About the Author

Bob thanks all the readers who have posted reviews, without them other readers would not try out his books! Through the years Bob has had one burning passion that he has wanted to fulfill, and through The Infected Dead Series he is getting to live that passion. Creating a book series is something so many people want to do but never have the opportunity, and after writing this book series Bob believes the sky is the limit. He plans to write for the rest of his life because it is enjoyable beyond his wildest dreams. As for the zombie genre, he saw Night of the Living Dead when it originally hit the theaters, and until recently it didn't receive the attention it deserves. He hopes to have a big part in that attention. Bob wants his readers to love his writing and wants to hear from them. He believes the readers will help him become the writer he knows he can be. Contact Bob through: The Infected Dead Books website: realbobhoward.com Facebook: facebook.com/realbobhoward Instagram: instagram.com/realbobhoward Twitter:  Bob Howard@RealBobHoward Tumblr: Tumblr.com/REALBOBHOWARD GooglePlus: plus.google.com/realbobhoward

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