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on July 9, 2017
Excellent budget red dot. I have the TRS-25 from bushnell and from primary arms the MD-RGBII and the MD-ADS. These I will compare the AT3 to as the are popular choices in the budget red dot category

Appears to be aluminum tube with solid dials. Markings are well painted and positive non audible but tactile clicks.

Very similar to the TRs25. The dials feel and look identical. The primary arms offer two versions push button and similar to the TRS25 and the AT3. The primary arms dial is stiffer

All 3 are of similar quality construction but the bushnell finish seems inferior or the copy I have had a flawed paint job. All offer a Allen screw base to clamp to your riser ( I recommend the UTG. Inexpensive and work well )

all 3 hold zero on a Baretta cx4 carbine in 9mm and a AR 5.56. All three I was able to use the quick release and put back on and not notible change in zero

The dot is the same as the TRS-25. Its smaller than a 4 dot size but not as small as the 2 dot size of the primary arms models. I would guess it at 3.
The AT3 dot is not as sharp as the primary arms but sharper than the TRS-25. Minimal difference between all and only at all notable in side by side comparison.


I would rank them this way on performance and quality
Primary arms

However adding price into the mix I would rate the AT3 the highest. The reported life of the battery is 50k. It's an unknown as it has been on the next to lowest setting since I got it and still working fine.
All use common watch type batteries.
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on February 24, 2017
For the price… I have to give it a five star. I bought this item and a $500 red dot, at the same time. The glass in both were about the same, which really surprised me. The red dot in my $500 optic was only a little crisper. I had to look hard to notice. Larger sight of view in this model as well. Sending $500 optic back.
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on October 22, 2017
If u like the way this sight looks BUY IT!!!! I love this sight. Very bright, 11 brightness settings. At the range in the sun i never went brighter then 5 or 6 brightness. Holds zero very very well no complaint at all and this thing is a tank. Im holding 1/2 MOA (1/2 inch grouping) at 100 yards. Couldnt ask for a better red dot. Sight is very very clear and the dot is perfectly clear. U need one. Check out the 3x magnifier as well best combo
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on June 12, 2017
This has been one of the best red dot ive gotten so far! Its not too high on the price but with high quality. I have shot at least 300 rnds with my AR-15 and has kept zero on the dot at least is what i can see on my tragets, if anything maybe about less then an inch which for me its very accurate. (compared to like $20-$50 sights)
Also it coexists with iron sight which is nice just in case battery dies but we'll have to see if the 50k battery life is true since it should be at "lowest setting" i use between 3-8 depending on light outside, but will update if anything arises...
review image
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on January 14, 2018
This red dot is great. I have it mounted on my M&P 15-22 with the medium riser.
Very easy to install and sight in. After only a few minutes I was getting nice little groups at 25 yards.
I'm sure this varies for each person, but I was at an outdoor range and had to turn the brightness to 8 or 9. I was expecting it to be a little brighter at the lower settings. But this is very minor... It was also a bright and sunny morning so I'm sure that was a factor.
I also did some research on absolute vs. lower 1/3 co-witness. My backup sights are Magpul flip-ups, and I always have them down when using an optic. So for this I decided to go with the absolute, to keep my ergonomics relatively the same with red dot vs. just my backups.
I used to run a UTG red/green dot and I was pretty happy with it. But this is smaller, lighter, more accurate and more durable.
For the price, this is an excellent optic... Highly recommend!
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on February 24, 2018
By looking at the picture, I initially though the red dot sight maker just replace the LED with a smaller one on the Bushnell sight and sell it under a new name. I was wrong. After receiving the RD-50, I have found that they are different. The RD-50 is about 15 to 20% smaller, lighter and better built than the TRS-25. It does copy the successful style and features of TRS-25 but it looks more refine. The LED is at the same place but it's much smaller and installed without showing the glue. The optic is clear and without distortion. It's not 1:1 glass but rather be a 1:1.3 (estimated) optic. This helps me see the target much more detail with my 58 year old eyes. I read some complaints about the fussy or the 3 MOA dot, but the reviewers did not know how to use or how to test it. Here these are my secrets:

- To overcome my old eyes, I make a peep sight (a black tape with a tiny hole) and stick it on my shooting glass. This help me to focus better both the dot and the target. Try to focus at the dot not the target when you aim; this will improve your accuracy.

- To see the true size of the dot, put a white paper under a bright light then aim the dot on the white. This will decrease the contrast and the dot will appear sharper and smaller. Red dot on black target is the worst on my book. I have 3 TRS-25 (and still love them) both with gold and white letter marking. The dot on the RD-50 is seen smaller than the 3 MOA dot on the Bushnell so I have to believe that it's 2 MOA.

I don't have an Aimpoint or a Primary Arms red dot sight so I don't really know how good they really are against the RD-50. However, I have found that the RD-50 meets all of my requirements (all of those from the TRS-25 but with a 2 MOA dot so I can aim at the 2 inches target at 25 yard better.) the 50K hrs battery life is a bonus.

As a sport shooter I don't need super duper optics that can survive the battlefield but cost a fortune. I have all the time in the world to replace a broken gun sight. For another bonus, AT3 gives us a lifetime warranty on the RD-50.

I recommend the AT3 RD-50 red dot sight. It is a great improvement over the Bushnell TRS-25 period.
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on July 21, 2017
This is the first red dot sight I've have bought, I love it. Out of the box was hitting a little to the right but quarter size group at 35 steps, made two adjustments and hit bullseye, unloaded the rest of the mag on my AR, bullseye gone. This thing is awesome. No aiming just put the dot on target.
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on November 6, 2017
I want to qualify the following review. I have not yet fired the rifle it’s mounted on. I just took it out of the box, and installed the battery, and mounted it on my 10/22 takedown. I turned it on, and looked through it. It appears to be parallax free which means, no matter where I move my head, the dot stays on the point of aim. This is a great thing!

It has a decent weight. The bikini lens covers leave something to be desired. It’s not the same quality as the T-2 Micro on my PS90, but it cost 10% of what I paid for that sight. It’s not as clear as the T-2, but should be plenty clear for what I want it for. With that being said, I’m happy with my purchase. My initial impression is that I kinda wish I would have found this before I bought the Aimpoint.

I’ll update my review after firing the gun. Maybe I’ll put it on the PS90 and see how it compares to the Aimpoint.
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on September 17, 2017
Haven't had the sight very long but so far I'm happy with it. I would purchase again if it lasts. The riser I'm not thrilled with. Actually the riser is fine but the screw/nut attachment isn't. The dorky finger attachment knob is useless. You can't get it tight enough with your fingers, but there is no real consideration for using a tool. Come on people, if you want a quick detach mount then make it the right way or put a normal slotted head/hex/torx screw on it so it tightens down properly.
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on January 16, 2018
Great product super sturdy seems well built but I got a starburst instead of a circle I contacted the seller they were very attentive and helpful I ended up returning it and getting the one just up from that
review imagereview image
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