About the Author

Adrian Perkins investigates eyewitness reports of ghost sightings and spirit activity in locations never investigated before. For the past thirty years he has documented truly incredible cases in some of the most unlikely of places. In his series of books, Ghost Detective, he details each of his investigations and writes down interviews with eyewitnesses. None of his investigations have been published before. He has stories from Australia, South Africa, and the UK. Being based in Northamptonshire he has a large number of investigations and stories from that county and the bordering counties of Bedford and Cambridge. Book one contains thirty-one eyewitness accounts of ghost sightings from witnesses Adrian interviewed personally. The stories come from England, South Africa and Australia. Books 2 to 8 each contain serval full investigations at locations where ghosts and spirits have been encountered. These investigations are separated by more eyewitness stories. What makes Adrian unique within the paranormal community is he can spend up to three years investigating one case. That is how detailed his investigations and final stories are. If you are looking for new material to read you have come to the right place.

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