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A.C. is a successful entrepreneur, author, and investor. He began networking and accumulating business experience at the age of 13 through his marketing and interpersonal abilities, and as he grew older, he focused on learning about various areas of real estate and applying asset protection, investment, and wealth creation strategies. He now owns, manages, and operates multiple businesses and also runs a number of websites, YouTube channels, and social media accounts. His digital products and services are available for purchase across the internet and include eBooks, blogs, online tutorials, graphics, and digital planners, as well as services ranging from business consulting to software installation and credit repair assistance. Following the release of his first Amazon book, The Firestick Phenomenon (2020), he released its unofficial sequel, No Subscription Required, in the winter of 2022/23, and has multiple new books slated for release in the first quarter of 2023 on a variety of topics including personal finance, online privacy, and credit repair. You may view his available and upcoming publications on his author profile. A.C. is a classic car enthusiast who also enjoys golf, attending live concerts and comedy shows, and traveling. He enjoys making people laugh and sees the glass as half full in everyday situations. He spends his free time with family and friends, and he enjoys visiting breweries and trying new beers whenever possible. ➢ Facebook: rebrand.ly/ms-facebook ➢ Pinterest: rebrand.ly/ms-pinterest ➢ Website: maximumstreams.com ➢ YouTube: rebrand.ly/ms-youtube ➢ Rumble: rebrand.ly/ms-rumble

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