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I am a historian and psychoanalyst. Over the years, my writing has ranged from two books about Abraham Lincoln; the biography of Heinz Kohut, the key figure in the history of psychoanalysis after Freud; a new book on the theory of psychotherapy; a study of 9/11 based on interviews with survivors and witnesses; and a number of books dealing with fundamentalism. It has been a long journey for me from my days at Harvard working with Erik Erikson, through the University of Chicago for a PhD, and then prolonged psychoanalytic training at the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis and in New York at TRISP. I began teaching over 50 years ago in Springfield, Illinois, and lived on an old, non-working farm with some feral animals and lots of weeds and children. I then moved to Brooklyn, where I was a professor of history at The City University of New York until my retirement in 2019. I still have a psychoanalytic practice that is now virtual. I now live by the ocean in north Florida. If you have responses to what I have written, please feel free to write me at Chuck@charlesbstrozier.com.

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