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on January 18, 2017
I've used regular crutches, Mobi legs regular and now Mobilegs ultra after my 2 hip scopes (3 weeks of crutches after each side- 6 weeks total). Mobilegs ultra is so worth the extra money compared to the other two. It has an adaptive, spring mechanism like a shock absorber for the shoulder/arm pit rests. This makes using the crutches so much more comfortable than the regular Mobilegs. It also has a super comfy, wife mesh shoulder-arm pit rest that makes it seem like the crutches aren't even there. They are also light and have a comfortable handle. Best $200 you'll spend if you have to be on crutches for an extended period of time.
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on June 24, 2017
I'm baffled by the positive reviews. I was immediately struck by how these crutches are bulkier, heavier, and provide less support than the basic $30 crutches you can buy at the drug store.

The design is deceiving. It looks like they provide support in your armpits, but they do not. They are designed for the top of the saddle to sit 2 inches below your armpit. If you try to adjust them higher, you find that the saddle is made of a rubber mesh that provides no support, and there is a spring action which causes the saddle to retract noisily when you try to put your weight on it. The bottom line is that you always have to support your weight with your hands on the handgrips. That means you can't support yourself while using your hands (which is possible with normal crutches).

At the end of the day these are the most expensive and least usable crutches I've ever experienced. It's a shame because I'm more than willing to pay a premium for a good crutch. Thank goodness I bought these on amazon and can return them.
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on March 17, 2017
So I have a broken ankle with 3 months no weight bearing. I have all of the other standard equipment (Wheelchair, Walker, and Knee Scooter) but I found that crutches are a necessity for transportation outside the house and decided on these after a bit of research. I can't say what the old style of crutches is like to use, but these work well and don't seem to cause any issues with hands or arm-pit discomfort. They are easy to adjust and reasonably comfortable. Would recommend these.
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on June 13, 2017
I purchased these to use after having arthroscopic hip surgery at the beginning of May, anticipating only needing to use them for about three weeks. These looked to be more comfortable than traditional crutches, so I took the chance and invested the extra money. I'm glad I did! Things turned out differently than anticipated, and I have been on them for 4 weeks, with at least 5 more ahead of me.

I really like the design of these crutches. The handles are ergonomically shaped to be more comfortable on your hands, which I found to be a major bonus, given that my hands aren't used to having to carry the majority of my body weight. The underarm supports are a soft, flexible material, which has been super comfortable to have against my body. My only complaint about this design being that sometimes the underwire from my bra slips into the holes and pinches occasionally - obviously only a problem for underwired bra wearers.

The underarm supports are also equipped with sort of a shock absorber type mechanism. While this isn't great if you're needing that part of the crutch to support your body, it does make standing in place far more comfortable than the stiffness of a traditional crutch.

They're also fully adjustable - both in height and twist. I know that sounds silly, but the crutch and the underarm supports twist, allowing you to place the hand grips at an angle that is the most comfortable for you to support yourself - a real life saver for sore shoulders and elbows!

Overall, I think these are a great product, and if you can afford to spend the extra money, they're well worth it! I would definitely recommend these to anyone I know.
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on June 12, 2017
Ive been on crutches for 15 years and always looking for new crutches but these crutches just make to much noise . . . tried to screw it to calm the rattling but its still there . . . . . concept is good just need a little more work on the design.
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on January 8, 2017
These crutches are awesome. They are really comfortable and I wish I had bought these sooner. The only reason I gave them 4 stars is because the plastic has a strong chemical smell that won't go away. I've tried several cleaning products to try and get rid of the smell but nothing works. Hopefully it'll go away soon since I've only had the crutches for a couple of days.
Update: After 4 weeks on these crutches they have started to squeak and the shoulder piece has a slight wobble to it. I still prefer these to the other crutches by far though.
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on September 20, 2014
I'm a 5'10", 240 pund male with a hip and possible knee replacement ahead of me. I'm a teacher and hope to get through the school year before undergoing any surgery and recovery so I'm looking at long term crutch use. For that standard crutches aren't going to do. The strong points stated by other reviewers hold true for me. The Mobilegs are light weight and far more maneuverable, stable and comfortable.

The hand grips/supports are angled perfectly for use while both walking and standing. The overall length can be adjusted from either top or bottom so most people should be able to find a good height for the hand supports. One caveat from another reviewer who noted that at 6' 2" he found the Mobilegs too short even at full extension.

The underarm pads are likewise more comfortable than the standard being longer and made of a ventilated rubber and/or plastic material which creates less pressure and discomfort. This may be in part because I have a large frame and decent upper body strength and rely primarily on the hand grips for support. Someone with a smaller build or compromised upper body strength may find the underarm pads less comfortable.

I did consider forearm crutches but like the option of being able to put most or all of my weight on the arm pads. This helps when prolonged standing and/or having my hands free are necessary. As other reviewers mentioned theses crutches have had minor squeaks or creaks from day one, mostly from the shock absorbing mechanism in the underarm pads. Being able to lock out that mechanism would be a nice additional touch for both noise and utility reasons. When I want to cover ground quickly and put more weight on the underarm pads their up and down flexing compromises support.

They are expensive but if you're reading these reviews you're likely considering a purchase. For any use over a week or two they might be well worth the cost.
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on July 2, 2017
Purchased these crutches for a surgery I had. The good: easily adjustable for your height and arm length, ergonomically designed handles that are easy to grip and don't stress your wrist too much, comfortable arm pit support. Single crutch can easily be used as a cane, also, given the handle design. The bad: takes some getting used to with the shock absorbing and swiveling arm pit unit.
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on April 8, 2017
I have a Morton's Neuroma in each foot, so while they're being treated I have to use crutches. Here's the review I just put on the MobiLegs website.

MobiLegs Ultras are a revolution. Period. I'm new to having to use crutches. I tried the traditional type, I tried the "Life Crutches", I bought pads, I wrapped towels - Nothing felt comfortable. I chafed and bruised my underarms. Then I ordered MobiLegs Ultra. It's like they were custom made just for me!
They are well built and even though they're lightweight, they really feel SOLID. I'm 6'1" and 240 lbs. These make me feel very secure. They are a set, not a pair - one is designed for your right side, the other for your left. The armpit piece is a saddle and it's SPRING LOADED! I can't tell you how comfortable they are. No extra padding needed.

They curve to make the "tripod" stance feel natural. The hand grips are molded, non-slip, hi-density rubber.

I actually look forward to using them - with the other types, I dreaded the thought of having to go anywhere - The MobiLegs Ultras have given me mobility again! No, they're not cheap, but they're not cheaply made. They're worth every penny.

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on February 21, 2017
If you need long term crutches then these are definitely more than worth it.
I had emergency surgery for acute compartment syndrome and need crutches for a good 8-12 weeks. My palms and shoulders were starting to hurt only a couple weeks in with the traditional crutches. So much so that I actually preferred using a wheelchair.
These crutches were just delivered 2 days ago and omg they have already changed my mobility!!!
They are very sturdy and extremely comfortable. Adjusting them to size is a piece of cake as well. Could not be happier. If you are on the fence because of the price I'm here to tell you that they are absolutely worth it and that you will not regret your decision :)
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