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Hey I'm Addie. An elevated mama on a mission to inspire good health for everyone and balanced living for moms. After struggling for years with my own health problems I was finally able to turn things around and have an incredible health transformation. When my first born started having his own health issues right away, I knew that I had to go even deeper in my knowledge of holistic health practices in order to help my new baby heal and have a thriving life ahead. So after earning two degrees in Environmental policy and launching a sustainability consulting business two years before my first son was born, I took another turn and I became a certified health coach. After successfully healing my baby's gut and boosting my own family's health overall, I launched a wellness coaching business to empower others to heal from the inside out. I specialize in guiding women through immune boosting, toxin cleansing, hormone balancing, energy stabilization - whatever they need to feel their best - through nutrition and other healthy lifestyle practices. I teach family's how to implement prevention practices for good health and support their growing children through whole foods and plant-based products and practices. I am passionate about helping people understand the connection between human health and the health of our planet. There are healthier solutions for virtually every aspect of our daily life. We have to become educated consumers and understand how the state of the world is impacting us if we want to overcome the rising rates of cancer, heart disease, obesity, and many others health issues prevalent in the world today - over 50% of which are preventable. There are ways to protect our health in a toxic world and use the power of plants to heal and maintain good physical and mental health. I am living proof as are many others. Learn more in my Chapter: "Protecting Our Health in a Toxic World," in Choices: Inspiring Stories of Healing Through Alternative and Holistic Health Care (Choices Book Series 1).

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