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on August 31, 2014
I first 'tested' the shoes in the house. Wearing and walking. If you are used to walking around barefoot like me, it's not difficult to 'transition' from our over padded shoe culture. Note that unlike most flipflops that have a thicker sole and mostly softer, the Xero sole is thinner and stiffer, less 'cushiony.' Also unlike slippers or sandals that have no ankle straps, you just cant slip into them. Some adjustment is required.
The design: I've been searching for a good pair of men's strapped sandals and am still searching. I tried Jerusalem leather sandals. The sole is cut too narrow hence looks more feminine...they sell them as unisex. Xero can look more like women's sandals simply because the twine straps are narrow. Also if you have nasty feet this is not for you. More than 90% of your feet esp your nails and toes are exposed.
Walking: After test driving then in the house, I test drove it walking outdoors. On flat sidewalks, they are fine. On gravel surfaces, you will feel pebbles and small stones. Also, if you dont land closer to the ground, your feet will be clapping...the sole is think, compacted and flexible it hits the ground clapping.
I got two pairs, the Sensori and the Amuri Cloud. Both are similar in construction. I tested the Sensori.
Bottom line: I'm still not totally convinced. I'm still looking for that pair of 'fashionable' men's sandals without paying too much nor having them look like gladiator clunkers! If you're a men's sandal designer, talk to me!
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on March 26, 2014
I love Xero Shoes. They look and feel great, more comfortable then flip flops. Perfect for my vacation later this year. Love the heel straps and cups so that my feet remain securely in the shoes. I have a partial disability and I have a problem with a flop flop coming off my right foot when driving. I am constantly having to reposition the shoe. Furthermore, I love the flexability of these shoes and they can fit neatly in a travel bag for easy travel. Bottomline, these shoes are amazing. Your feet will look and feel great. Grab a pair, you won't be disappointed. I bought 2 pair of Xero Shoes and I may get a couple more later this year. Trust me, you will discard ball your other flip flops and sandals after you try these. Bye, Bye flip flops, There is a new revolution in style for happy feet. And that Revolution is Xero Shoes! :o)
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on April 29, 2014
I have never liked flip-flops much, I have always preferred non-Y-strap footwear. These are not my favorite sandals of the dozens that I own but depending on the circumstances, I do like wearing them and like how they look and feel on the foot. The back strap gives adequate support - the main problem with flip flops is that they're so easy to slide out of. If they made these in a toe-loop version, I'd be more inclined to wear them more frequently. Overall, not bad though. If you haven't worn minimalist before, get ready for a bit of a surprise - this was my first purchase. A friend recommended the Teva Zilch but I was unable to find them so bought these instead.
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on June 12, 2015
Edit: Managed to replace the toe post with a little piece of cord. Makes these useable again. Feel like my initial review may have been a little emotionally biased. Almost like the sandal that has the cord better than the actual toe post, the cord is actually adjustable! Still think the DiY ones may be better, but I'm too lazy to make a new pair...

Not sure I'd buy again. The toe post just broke, a few weeks ago one of the side holes busted out. (This after maybe a around year of wearing them.) Only reason they lasted another few weeks is I was able to use an old (defective) one that I had gotten replaced from an issue that cropped up within the first week or so of owning them. Minus the defects, these would be at least 3 or 4 stars though... Was more convenient in a lot of ways than the DIY ones. Only other real complaint was the heel cup, added too much weight to the back and tended to rub my foot too much.
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on October 5, 2015
The sandals are comfortable, but broke after very light use. The weak link is the little rubbery spacer post that fits alongside your big toe. When it fails , the entire sandal is rendered worthless. Oddly it snapped during an extended seated period (car ride). I bet I haven't even put 50 hours on the product, but unfortunately the return window has closed. What a disappointing experience. I feel I wasted my money. It's especially irritating since it happened on vacation, I was relying on them for my backup footwear and it's such a tiny part that could be easily improved or replaced. Hope your experience is better than mine was. I have to suspect that I'm not the only person that's had this problem. I attached a photo for clarity. I also intend to contact the manufacturer directly, if Amazon can't take care of this defective product, perhaps Xero shall. If they do I'll come back and edit if possible.
EDIT: I contacted Xero directly, they offered a new pair,or replacement parts. I decided on replacement parts, the rest of the sandal was undamaged. So, exceptional customer service from Xero. Give 'em a couple stars for that.
review image
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on February 12, 2014
To be perfectly fair, I have an abnormally shaped/sized foot - narrow heel, wide toes, huge arch and only a size 5-6.5 (brand-dependent) in "Men's" shoes. I ALWAYS have issues finding shoes that fit me correctly as most shoe company's stopped making men's shoes in sizes below 7-7.5 years ago. As a result, I'm generally left shopping women's and kid's shoes which are almost always too narrow.

Anyway, I'm picky about my running shoes and I absolutely HATE having hot, restricted feet. As far as those concerns go, these are pretty much the best minimal running shoes ever. However, because of my unusual shaped foot, they're fine in the length, but the toe strap comes back too far and despite numerous adjustments, I can't quite get them to quit producing blisters between my first and second toes even with Injini toe socks. They are also too narrow in the toes and my pinky-toes hang off the edge about a 1/4" or so on both feet.

These observations probably won't be that useful to most people, but if you're one of the odd-foot-freaks like me, I would keep all of this in mind.

After several months of trying to wear them for running and casual wear, I've had to accept defeat. With my toes hanging off the edge, they're just not comfortable. Customer service recommended buying a larger pair and cutting them to size, but if I wanted to cut on my shoes, I would've just bought the custom kit to begin with. As it is, these will be sitting a dark corner of my closet until I can unload them in a resale group or something...
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on June 2, 2014
Fit is really important to be comfortable. I usually take a 9 1/2 and ordered a 9. I tried to have my heel by the wall and measure to the longest toe and the size I was supposed to get just did't seem right. It does keep the foot secured and the back rubber does help for a secure fit only if it is the right size. The sole is thin flat and flexible but it does protect your foot from most pebbles. The cord seems to very comfortable. If it doesn't work perhaps try another size. If you enjoy barefoot shoes these are the real things.
Excellent price.
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on August 16, 2014
I did not like the heel cup so I cut that off. The heel cup distributed the weight unevenly. At first I thought the rubber toe cord was too far away from my skin, but after getting used to the shoe and adjusting the tightness, it feels like nothing is there. I also ended up cutting off a bit of the length near the front of the shoe, it also made the shoe fall unevenly. The materials used for the sandal are higher quality than any sandal I have ever used. I would probably rate these higher than vibrams(narrower) although I do not have a pair. I have had metatarsal injuries before and my foot is quite wide, so this is one of my favourite shoes to wear. I still am not used to running in these. I would imagine that they would be ideal for someone of a lighter weight who has already had experience with barefoot running. The reflective bit on the sandal make it a bit strange looking to someone who has never seen them before ("is that glitter?" haha) I would recommend these over any sandal I've ever owned. Nice if you want to build up the strength in your feet. Enjoyable if you liked to walk around places barefoot but do not like the look of black stains. I have not tripped yet and it is strange how I can not feel gravel under them. I've had no problems with the heel strap and it's a nice shoe. So ultimately, I would buy these if you've tried barefoot running shoes/sandals and are already experienced with running in those types of shoes. Otherwise, I would buy a running shoe that has zero incline or decline while having a wide toe box. 4/5 (-1 for heel cup and weight distribution) TRY EM'!
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on April 25, 2014
Took it out on a trial 3 mile run/brisk walk as soon as I received it. AWESOME. Will definitely get a spare.

5/13/2014 (update)
I ran in them again and the following day I went to get a haircut. As soon as I left Great Clips and before getting into my car, the "thong" broke. I haven't even worn these for a full 24 hours and this?
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on February 27, 2016
I love these shoes, they're thin enough to feel the terrain you're walking on, but thick enough to prevent any pain and protect your feet from rocks, glass, etc. They take about a week to get used to, but now walking and running feels so light and liberated. They fit snug, so running, even sprinting, can be done. They also look like regular sandals so I don't look out of place like I would with other barefoot sandals or shoes like vibram fivefingers. They make walking and running so much more enjoyable.
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