About the Author

Brittany is a full time student getting her degree in International Studies looking to graduate with her BA in the spring of 2016. She hopes to put her writing heart out in the open for the public to enjoy, and continue her passion for people and creation in the near future. With her International Studies Degree, it brings her abroad for the spring semester, but normally resides in the quiet Appalachian Mountains. Languish, Her first published novel comes to shelves in January 2015. An idea catching from the questioning how far a family would go to recover a lost child, Languish is a mystery thriller that is sure to captivate and enthrall anyone who opens their hearts to the mourning of Chandra and Aria Clef. Mother of a plethora of beta fish, an overweight pup, and a rambunctious kitten named Frodo, She has her hands full writing and keeping them busy.

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