About the Author

Beatrice P. Slitt lives in a small place out east in Canada. She lives with her bees and extremely attractive gal pal. She’s overeducated and underprepared in most aspects of existing as an adult human being. She could probably pass as a half-decent sloth though. In school she studied Creative Writing, English Literature, and Media Studies. Her full-time profession is not really worth discussing, but her gal pal is a beekeeper. Sometimes she reads to her friend’s bees at night to chase away ghosts. Her hobbies include writing, cat petting, watching movies and television shows, playing video games, crying about video games, asking other people to play video games while she watches, and other forms of couch potatoing. She started writing short fiction when television shows, books, and movies didn’t go the way she wanted and when the characters she thought should have fallen in love did not. She sure fixed that nonsense. While BP mostly writes specialized short stories for individuals, she is starting to work on her own novels and personal work. She loves romance, science-fiction, fantasy, and supernatural works. She prefers novels with female-driven plots and well-developed female characters, even when they’re developed with antagonistic characteristics. While BP loves to read and write erotic fluff, she is still working on refining and improving her craft and she tries to balance the above elements into her own work.

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