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on April 16, 2015
This is my to go sandal for the whole summer! I like that it does not have arch support. I'm 36 and noticed this winter that wearing boots and shoes with arch support for a couple of months gave me pain in my arch when I took them off. Also my arch started to sink (become flat footed). I thought I will need support from now on when the good weather came and started to wear the Xero again. After a couple of weeks of barefooting my arch looks better and there is no pain. There is a theory that if we keep supporting the arch muscles all the time then we don't use them and they loose their strength. I also have wide feet and the sole is big enough to spread the toes comfortably. It looks good, too!
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on April 21, 2014
Love 'em. Here's why:
* Quick: Slipping them on and off is easy and almost instant.
* Relatively Normal Looking: I love minimalist shoes and all, but man, some of them make you look ridiculous. These do not. Plus, get them in black and they will match with everything.
* Durable: After three months of heavy use, mine show no signs of wear. I suspect they'll continue to look great for years to come, and if something does happen, Xero shoes has their 5000 miles guarantee.
* Comfortable: I experienced no break-in period with this sandal. I did need to tweak the laces a bit until they were properly adjusted, but they were still comfortable even before this and I did not experience any chafing.
* Price: Most reasonably-priced minimalist sandal that I've seen.

* Noisy: When I tried running in these it was LOUD. There was a steady "whap, whap, whap" as the rubber hit the pavement. Xero says that this gets better once you properly adjust the sandal and/or tweak your running form. However, I decided I was too lazy to try either of these things, so I just use them for walking. (Note: they'd probably be signifigantly quieter if I wasn't running on pavement.)
* Sometimes the front lip of the shoe catches the ground while I'm walking: Not a big deal. No toes have been stubbed.
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on December 9, 2014
I have been a fan of Xero shoes for many years now. I started with the 'cut your own' kits, upgraded to the 'lace your own precut kits', to NOW the 'READY TO WEAR IMMEDIATELY' kind...which is this one--the Venture. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! If you go to the actual website https://xeroshoes.com you can buy replacement parts as needed, AND you can even purchase decorations to bling them up. I just recently bought several more for myself and my children. We wear these instead of other sandals. It feels so much better to BARELY be wearing shoes. ESPECIALLY for the kids since they sprint here and there without any notice. When they are out and about, they just run at different times and trying to run in regular sandals can be a very frustrating experience.
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on May 31, 2014
I followed the instructions for adjusting the fit and that worked pretty well. The padded heel strap is a nice and comfortable feature. They do look nice and stylish. What I don't like: after adjusting the fit, they don't stay completely adjusted and I find I need to make some adjustment every time I put them on. The other problem I notice is the thin flexibility of the sole makes the toe end flop down a little (can't adjust to stop that) so that it can catch on the floor or sidewalk when walking. I bought these to walk, but I worry the toe-catching problem will cause me to trip and fall. I will add that I have a high arch which may somehow impact the fit.
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on July 18, 2015
I bought these through Amazon because the Xeroshoe website did not have the size & color that I wanted. After anxiously checking the tracking, these showed up in time to pack into a bag and fly from NY to IN.
I picked these because I like minimal shoes and was looking for a minimal sandal for day to day wear. It was also important to me that I support products that are made in America. After looking at a variety of different sandals and companies, I decided that I liked the look and style of these sandals. I also wanted something not too expensive for my jump into minimal sandals. Plus I love orange.
The first wearing was as soon as I got home from work on Wednesday. I slipped them on as I packed my suitcase. The sole was soft against the bottom of my feet. The straps were easy to adjust, and the fit was great. The first real wear was out to a concert. After a longer walk, the straps needed a bit more adjusting, but nothing I wouldn't expect from new sandals. After standing and dancing for 5+ hours, my feet were tired, but not in a bad way, just using areas I wasn't used to using. A major plus was that my lower back didn't hurt. 2 weeks ago I was at a concert and after wearing a different pair of sandals, my back was killing me. I was so happy with these! And then the concert ended....
Walking out of the concert someone stepped on the back of the sandal and the loop on the inside ripped. I'll be trying to fix it temporarily with some gorilla glue, because I really liked these sandals. I don't blame the company for this issue, but will be looking for a different sandal that can hold up to the chaos of everyday life. Maybe the Amuri Z-trek.

7/21 - I have updated it to 3 starts. I sent an email to their customer service yesterday evening explaining what had happened and if they had a recommendation on if one of their other products would be a better option for what I am wanting (every day sandals). I got a response this afternoon that they would replace them for me. $15 plus shipping both ways. I decided to not spend almost half the cost of a new pair of sandals to return these and instead to glue the tear and hope that it fixes the issue.
review imagereview image
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on July 3, 2015
So far I'm mostly happy with this purchase. I will update again (and probably give the 5th star), but for now I'm still trying to figure out the fit. I got a huge blister from the center toe strap, but only on the left foot, so I suspect that its just not laced/adjusted correctly. The right foot is fine. Unfortunately I cannot see a difference in adjustments that could be causing one to rub when the other does not. I didn't even get half a mile before the blister formed so my time in the shoes is very short. For fit, I followed the exact instructions on their website (paper against the wall and measure to the longest toe). I have a narrow foot and the shoe is fairly wide, but once I got to running, I could see it was fine - my toes seem to spread out and enjoy the roominess. The heal piece seems a little awkward due to the width probably and I'm not sure how much contact my heel should have with it. I think were the fit might fall a little short and possibly why I'm having the blister is the distance between the heel place and the toe thong isn't adjustable. Overall I expect to get comfortable with the fit with some more adjustments, but unfortunately now I have to wait for the blister to heal up first. I saw some of the reviewers complaining about the material seeming flimsy and not much to it for the price, but IMO, we are paying for creative design and product longevity (assuming they'll hold up for the 5k miles). I will likely also purchase their sport sandal without the toe thong.
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on July 31, 2014
I really wanted to love these. And there are a couple of things I do love: the sole thickness is great, and they are super minimal -- really close to wearing no shoes. BUT, they are not easy to adjust, if I got them tight enough to not flop around, the toe wasn't comfortable, and it is very difficult to make small adjustments -- the adjusters just aren't very easy to move. And when they were adjusted well, the little heel strap cushion was forced around to the side of my heel. The sole shape is also kind of weird -- very rounded on the outside edge of the foot. Everything I read said they were trimmable with kitchen shears, though, so I tried to contour them to the shape of my foot. Guess what it looks like when you cut your shoes with kitchen shears? Like you cut them with kitchen shears (and yes I used sandpaper to smooth them out, which helped a little).

The biggest issue I have, though, is that even after I achieved a decently comfortable fit with the straps, I still couldn't stop thinking about keeping them on my foot every time I took a step. The straps are so minimal on top that my foot would sometimes land on the sole, sometimes not. My legs hurt from trying to stay in these. (And I'm barefoot 90% of the time, so it's not like I'm not used to how that feels.)

I'm sad because I really wanted these to work out. I'm also sad that I cut them, because now I can't return them.
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on April 6, 2015
I love the shoe as an every day walking sandal and wear the heck out of them - flea markets, baseball tournaments, grocery story you name it.., but as far as running in them I can't seem to get them adjusted just right. They are either too floppy, or pull up too tight on the thong between the toes (I LIVE in flip flops, so its not that I need to get used to a "thing" in between my toes, these just seem to push my foot forward no matter what I do with the heel). I've tried all sorts of positions on the knots and each position solves one problem but creates a new one. I will keep working with it and report back if I can land on something that says "this is it! no go run!". If I had to do it over again, I would purchase the Xero Shoes that you punch your own holes and thread yourself, or maybe the Z-Trek to avoid the thong thing.
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on October 11, 2015
They fit well and as expected. They making loud flapping sounds when running which I believe to be mostly due to my form as they are MCR quieter when running slower. I have been running in them 20-25 miles per week for the last month and so far they have worn much better than any other pair of shoes I have had in the last several years.
The tops of my feet have gotten worn through to the point of bleeding due to the cord and toe peg set up. I have used strips of cotton to wrap those segments of the sandals which has helped decrease my discomfort.
Additionally, I have needed to add another cord that connects the heel cord because otherwise the heel cord falls and no longer holds my heel in place.
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on July 7, 2015
I've been looking for minimal sandals for summer that didn't look like I was about to hit the trails for the rest of my life.

These have all the features I want without being so rugged that I feel the need to explain my gnarly shoes everywhere I go.

First time out in these I was complimented and asked where to get a pair!
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