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on May 9, 2015
so why 3 stars? ive been waiting 4 yrs (or so) to do this review. these are a great pair of pants.i have tried them all,
truspec, propper, etc and through the years have had love hate feelings about all of them.
then i found these. and to be honest i still have some bitters to express yet feel these pants are the best so far and
are a great place to start for the best design and functionality.ive been wearing these pants for 4+ years and have very
few regrets. but considering my experience with these pants i have some very legitimate complaints. let me start of by
saying again that these are a great pair of pants! a little about me. im in the low voltage industry, cameras, security
systems, access control etc.these pants have served me well and have an unsurpassed pocket configuration. i can carry most
all my hand tools comfortably. i also enjoy mountain biking, hiking, shooting, and survival settings.

pocket placement and design:
the front pockets slant from waist line to hip (as most do) and are deep without being too much that its a strain to
reach items. front pocket complaints are that the interior fabric is way too thin and have ripped within as little as 8 months.
the pockets have re-enforcement at the top seam for clips on items such as knives, flaslights, etc. the re-enforcement is a
too thin and while it helps with wear and tear on the seam it doesnt help at all with the pocket lining itself as the
lining is way too thin; mainly on the front pockets.

the rear pockets are in contrast perfect! the pocket lining is of the same material as the pant itself and have held up since purchase.
the rear pocket also slants from waist to hip meeting the front pocket. excellent design. now items can be clipped in the back pocket
and front pocket utilizing less space in either pocket yet keeping item in reach without lifting of your shirt or any real
adjustment of hands or elbows. in short you can carry twice the items much more comfortably and within hands reach without
much adjustment of the limbs= quick access and deployment.

lower thigh pockets are as any other cargo pant would be. nothing much to say here except i feel through the years that the
gussetts should be on the side of the pocket as opposed to the front. the reason being is that i have encountered way to many snags
and now have pockets with gussets ripped open. so here a side acordian style pocket would have been much better.

right leg small utility pocket is genius! have had no problems with this pocket at all. it carries my wire strippers two small tweaker
screwdrivers a sharpie and a pen with very little re-arrangement of items to deploy desired object.

left cell pocket is also without complaint. i carry a dmt diamond sharpener carmex pocket knife and a pack of gum with no hassle.

there is a utility strap above the right rear pocket also ingenious as it keeps my sog muti tool in place and keeps it from being
snagged as i crawl thru tight spaces.


i have been thru many pants sporting the rip-stop claims. none of them stopped rips as good as these 511's. my proppers actually
wouldnt stop ripping, although they were thinner... some have complained about the fabric not being cool. i live in tucson az, it
gets pretty damn hot and even tho i cant say that the pants keep me cool, they really dont heat me up either. dickies pants would
get hot and make me sweat, these 511's are great. and also the fabric at the knees is doubled and holds up very well. i have heard
that there are padded inserts but im not seeing how that could be as you would have to destitch in order to insert.

which brings me to my biggest complaint......


the stitching sucks!!! within 5 to 6 months of normal wear and wash the stitching will start to come apart. i dont use fabric
softener at all. i use a liquid detergent and a dryer sheet. the crotch has completely unravelled on one pair, the pockets
have threads randomly snagging on knives and tools. i dont get it. how does this continue to happen? these pants have
been around for awhile now. i cant be the only one who noticed. if your product starts to unravel the day u wash them i dont
feel you can put the name "tactical" on them. my oldest pair of pants are 1 1/2 years.....i hitchhiked when i was 24, prbably the
roughest yrs of my life for a pair of pants to endure, i had a pair of couderoy pants that walked thru 3 yrs of it and i
retired them because i got bigger. they were still holding up. skateboarding, drumming, martial arts, tree climbing,
foraging for berries, trail blazing, hiking, camping, beer runs!!! but these 511's start to fall apart from taking a bath.

complaint summary:
stitching is very bad, the front pocket material is thin and does not last, its almost like it was put there as an after thought.
the lower thigh pocket gussets snag on everything, granted in my line of work things protrude from everywhere, but its the
same in nature so not much to say there. the clip protectors are very narrow and if you use a knife or clipped flashlight often
then the threading will definately come undone and the fabric will wear much more quickly than if the protector were extended
to double up where clip rides and keeps threads out of the way.

these are all pretty critical issues, yet i still cant stay away. the pocket placement and design is genius, the pant
fabric is second to none that i have encountered, the fit is perfect,... i love these pants. 511, read this
and make the upgrade. i have 12 pair, 5 of which are for only work. i dont wear any other pant. so these need to be perfect!

oh and one other thing. if u carry, and u utilize all the functions on these pants, your firearm may have some
squeezing in to do, mainly due to the fact that i carry a multi tool on the right rear because of the strap that
holds it in place. would be sweet if there were a strap on the opposite pocket as well... just a thought.
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on March 26, 2014
I have a pair of 'MEN'S 5.11 STRYKE PANTS' which are just perfect. Since these seemed very similar (and almost $20 less) I ordered them. When I compared the two side by side the main (and really only) difference I noticed was the elastic waistband.

The Stryke pants also have a partially-elastic waistband, but the elastic is hidden by fabric sewn over it, so the waistband just looks normal. These TacLite Pro's have gathered elastic visible around half of the waistband, which to me looks cheap, almost like athletic pants or something my dad would wear. Also this elastic portion isn't covered inside the waistband so it can be less comfortable if it's against your skin.

Is the lack of visible elastic worth $20? I don't know...but I found the Stryke's in a local store for the same price as these TacLite's, so I know which style I'll be buying in the future.
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on January 12, 2016
I had big hopes for these pants and I can't say that I love them. My favorite type of pants are cargo pants and I wear them almost everyday. I feel like these are big and baggy. Not what I was hoping for. The pants are created with high quality material. They are tough and appear stain resistant. I am not a fan of the baggy look though. Looking at the pics I would have never thought them to be baggy. The back pockets feel very odd if your used to regular back pocket openings. I don't feel like I can trust my wallet in my back pocket where I put it in all of my other cargos. The slash pockets make you want to check if it's there all the time. I have been trying to put my wallet in my front pocket when I wear these. Otherwise, they have plenty of pockets and I may take them out to the range. The phone pocket is too small in my opinion for many smartphones and with that being said has little usefulness. After seeing so many excellent reviews I was expecting to like them more. Maybe I will like them more as I wear them more often.
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on December 13, 2012
This pants is made of good quality and seems sturdy & durable. Size seems to be true its claim as for the waist size.
However I found this pants to be a little too baggy for my liking to be a "tactical" pants.
I mean tactical pants shouldn't be tight to prevent movement restrictions but it shouldn't be too baggy either to feel awkward.
It does have lots pockets, which is good. I also wish the belt loops were bigger. It won't fit my big tactical belt around its loop.
Also, length was supposed to be 30 but seems to be slightly longer than that which I don't mind too much as I can just wear boots and will solve the problem.
I am debating if I should return the pants and try to find something that isn't as baggy or I should just keep it.

Hope this helps!
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on January 17, 2014
This is my first pair of "tactical" pants and I love them. Very roomy, plenty of pockets, lots of belt loops (helps keep my trousers up when I'm wearing my tool belt), and water resistant. I walk to work 15 minutes one way to catch the subway and these are great for wearing to the office on cold days (haven't tried them out in hot weather yet) and then I change into my work clothes. Two weeks ago, it was 2 degrees here in MD with a wind chill around minus 15 degrees, these pants are so well made, they acted as windstoppers for my skinny legs! I used to wear regular jeans but jeans are not made to stop fierce winds, these babies handle anything you throw at them. The fit is slightly baggy around the legs but thats what I was looking for. They also have an elastic waistband that almost eliminates the need for a belt. All in all, a great buy, washes well, and looks good, though I wouldn't wear them to dinner! Excellent around the house and an occasional trip to the grocery store!
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on September 28, 2014
CAUTION! Do not wear the light color pants (khaki, desert tan) for any type of mechanic work. I know that seems pretty obvious but i thought with its teflon technology it would all wash out. Not so. its a good thing i got the navy color as well as charcoal. The navy color is the best for that type of work, after six months of regular use it still shows no stains. Great pants all around, the little cargo pocket on the left fits an iphone perfectly. i never used the cargo pockets too much, but they lay very close to the leg and dont get in the way at all. I have worn these all summer, and Arkansas summers can get very humid. I stayed quite comfortable all summer long.

In my line of work as a fleet mechanic, i go through pants very quickly, all four pairs show little to no signs of wear. They fit well and true to size, and should last for a long time.
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on January 5, 2013
I have ordered 3 or 4 pairs of these from Amazon....from 39.00 to 45.00. It looks like Amazon or whoever they're getting them from has decided to raise the prices, so, take that into consideration...it looks like everything at amazon has been going up in price and this is really a shame.

Anyway, the 5.11 taclite pants are great pants. They should last a very, very long time and they are quite resistant to spills. They have tons of pockets for whatever you need to carry around. One minor problem is that they get caught on anything, including door handles, furniture knobs, etc... This isn't a major issue, but it's something to consider depending on where you are going to be wearing these.

I have the taclites and the full 5.11 tactical pants...what a difference. These are far lighter and are MUCH more comfortable in an office setting. I don't feel that these are hot as someone else mentioned, but the regular ones are....so much so that your legs will sweat in them.

There are lots of color options and they fit well. I wear a 38x34 and yes, they are a bit short for a 34...they fit more like a 33, but that is fine. I'm a pretty muscular guy and they are 'just right' for my thighs and gluts. I wouldn't say they are baggy for me in any way, but they are not overly tight either.

These are really the only pants I wear now to work as they offer a nice look, good comfort, and lots of needed pockets.

If you get these, you will like them...I only hope Amazon does not keep raising the prices as they are a far better pant at 40.00 as opposed to 50.00!
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on January 18, 2013
I have an issue with finding pants in my size (36x36) due to the fact that I can never find the length in particular. I also have been looking for something other than jeans and I like my only pair of cargo pants. Plus I like pretty much anything military or law enforcement style. So these are literally perfect and fulfill all of my needs. They also come with bonuses like the Dupont teflon fabric finish. I work as a cook and occasionally a dish washer at a cafe, these paints help with keeping the stains off and keeping me from coming home soaked through.

The back pockets and interestingly cut, all the velcro is strong, and there's plenty of pockets. Plus they have a reinforced knife carry spot on the bottom of your front pockets so that the clip on your pocket knives don't fray the fabric. I'm surprised at how much thought went into these.

I haven't had them for long, but I absolutely love them. They fit perfectly, perhaps a teensy bit baggy around the rear end but I'm used to a little tighter fitting jeans. So it could be that. They are well fitted through the legs, they sit well on my boots. I can go on and on and I am definitely back to buy more pairs. Probably 2-3 more pairs eventually.

If you are looking for something strong, that looks good and has a lot of thought and quality into it, buy these. Totally worth the price. Buy 2 pairs.

Update: 3 months later, these are still brand new and I still love them. Buy these.
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on March 5, 2013
** update 3/14/2013 ** ok, after having these and washing them a few times, they are now my favorite pants. the cell phone pocket ended up being one of my favorite things about these pants that holds my iphone while in its case. they also seem to be holding up well and have a better fit the Tru Spec 24-7. they may run just a tad tight in the waist but it does have an elastic waist band and that makes it where i have pants that do not require a belt, for once. the knife pocket is still weird but thats minor.

i am torn between these and the Tru Spec 24-7 tactical pants. these 5.11's have a better overall fit but some of the minor issues on the 5.11's are not on the Tru Specs. those minor issues are #1 i do not like the cell phone pocket #2 i do not like the knife pocket and #3 lose threads after washing. while these issues are minor; #3 is taken care of by a lighter, i will have to wait and see how well these hold up compared to the Tru Spec. these are just a tad tight in the waist after washing, but they still are a better fit and less baggy. i will update my review after a few months and a few washing/work week cycles.
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on January 19, 2014
I started buying the 5.11 all cotton tactical pants while working in Afghanistan. They were incredibly comfortable but I found that they all developed ‘tears’ right above one of the knee seams after about a year of use.

I had also purchased a few pair of these poly / cotton TacLite Pro pants and found they did not tear like the cotton version. I have 6 pair of these TacLite pants, some are about 3 years old, and all of them look like they are brand new right out of the box. I don’t wear anything else but 5.11 TacLite’s, ever, and to see them still in perfect condition after 3 years is incredible. I’m not a fan of polyester but there is very little difference as far as the way they feel compared to all cotton and when I get can at least 2 more years of use out of these versus the all-cotton 5.11’s, I’ll buy these every time.

Superb value.
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