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CELIA FULLER Specialising in Relationship Harmony, Wholistic Health and Creating a Life you Wish to Live, by celebrating the Union of Mind, Body, Spirit. " Celia loves the challenging questions of life. She crafts these questions and guides you to the place to find answers. She is a spiritual elder, full of insights that motivate and nurture your soul and spirit. Celia cares. It is through her passion for guiding people to discover a place of inner harmony, essentially changing them and their world in a positive, life affirming way, that her books and therapy have been made available. We are blessed to have her in our lives and in this world." Client since 2002. Celia has been a successful Australian Wholistic Lifestyle Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, Natural Therapist, Counselor and Meditation Teacher for over 20 years. When she is not being all these things, to all people, she is also a wife and parent juggling those roles in her own unique style. Pushing herself further she finally completed her dream to become an author. How does she manage all this? You might ask. Well, She walks her talk! At the core of her success has been meditation and facing her true essential self, warts and all, with raw honesty. From there she has rebuilt herself through finding inner harmony via conversations with her mind, body and spirit. Focusing now on transforming people's lives through her writing, speaking engagements and retreats, she encourages people to discover that same inner reservoir and the path to deeper meaning in life, great relationships and personal confidence. Encouraging us all, to live musically, cohesively with one another, by focusing on loving kindness, personal responsibility and celebrating our unique individuality. With this inner balance, Celia somehow manages to squeeze every drop out of life. Spare time is filled with writing lyrics or poetry, singing, attending her martial arts practice, or gazing at the ocean. Along with the family she has been an intrepid traveler reigniting her love of cultures, backpacker style, as she once did solo in her early twenties. Did I mention she is human and sometimes falls in a heap like every good woman does and has ranted and raved at her children and wished she had not? Book Review 'The Secrets out! Men and Sex, Why Women say No! "The subject matter for Celia's book is universally intriguing. The questions and details almost everyone is curious about, but few ask about - even if they knew what to ask. Her writing is candid, straight-shooting, human, warm and often funny! Easy to read and comprehend, this book is a must-read for anyone - man or woman - seeking a depth of understanding in their past, current or future intimate relationships. Well done Celia - a masterpiece in my humble opinion." Irene Mcfadyen

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