A P Morris

About the Author

A.P. Morris shares her personal experiences with the hope of helping others. Her first book, They’re Not Gone, details fourteen stories, including her own, about how reconnecting with her deceased brother through Psychic Medium Ricky Wood changed her outlook on life & death. Her second book, Unwrapping Me, details her journey to discovering self-love, which was hidden beneath sadness, sickness & self-loathing, through the enlightening "answers" that she received during meditation. Her third book, What I learned from 3 Dogs in 3 Days, offers an account of her three-day dog sitting adventure. To her surprise, as the dogs interacted, an unexpected voice began speaking in her right ear, offering simple yet profound nuggets of wisdom about how to live a happier life. She lives in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. You can contact her at amy@apmorris.com

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