really shined. It had no problem going right through 6" of snow while I was doing a nice relaxing walk behind it. In all, it definitely helped with the 18" snowfall, and considering a storm with more than 6" is really rare anyway, it was well worth the $100 and lack of headaches over a much more expensive gas model.

The other thing I liked is that I was able to get a really close cut to the driveway. There was little-to-no snow after a pass until the wind would step in. My neighbor has a big gas snow blower, and it left a good 1/4" layer. My driveway is now 70% dry, while his still flat out has snow on 80% of it. When the temps drop again tonight, I'll be really thankful for this, as he'll have a sheet of ice, and I won't.

I should also note - people have said about using 16 gauge extension cords, which you should NOT do. This will burn out your motor prematurely, and is a fire hazard. The manual states that any extension cord used that's 50' and under should be 14 gauge, and 50' up to 100' should be 12 gauge.

The only downside of the item thus far is that when the item arrived, I actually received 2 of them despite only ordering 1. This wasn't a problem in and of itself, however the first of the 2 boxes I opened was missing the hood from the top of the chute. Luckily I had the second one there to take the part from, and will now be returning the remaining second box to Amazon while alerting them it is incomplete. I would have been quite unhappy receiving the item the day before an 18" snowfall had I have been missing that major part.
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on January 22, 2016
Did a very large driveway with ease. But is was a dry snow. Cleared 5 inches with ease. Have only had 1 day. Will see how it does with time. It can really throw the snow. I'd say about 15 feet throw.
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on December 29, 2015
Minnesota is notorious for harsh winters and I have been pleasantly surprised at the performance of this little beauty. Some of the reviews mention it cannot handle slush or packed snow, but I haven't found that to be the case at all. Two winters down and third one in the offing, this thing handles it all. Once the snow was so deep after a fall last year it was actually too deep for this little powerhouse, but no worries - its so light I picked it up and used it as a powered sickle of sorts, swinging it in an arc in front of me at knee height! This baby throws snow like you wouldn't believe too, the range is truly impressive. The only drawback of the design is I had to modify the thrower chute with an external cladding/collar to make it truly effective - otherwise i was getting some blowback from the chute. The plastics used are also surprisingly robust. Great value!
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on January 26, 2016
For the price, this is really good. Easy to assemble and works really well. Unfortunatly, it didn't arrive until after the snow stopped (Next day PRIME failed me bigtime) and there was still a lot to be cleaned up. It ripped right through snow higher than the chute. I only used about 1/3 of the width of the blower but it worked really well. Once it started to get slushy it became worthless and clogged up very quickly, again and again and again. That being said, it worked really well on "dry" snow and I'm very happy with the unit.
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on January 24, 2016
This was AWESOME!! Read other reviews and had no issues with power. Used it today in 18 inches of snow #blizzard2016. Used it like a vacuum. Back and forth worked great! Snow shot out really far! I was surprised! If you own acreage this may be too small but for us townhouse owners this is PERFECT!
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on March 12, 2014
Do yourself a favor and look at the width on a tape measure. Its pretty narrow for a snowthrower. Its got plenty of power. I throws the snow far. I used it in everything from powder to sloppy wet stuff and it worked. It was about 2/3 the work of shoveling. Its more like using a vacuum. You cant really do passes with it, you just sort of clear and area. Its because of the cord you don't want to go back and forth with it. The cord is a PITA but for the price, it works ok. You have to push a lot but at least you dont have to lift all the snow up and it keep the piles near your sidewalks from getting over your head from shoveling and dumping the snow just off the path. I would never try to use this for a whole driveway. Sidewalk, patio and decks only IMO.
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