About the Author

Brenda Kezar is a horror and fantasy writer living in North Dakota. Her love of horror dates back to age eight, when lack of a babysitter meant her parents had to drag her to a completely age-inappropriate horror movie at a local theater. A few years later, she won a local young author's conference in her grade category and a dream was born. Her work has appeared in: Red Sun Magazine, The Literary Hatchet, Voluted Tales, Hysterical Realms (Alternate Hilarities Volume 3), Black Chaos II: More Tales of the Zombie, Daily Science Fiction.com, Tell Me a Fable, Bonded by Blood V: Doomsday Descends, Silverthought Online, SNM Horror Magazine, A High Shrill Thump (Third Flatiron Pub), Penumbra eMag, Alienskin Magazine, Inclinations, OG's Speculative Fiction, Thema, Down in the Cellar, Emerald Tales, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, Loving the Undead, Zombidays: Festivities of the Flesheaters, Cup of Comfort for Writers, Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers, Wild with Child, and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers. Website: http://www.brendakezar.com

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