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A note from Caroline Like many writers I know, I am by nature a quiet person. I say I am shy; my friends laugh at me when I say that, but that is because they are my friends, and I am relaxed around them. I am the person you see sat in the corner staying out of the way when I am somewhere, or with people I do not know. Let us just say it takes me a while to come out of me shell. Or perhaps a glass of Disaronno, or a nice smooth Rémy. I am a Proud Mum, Nana and Lover of a good coffee; it is my desert island item! I love fiction, with a bit of spice woven into the plot. Growing up I read the likes of Anne Rice and later on Laurel K Hamilton. There are now many, many more authors I could mention, but the list would be longer than some of my novellas! I am ever grateful to the writers I have had the pleasure of reading, and now making connections with over the last few years. They have helped me grow as a writer. As for my muse she takes pride of place sitting on the naughty step regularly as she bombards me with all sorts of delicious naughtiness. Take care, and toodles for now, Caroline xoxo

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